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From the official website, it reads “We created PassimPay to help entities and individual users quickly and safely receive, transfer, and process payments in cryptocurrencies.

Receive funds in all the popular currencies and anonymously pay for anything you need via our secure and convenient payment system”.Tis already gives an insight what the platform is about.

Passimpay review

Passimpay Review

On Passimpay, the main goal for is to save you time. All the transactions and requests are processed instantly. Convenient tools allow you to manage your finances efficiently: automatic payment settings, flexible payment templates, and user whitelists.

All the adjustments take no more than two minutes, and the withdrawal fee is always between 0.1% and 1% for personal accounts and no more than 3.5% for entities. The amount of commission for a particular currency depends on the state of the network at the time of withdrawal.

Passimpay from it mission statement mentioned it mission is to make all your regular operations and processes faster and more convenient. They claimed to have achieved this with a simple and user-friendly interface, instant payment processing, deep project adjustments, multi-level data protection, and ensuring the privacy of every user’s information.

Video – A Full Walkthrough on Passimpay

Passimpay Payments

They have paid careful attention to making the integration of PassimPay with other websites as simple as possible, therefore making crypto payments possible for any online project. You can receive profits and regular payments for goods/services in cryptocurrencies to your business account. Integration of the PassimPay API takes just a few clicks. Also, their support team is always online and ready to answer any questions.

Passimpay Withdrawal

We put the maximum effort into simplifying every aspect of dealing with cryptocurrencies. All the withdrawals and operations within the PassimPay system are processed instantly.

Passimpay for business

To use Passimpay for business, you fist need to create an account. This is done obviously with a secure and easy-to-use payment system to make transfers and work with cryptocurrency without restrictions.

With passimpay, you will be able to store, send, and exchange the most popular cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, eliminating any risks related to price volatility, data theft, or funds.

Passimpay Referral Program

For every online platform, the referral model follows a pattern. Noteworthy, any known brand wants to promote its product, app, or site so they offer all potential users the opportunity to share their link, make a new member, and earn a bonus as a reward.

The same model is applied on the passimpaypay site. After successful signup or registration, you proceed to log in to be enabled to share your referral link, make new members and earn a referral bonus.

Commissions of 5%, 7%, and 10% on each level. Affiliate profit is calculated from the amount of your partners’ commission when withdrawing money from PassimPay.

Passimpay Sign up

First, you need to choose your type of account: Personal or Business. The functions that will be available to you depend on this.

If you choose the Personal account, you will have a wallet with all popular cryptocurrencies, deposit and withdrawal functions, and basic payment settings. The wallet is available immediately after registration and email confirmation.

To start working with PassimPay for business, you need to register, create a merchant account, link your project to your account, and start accepting payments.

Passimpay Registration

Registration on the site isn’t so complicated, but it’s really necessary to have the below information handy as it might be needed of you.

●             Email Address 

●             User Name 

●             Phone Number 

●             Password

Is Passimpay Legit

It is a multifunctional, anonymous payment system that allows for secure storage and efficient management of crypto finances in projects.

Security and anonymity. Over 15 cryptocurrencies, automatic payments, templates and whitelist settings, easy integration, profitable affiliate program.

PassimPay does not currently provide currency exchange and conversion services between merchants’ accounts and when making payments. Payouts are only available in one currency or network. The PassimPay exchange service is in development and will be available shortly.  The platform is legit.

Is Passimpay Scam

All servers are protected with the latest anti-malware and anti-hacking techniques. Even if a hacker overcomes one layer of protection, they face the next, a deeper and more complex system level. Thus, the chances of hacking the site and gaining access to data are extremely small.

However, The PassimPay deposit fee is 0% for any account type.

Withdrawal fees:

  • Personal account: from 0.1% to 1% of a transfer amount;
  • Business account: up to 3.5% of a transfer amount.

The system calculates the optimal fee amount for each cryptocurrency at a certain time. It depends on the network load, transfer amount and many other factors. They reliably protect customer data and funds with a variety of security systems. They use:

  • IP tracking to control authorizations;
  • Two-factor authentication and a master key to confirm actions in the account;
  • Cold crypto storage to keep customer funds offline in a secure location.
  • They also use Cloudflare service to protect the site from DDoS attacks and provide a secure connection to each user.

Checkbox – Is Passimpay Legit or Scam

This check box is provided to help our web readers reconsider their personal opinion, the published article, and the information provided on the passimpay official platform. Remember to be very keen on investing as you’re advised to invest only what you can afford to lose.

●             Check if the site has a working “CONTACT US” page

●             Be cautious if the ROI is a planned trap.

●             Verify provided ADDRESS.

●             Check if the site has a detailed “ABOUT US” page.

●             Check if the site has a valid VAT or Partita IVA NUMBER (EU only).

●             Verify site CERTIFICATION, it can be forged.

●             Confirm site SECURITY

●             Only TELEGRAM’s social presence is a Red Flag.


The financial contents published via this platform include digitals, contracts for difference (CFDs), and other complex derivatives and financial products.

As a result, the reviews published on this blog may not be suitable for all investors because of the risk of losing all of your invested capital. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose, and never risk taking a loan to invest in Ponzi.

This Passimpay Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Passimpay nor promoting it business model. However, this content is an overview of gathered data strictly for enlightening purposes.

Herein published is the Author’s perspective of the reviewed platform, so you’re not mandated to consider this a final verdict.

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