SCAM EXPLAINED: OTTOS10 Review, Registration, Login, Withdrawal

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Otto10 review


Founded in Germany in 1949, the OTTOS Group is today a globally active retail and service group with around 50,000 employees and a presence in more than 30 countries in Europe, 

Could this platform truly be 73 years old? Read along as this OTTOS10 review has everything you’ll need to know.


OTTOS10 Review

OTTOS10 claims to be a comprehensive shopping website that ranks among the top three in the German online shopping market. 

Publishing that it specializes in clothing and furniture, with a complete range of brands and varieties. 

Mainly clothing and furniture, including clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, and of course other commonly used products such as mobile phones, there are more than 1,000 brands that support home delivery.

Cooked up story? 


Is OTTOS10 Legit?

As the world’s leading e-commerce solutions provider and retail group, OTTO Group employs approximately 50,000 people in more than 30 countries around the world….. Please hold up!

This platform keeps pushing lies and below is another snippet of their lies.

“In the 2020/2021 fiscal year, the OTTOS Group’s global business revenue exceeded 15.6 billion euros”.

In Germany, there’s actually a Credible brand called OTTOSGROUP. I believe this platform is hiding under false pretense to swindle investors their money.

This platform was dead since 2010 and returned with a fishy strategy to get users trust them again. Take a look at the below data.

Registered On: 2010-06-10

Updated On: 2022-06-13

Expires On: 2023-06-09

Otto10 review

OTTOS10 Investment

Investment on OTTOS10 opens a three-level generation model. The third level means that game agents can get commission share of their third level.

To explain this better, if you are a member A of this platform, you will have the agency right after you perform the task of purchasing. 

The system will automatically form your member center and promote the exclusive QR code. Share your exclusive QR code by yourself. 

B will register as a member by scanning the QR code. After performing the purchasing task, A will get B’s commission 16%.

At the same time, the system will automatically form B’s member center and exclusive QR code. C registered as a member by scanning the QR code, and after performing the purchasing task, B will receive 16% of C’s commission. 

A gets 8% of C; and so on, if D becomes a member through C, C gets 16%, B gets 8%, and A gets 4%.


OTTOS10 Founder

Knowing the profile behind a project is a stepping stone in assuming it long term projection. WHY SO? Credible platforms with open minded founders find it no challenge to discuss about their project and stand up for it. This is unlike planned exit scams with masked up founders.

However, while writing on this review about OTTOS10, we found no information about the founder to republish. 


OTTOS10 Withdrawal

Soonest there’ll be withdrawal proof all over the web space, ensure your investing what you can comfortably lose at the platform lacks credibility from my perspective.


OTTOS10 Registration

OTTOS10 Registration on the site isn’t so complicated, but it’s really necessary to have the below information handy is a as it might be needed of you.  

  • User Name  
  • Phone Number  
  • Password
  • Code


OTTOS10 Login

Before you have access to OTTOS10 login page, it’s obvious you must have registered successfully.

To login OTTOS10, only the below is needed;

  • User  
  • Password


Ottos10 Video Recap


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