PrepostSEO Review

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PrepostSeo is  one of the most renowned websites. It is known best for its content optimizing tools.

As a blogger, I tried and tested PrepostSeo’s content optimizing tools and I’m writing this post to share my review about PrepostSeo’s tools.

PrepostSeo’s main aim is to provide writers and bloggers a complete chance to create unique content for their websites.

So, let’s get straight to our discussion.


PrepostSeo’s Brief Introduction is top-rated website that provides 95+ tools to empower students, writers, teachers, webmasters, and SEO experts.

Prepost seo

Most of PrepostSEO’s tools are free but users can also get their premium packages. PrepostSEO’s content optimizing tools include:

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Article Rewriter
  • Grammar Checker
  • Text Summarizer

So, you must be wondering, how effective are these content optimizing tools?

Let’s explore their reviews one by one.



Plagiarism Checker

I took a portion of my blog and run it on PrepostSEO’s plagiarism checker and the results were surprising.

Prepost seo

From this image, you can analyze the results. The plagiarism checker highlights the paraphrased lines in my content and also listed the source from where my text is matched.  

I think the tool showed accurate results in very little time, maybe because the length of content is short. Well, as compared to other paid plagiarism checkers, I can really rely upon PrepostSEO’s plagiarism checker.


  • It shows result in very little time.
  • No login credentials are required to use the free variant of the tool.
  • List sources from where the text is copied.
  • Allow users to upload files directly from the device, Google Drive, and One Drive.


  • Ask for reCAPTCHA every time the tool is refreshed for new content.

Article Rewriter

An article rewriter is every blogger’s must-have tool, right? Well, everyone loves shortcuts. And what’s a better shortcut for creating content than using an article rewriter?

I took the same portion of content that I took for testing PrepostSEO’s plagiarism checker and pasted it on their article rewriter.

Prepost seo

You can analyze the results of PrepostSEO’s article rewriter from this image. The tool simply replaces words in the text with their synonyms in order to rewrite the content.

The tool also allows users to change synonyms if they do not like the automatic replacement of words. For a tool that is not costing us a penny, this feature is great.

If we talk about the readability of sentences after the tool rewrites them, I expected a little more. The readability of sentences is not truly great.

But if we look at the features, they are great. PrepostSEO’s article rewriter offers multiple modes including:

  • Simple
  • Advanced
  • AI

Also, you can check plagiarism and grammatical mistakes without switching tabs and save your time. Instead of copying the rewritten content users can download the content straight from the tool.


  • It works in multiple modes for better content production.
  • It does not impose any word limit.
  • Allow users to detect plagiarism and grammatical mistakes as well.


  • Understanding of text is not so great.

Grammar Checker

Being a blogger, I always work to ensure the quality of my blog. When we talk about content’s quality the first thing that comes to our mind is, no underlying grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Because content with grammatical mistakes is not likely to attract readers. Therefore, I used PrepostSEO’s grammar checker to find hidden grammatical mistakes in my content.

Prepost seo

I took another portion of my blog and run it on PrepostSEO’s grammar checker to see if there are any hidden grammatical mistakes in the text.

The tool found only one grammatical error which is highlited as you can see in the image attached above. According to my perspective, PrepostSEO’s grammar checker worked amazing.

I double-checked the text and for sure there was only one grammatical error. The grammar checker tool detects grammatical mistakes even if the text is in a language other than English.


  • Provide multi-language support.
  • Also, include the ‘Check plagiarism’ feature for writers’ ease.
  • Provide accurate results.


  • The tool does not check for sentence structure.

Text Summarizer

Last but not least, I tested PrepostSEO’s text summarizer. As we all know the importance of conclusion is vital in any blog or article.

Most readers prefer reading the conclusion first and if they find the conclusion interesting and worth informative, they start reading the entire content.

Therefore, instead of writing a conclusion for my blog manually, I tested PrepostSEO’s text summarizer, and the results can be seen in the image below.

Prepost seo review

The most amazing thing about PrepostSEO’s text summarizer is, it asks users to specify the length of the summary and the tool summarizes content exactly up to the users’ specified length.

Users can specify length in numbers or in percentage. In the image, you can see that the total word in the content are 962 and I specify the length for the summary as 200 words.


  • Allow users to specify word length for the summary.
  • Offer additional features like ‘Check grammar, and ‘Check plagiarism.’
  • Users can download the summary directly from the tool.


  • The tool does not add any action lines which is preferable in conclusions.

Do I Recommend PrepostSEO’s Content Optimizing Tools?

Yes, I recommend PrepostSEO’s content optimizing tools. If I rank them in order, I will rank their Article Rewriter at an average number as compared to their Plagiarism Checker and Grammar Checker.

I do not think that the readability and understanding level of the content generated by Article Rewriter is so great.

As a blogger, I know how important the understanding and readability levels of blogs are for better search engine ranking.

However, PrepostSEO’s Plagiarism Checker and Grammar Checker are great. At least I find them great in working.