Emberify: Why do Industrialists Prefer Instagram for Marketing?

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In recent years social media has become one of the best ways for people to connect. Today we are united in so many ways that the previous generation couldn’t even think about. 

One such application that made the whole process straightforward is Instagram. From the beginning of its journey, Instagram has grown into one of the most excellent platforms. 

The main selling point of Instagram is its visual nature. It mainly focuses on giving its users a simple and fun experience. Different age categories on Instagram utilize it for various purposes. Some of the most common uses of Instagram are as follows:

  • Artists use it to showcase their talents and work.
  • New startups use it to find customers and increase their reputation.
  • Common users leverage it to entertain themselves.

Moreover, businesses use it to promote their products or services. Instagram also helps a company increase its brand awareness and sales. With proper marketing strategies and ideas, anyone can achieve complete success on Instagram.

Let us start with the basic details.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform launched in 2010. As mentioned before, people can utilize Instagram for various reasons. Even though the purpose varies from person to person, the common goal for everyone is to increase their instagram video views and photo likes. 

The Transformation of Instagram

Initially started as a platform for just featuring photographs, Instagram has evolved a lot. It has had many impactful developments throughout the years. Since its launch, it has been one of the fastest-growing and developing apps. 

The app step-by-step started building up its popularity among users. It resulted in the introduction of sponsored posts in 2013. It helped the users on Instagram to generate revenue. Later it allowed

  • Brands to advertise.
  • Run campaigns.
  • Find their target audience.
  • Manage online business etc.

Instagram also started to release in-app and external features to keep up with the competitors. These unique features and updations attracted millions of users to explore the platform. In 2010 itself, the platform had over 1 million active users. 

At present, there are over 2 billion active users on Instagram. As of 2022, people spend an average of 28 minutes a day on this platform globally. 

Why do Businesses Need Marketing?

Let us understand this by considering an example if someone asks you to name your favourite shoe brand. The answer would probably be Adidas, Nike, or Reebok. Why? Because these brands are some of the most famous brands in the world. Did any local shoe brand names come to your mind? Again, the answer would likely be no.

That is the power of marketing! For any business to grow and develop, marketing is the fundamental step. Without an ongoing marketing strategy, a company would go unknown in just a few years. 

Marketing on Instagram

Marketing on the right platform is more critical than marketing itself. In today’s world, there is N number of platforms available for a marketer. Among all the platforms available most people started preferring Instagram. It resulted in the rise of the question; Why have businesses started choosing Instagram over other platforms? The main reason is because of its unique features and its updates.

Some of the most common options that attracted industrialists to market on Instagram are as follows:

Connect With People

Instagram allows people to stay in touch across different countries and time zones or with someone nearby. For an industrialist, it is essential to connect with its customers and convert them into leads. 

  • Reply to them regularly in the comment section.
  • Answer as much as possible in the DM’s.
  • Use features like video comment reply on Instagram.
  • Conduct polls or Q/A live sessions.

You can increase engagement with your followers by trying the tricks mentioned above. Also, you can choose to use Emberify to uplift your engagement rate to the next level.

Instagram’s Distinctive Features 

The primary interface of this app is that it allows its users to upload media. The media can be both photos and videos. Users need to create an account for free to utilize these facilities. Users can enhance their media using the following options.

  • Edit
  • Add filters
  • Tag other users
  • Add location
  • Provide suitable hashtags
  • Update creative captions

Some of the best and unique features of Instagram for businesses to leverage are:


No single hashtag will guarantee you viral success. Adding hashtags to your videos might look like an effortless task. In contrast, these play a vital role in the user’s finding of your content. There are some essential tips to follow while using hashtags in your videos.

  • Always find some of the trending hashtags and use them in your videos.
  • Only add a few hashtags. Adding limited but relatable hashtags are more vital.
  • Regularly post videos under popular hashtags if it matches your niche.

Instagram Stories 

Instagram initially added this feature in 2016. The addition of this feature is one of the reasons for its popularity rise in 2019. Stories appear as little circles at the top of your feeds. This option allows you to post content that will be available for up to 24 hours. Businesses can use this feature to 

  • Notify customers of timely updates.
  • Use stickers such as poll stickers, question stickers, or quiz stickers to interact with followers.
  • Go live on Instagram stories.
  • Utilize paid Instagram story ads.

Instagram Reels

What is the secret to going viral on Instagram? The answer is undeniable: Instagram Reels. These are short videos on a vertical screen that can be up to 60 seconds. Users can 

  • Record and edit videos and photo clips.
  • Add music, filters, text, and stickers.
  • Use the draw tool and
  • Share them. 

Using reels, a business can go viral if the content is original and of good quality. For instance, you can opt for Emberify to make your quality content gain more traffic. 

To Conclude

Instagram has dominated the social media world. It all started as just an image-sharing platform. Now Instagram has become the most used platform for entertainment, and business. Industrialists and marketers began using Instagram to promote their brands for various purposes. 

Among them, increasing brand awareness and user engagement is the main reason for using Instagram. 

Several companies have achieved great success using Instagram. So it’s time to begin your success journey on Instagram.

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