10 Smart Techniques on how to Easily Overcome Essay Writing Challenges

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Are you struggling to improve your writing abilities? Do you think there is something inside of you holding you back from reaching your full potential as a writer?

If so, don’t worry. Essay writing can be difficult and challenging for everyone at some point in their lives. According to research, the secret to overcoming those struggles and becoming a stronger essay writer is practice, determination, and knowing what methods will benefit you the most as an individual writer.

Here are 10 different ways that will help you skip hurdles and improve your essay writing:


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Reading is arguably the best way to become a better writer. Obviously, we all love books and we love reading them, but how do they help us become better writers? 

Well, for starters, when we read a book that we love or a genre that we enjoy, our brains will start to make connections between the stories and the words. In the process of doing this, you are training your mind to visualize better and use descriptive language more effectively.

Write Every Day

The best thing you can do if you want to become a better writer is to write every day. You don’t necessarily have to write an essay every day (although that would be ideal), but you just need to find some time during your day where you can sit down and focus on writing something.

Writing regularly will help improve your writing style by forcing you to think about different ways of expressing yourself while developing your skills with sentence structure and grammar.

Start with an Outline 

If you are struggling to find a good topic for your essay, use an outline! What is an outline? An outline is simply organizing your thoughts on paper in a way that makes sense to you. You can have as many or as few points on the list depending on how much information you need before writing the actual essay. 

Come up with phrases or single words that summarize each point and use them for ideas. This will help eliminate some of the stress you feel when trying to start writing because it breaks down the process into smaller steps.

Use Images

Many students believe that including images in their essays is plagiarism because they think all images (or pictures) come from Google Image search results. However, this is not true!

Wikipedia and other websites allow you to use images as long as those images are properly cited. All you have to do is find a picture or other image that relates to your essay and copy the text from the source page.

Paste it into your document at the appropriate spot and make sure you cite it correctly according to your teacher’s instructions.

Ditch Your Thesaurus

A lot of students tend to overuse words from the thesaurus when writing an essay because they think using big words will give them a better grade, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Using big words for no reason just makes your essay harder for teachers and other readers to understand which will lower your grades considerably. 

Instead, use the thesaurus to find alternative ways of expressing your thoughts and feelings. This will give your essay a raw, natural voice that is easier for everyone to understand, which will result in a better grade.

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Avoid Passive Voice 

There are two different voices that you can use when writing an essay: active and passive. Active voice uses strong verbs while passive voice tries not to focus on the actor (the person doing the action).

An example of this would be “Bob went outside” versus “It was raining outside and Bob decided not to go out.” These two sentences mean almost exactly the same thing; however, one is more direct and clear while the other could describe any person who didn’t leave their house because it rained. 

When you are writing an essay, you want to make sure that your sentences are direct and easy to understand which means using active voice instead of passive voice whenever possible.

Proofread Thoroughly 

Sometimes students think that proofreading an essay is simply reading it over once or twice before turning it in for a grade. but this could not be further from the truth! The best way to proofread an essay is to read it backward sentence by sentence. 

This forces your brain to focus on each word individually rather than looking at the big picture which can lead to mistakes being missed. 

Keep doing this until you get all the way down to the bottom where you started so that every sentence has been thoroughly checked for errors, mistakes, and inconsistencies.

Use Examples 

Many students are told to use examples in their essays because it makes them sound more convincing and relatable to their audience which results in higher grades. 

The best type of examples to use are personal experiences but you can also include relevant stories, metaphors/similes, or other types of analogies if they make sense for your essay. 

Don’t be afraid to stretch the truth a little bit as long as it’s not about something that would earn you a suspension from school or keep you out of college! This is your grade at stake here so do whatever it takes to make sure you get an “A” on your paper.

Practice Writing First 

If writing essays is causing too much stress for you then you should start practicing a little bit every day instead of waiting until the night before it’s due. Try writing about anything, but make sure it isn’t for class! 

This will help increase your vocabulary, knowledge, and sentence structure so that if an essay prompt appears in your homework or class you are more prepared to write a good one even if you don’t have much time to work on it.

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Get Help

Sometimes students just can’t overcome their essay writing challenges no matter what they do because the problems are simply too big. If this sounds like something that could be holding you back from getting better grades, then consider talking with your teacher or college counselor about the problem.

They may be able to give you some helpful tips or even write your essay for you if they are willing. Be careful though, because this may cause more problems later on in life like getting bad grades or not being accepted into college! The best thing to do is try to solve the problem yourself first before asking anyone else for help.

When writing an essay, you must think about the audience so that your paper comes across as clear and easy to understand as possible. If it isn’t something that everyone can understand then your grade will suffer which is why proofreading is so important. 

Make sure that every sentence flows well into the next one and has no spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes before turning it in.

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