Perfect deal SCAM? | 6 Types of income | Joining 800 rs

Perfect deal marketing is a new multi level marketing company which is giving everyone an opportunity to earn from multiple types of income.

Not only this, if you use daily basis products such as soap, handwash, sugar, rice etc. then this plan you should read.

Company is giving you grocery items in reasonable price.

Now you can purchase daily use items from the company and earn lots of income with it.

Topics covered

  1. Overview
  2. Business Plan
  3. Types of income

1. Overview

Perfect deal marketing knows the need of Indian market and every one is aware that people need income in this covid situation.

Everyone purchase daily use products for household purpose so here company introduced all the products and with that you can also earn income.

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Company is giving you each and every type of product which you use in your home daily. Below you can see four major categories of it.

  • Grocery items
  • Home care products
  • Electronic items
  • Men and women wear

2. Business Plan

If you want to join the company or situate your business with Perfect deal marketing, joining amount is INR 800.

You can buy any product and when the total bill exceeds 800 rs, you will be active in the system to earn income.

3. Types of income

Perfect deal marketing is giving you an opportunity to earn from 6 different types of income.

  • Direct income
  • Level income
  • Achiever Income
  • Salary Income
  • Shopee income
  • Award and Reward

1. Direct income

Company is giving you 60 rs direct income whenever you refer someone in the system.

On every referral you will get 60rs income.

This means if you refer somebody or join somebody from your referral link or your sponsor id, you will get 60 rs direct income.

2. Level income

Company is giving you opportunity to earn level income from level 1 to level 4. Everytime somebody makes a purchase in the system, BV will be distributed in levels.

Equal distribution is done from level 1 to level 4, 5% is distributed.

3. Achiever Bonus

From 5th level onwards, you will et 40% of your directs member income.

When ever your direct referral member goes above 5 level, you will get 40% of their income as an addon income, achiever bonus.

4. Salary income

Perfect deal marketing is giving you chance to earn salary income from the company.

On minimum 5 direct referrals and all id’s doing atleast 250rs per month repurchase then you get salary income.

From level 1, you can earn 50 rs salary income, level 2 gives you 250 and so on till level 9+.

5. Shopee income

When you become shopee, you can earn this income. It is a designation which company is not displaying as of now, soon everyone will come to know the eligibility to this income and criteria to earn this.

6. Award and reward

On completing levels in the company, you get specific rewards. As mentioned in below image.

Hope you got to know everything about Perfect deal marketing, stay tuned for more upcoming business plan reviews.

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