OSM Software Solutions Review – Scam or Legit Gaming Model

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OSM Software Solutions Review

OSM Software Solutions doesn’t have any retail-able product or services that you can directly sell to customer. All you can do is to join their affiliate membership and start promoting them.

As an OSM Software Solutions affiliate, you will have access to a “social and gaming platform”. 

Their affiliate membership works like a subscription plan. As an OSM Software Solutions affiliate, you join and subscribe to their plan, which is a $32 per 120 days. OSM also promises a 45 cent daily return. If you do the math you pay $32 every 120 days and earn $54 every 120 days which means $22 profit every 4 months.


OSM Software Solutions Referral Program

The commissions are paid out as a percentage of that 45 cent daily return. As you might have already known, this means you will only earn commissions if you are signed up with their membership plan ($32 per 120 days), not like the other platforms that you can sign-up for free and start earning commissions.

  • level 1 (personally recruit): 5%
  • level 2: 10%
  • level 3: 15%
  • level 4: 20%
  • level 5: 25%
  • level 6: 30%
  • level 7: 35%


OSM Software Solutions Registration

As of writing this review, firstly you need an upline to join them and you also need to pay $32 membership for 120 days.


Is OSM Software Solutions Safe and Credible

OSM Solutions Software has some limit on how much commissions you can earn every day. Currently they cap your referral earning to $25 per day.

However, you would be able to increase this cap to $1000 per day if you meet these criteria:

  • You need to earn $25 a day in commissions personally.
  • Also generate $25 a day in referral commissions in your strongest unilevel team leg
  • And generate $25 a day in referral commissions across the rest of your unilevel team legs (combined).


Is OSM Software Solutions Legit 

Checking the domain registration data on who.is, ‘osmtechno.com’ has been privately registered on 30th of October 2020.

I was able to find out some information in regards to the directors of the OSM Software solutions via publicly available records here. There are 3 directors named here: VIJAY BABURAO MAHAJAN, AVINASH SHANKAR ASABE and PRASHANT RAMCHANDRA ROUNDALE.

VIJAY BABURAO MAHAJAN, is the only one that has been involved with at least another company “AMAZING WEB PROMOTION AND MARKETING SOLUTIIONS PRIVATE LIMITED” which has been striked of in 2020.

One more thing I was able to figure out was they ran OSM Software Solutions out of Pune , in Maharashtra, India.

OSM Software Solutions also goes by the name “Osmose Technology Private Limited”


Is OSM Software Solutions Scam

Primarily, Xycinews Media contents is to give an overview of platforms and what they entails to help you decide if proceeding with them or Investing only what you can afford to lose.

  • Do you think OSM Software Solutions is scam?
  • How you being defrauded?

With a lot of platforms on our desk to review for the general public, we might not be able to keep track of OSM Software Solutions on a regular. Please help us by dropping a comment and this will help other potential investors from falling prey or proceeding to invest.