Best Way to Transfer OneDrive to Dropbox for Free

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Why do OneDrive users want to sync files to Dropbox?

OneDrive and Dropbox are excellent cloud storage services that help individuals and teams store and sync data. OneDrive is popular with the vast majority of Windows users, not only as a built-in program for Win 10 and Win 11, but also as highly integrated with Office 365. But judging by the response from cloud drive users, more and more teams are attracted to Dropbox’s capabilities.


Users can collaborate on audio and video in teams via Dropbox, preview multiple types of files, learn customer and vendor feedback through comments, and more.

And Dropbox supports more systems, and users with multiple devices may want to transfer OneDrive to Dropbox. If you also happen to need file migration between clouds, read on to find out the easiest way.


What’s the best way to transfer OneDrive to Dropbox?

The first way most users might think about transferring OneDrive to Dropbox is to download files from OneDrive to their local hard drive and then upload them to their Dropbox account. Or migrate data through OneDrive and Dropbox local folders. However, both have the disadvantages of slow transfer, transfer cannot be interrupted, data is prone to loss, and the need to take up local space. This process can be problematic if you have a poor network or run out of hard drive space.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use the free and secure cloud backup and sync tool- CBackup. CBackup offers the simplest cloud to cloud backup and sync services, and it has many great features to help cloud drives move more easily and quickly to another drive.


Take OneDrive to Dropbox migration with CBackup

CBackup helps users use multiple cloud storage services in one place, including OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP/SFTP, and so on. And if you have a lot of data scattered across multiple cloud drive accounts, simply connect those accounts to CBackup to better control and organize your data with just one platform.

Scheduled backup and sync features could help users save as much time and effort as available, and you can set a fixed time frequency or exact date to automatically migrate OneDrive to Dropbox. And with CBackup offering both a web app and a Windows desktop app, it’s easy to back up your data between OneDrive and Dropbox no matter which device you use.

Tip: CBackup provides users with a 2000GB third-party service data transfer cap for free every month, which basically meets the needs of individual users.

Let’s sync OneDrive files to Dropbox automatically with CBackup:

Step 1. Before you start using CBackup, you need to apply for a free account and then log in to your account on the CBackup website or client.

Step 2. In the My Storage screen, click the Add Cloud button, then click the OneDrive magnet to select it, after clicking Add you will be directed to the licensing page where you will need to log in to your OneDrive account and accept its connection to CBackup.

Note: You need to add another Dropbox account to CBackup in the same steps.

Step 3. Then click the Backup Tasks button in the left sidebar and click New Task to create your OneDrive to Dropbox transfer task.

Step 4. Visit the New Backup Task page, click Add Source, select OneDrive in the pop-up window, then click Add Destination and select Dropbox in the pop-up window.

Tip: The transport source can be the entire cloud drive or some of the data in it, which means you can choose to back up only the desired files or folders to Dropbox.

Step 5. Click the Settings button and make settings for automatic backup of OneDrive to Dropbox under Schedule option.

Step 6. Click Start Backup to make sure the task is ready to proceed.

If you prefer to automatically sync OneDrive to Dropbox, navigate to the Sync Tasks tab to create a cloud to cloud sync task.


Final words

If you’re looking for the easiest way to move OneDrive to Dropbox, CBackup is the right choice, with a simple interface, powerful features, and enough security to ensure secure data transfer between the clouds. And CBackup is one of the most popular free backup software for users, you can also download desktop app and enjoy automatic cloud backup service for PC.

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