Is Press Loan Legit?

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Have you ever been hit with a financial crisis? when you are in a situation such as this, a loan can be the ray of hope you need to get through it. Acceptance of your loan application, however, may become challenging.

Press Loans easily simplified the loan process by slicing through the red tape. The website serves as an introduction to a network of possible loan providers. Is it safe to share my personal information with this website? Don’t stress. Today, we’ll be talking about press loan reviews to help clear up any confusion you may have about and whether they are legit or scam.

Overview on Pressloans is a SaaS (software as a service) platform that connects borrowers with lenders. Information about yourself, such as:

  • Name, birthdate, and other identifying information
  • Your financial background, including your creditworthiness, housing status, and vehicle ownership.
  • Details for getting in touch with us: Include your name, address, phone number, and email if you prefer to communicate in writing.
  • Gainful employment, financial stability, and benefits.
  • Degree attained or level of education attained.
  • Not all possible pieces of data are listed here, but any data that isn’t may be collected if asked for.

Can we trust Press Loans—legit or scam? is a web-based loan service that introduces borrowers to private lenders. They take in customer data and run it through a matching algorithm to locate potential lenders. People are wary of giving their personal information over to a website online due to the prevalence of scams in the digital sphere.

we are  here to answer any questions you may have about the service and below are some of the pieces of information that we dug up as it concerns press loans

  • On July 28, 2020, the domain name for the site was bought.
  • There is absolutely no traffic to the site.
  • As far as Alexa is concerned, the site in question has a ranking of zero.
  • This is obviously not a good thing.
  • The trust flow on the website is zero, per DA PA Checker.
  • A suspiciously high 23% of visitors report feeling this way about the website. There was a 3% malware rating for the page.
  • The website is rated as having a 4% probability of being a security risk.

An Offering of Goods and Services

Press Loans act as a fling between the borrower and the lender. You can apply for a loan on the site, and your data will be shared with advertisers, lenders, and other partners. does not issue loans; it connects borrowers with lenders. While there is no cost to users, may earn a referral fee from its business partner lenders.

You can borrow between $2,000 and $100,000, and your interest rate will be calculated based on your personal finances. If you need a loan, you can get one of several different kinds through this site loan option.

Loan price

Select a loan with a price between $2,000 and $100,000 for anything from a new car to a home to consolidating your debt. Your individual circumstances will determine the interest rate. 

Quality of website was officially launched on July 28, 2020. While Press Loans appears to be professionally designed on the outside, the site’s analysis revealed that it had zero high-quality backlinks.

Website owner/Ceo

It’s highly suspicious that information about the company’s owner needs to be provided on the official website.


There needs to be more contact details and an absence of a physical address on the website. If you do not want to receive communications from our third-party partners, please contact them at the email address. To opt out, please contact


Your annual percentage rate (APR), loan amount, and repayment period are all at the mercy of your lending company and your credit history. Here’s an illustration, though, so you can get a sense of the repayment process. The monthly payment for a loan of $10,000 amortized over 60 months at a rate of 9.99% APR would be $201.81. This brings the total cost to $12,108.60.

Reviews from clients

There is only one review available, and that’s on the official site itself; no other platforms seem to have any reviews.

Special pricing and promotions

There needs to be a mention of the offer on the website. The interest rate will vary based on an individual’s financial situation, but the website clarifies that.

Advantages of press loans

  • You are going to be eligible for loans ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 dollars.
  • On one single platform, there are numerous different lenders.
  • You will have complete freedom to either accept or reject loans offered by a lender.

Disadvantages of press loans

  • There are no testimonials to be found on the website.
  • There is no information about the website’s owner supplied.
  • Every financial institution charges interest at a different rate.


Based on our review of the above information, we need to learn more about Press Loans or its owner, which makes us suspicious. There are no reviews of the website on its official site or anywhere else. One main thing that makes me doubt the website is that good clients still need to review it.

However, the website might be legit because it’s been online for about six years and no one has tried to block it. That means that if you decide to use it, you should be careful.

And on the other hand, we do not guarantee you that it’s safe even with the look of the website design it looks so shady and unprofessional however you can scout for more loans options and loan companies on this site to get a better hold of quality loan companies that are willing to lend you money.