5 Common Oil Treatment for Hairs and their Effects

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Welcome to this informative and fact driven study about the concentration of Mineral oil in popular hair oil brands that we use in our day to day life.

Most of us apply the same hair oil which is used by our parents and we suppose that the similarly trajectory is followed by our parents through grand parents.

But time changes. It’s NOT reality. It would be awesome if our parents didn’t got convinced by the influential advertisements.

As the internet started to boom, all the brands starts digitally promoting their products with celebrities and augmented reality atmosphere.

Harsh Reality is This activity made 80% of the population falsely believe that products which are coming in Television are prime, organic, trusted and everything spoken in ads are truth since many people are watching.

Topics covered

  1. Purpose of this Alert
  2. Mineral Oil effects on hairs, eyes, skin, environment according to experiments
  3. Which else ingredients causes damage ?
  4. Concentration of Mineral oil in popular Brands with PROOF
  5. What should we do?

1. Purpose of this Alert

Here in this Blog we are going to cover the downsides, the lowlights, the things which are not displayed in advertisements and not highlighted anywhere about most important product for our body : Hair Oil

Most common substance which is used in most of the brands is Mineral Oil and the concentration of Mineral is seen to be very high. But why so?

And if it is true which it really is if you check ingredients of your oil then what are the benefits and disadvantages of it?

Is it being used to care your hairs OR it is applied so it can be cheaper and companies can sell more products in less investment for higher profit.


2. Mineral Oil effects on hairs, eyes and skin

I would say it is good or bad but how can you trust me? May be i am trying to sell my product too which i am but would you believe me?

Some would so another salesmen but believe me or not, you have to trust on OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Administration ) which is a regulatory and compliance body of health and safety in the United States of America.

Some of you have already zoomed in but i request everyone to do the same and read once, what’s written. That’s not just it. We have more.

Allergic reactions, scalp irritation, eye irritation, acne, pimples and what not. If you are facing these issues , have you ever though to check the ingredients of your hair oil ?


3. Which else ingredients causes damage?

Things which behaves like an oil, looks like an Oil but only used so companies can decrease their manufacturing cost and easily compete in market.

  • Mineral Oil
  • Lemon Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Camphor Oil
  • Castor Oil

1. Mineral Oil

One of the substance which acts purely like an Oil but disguised as Petroleum, White petroleum, paraffin, liquid paraffin & paraffin wax.

It may cause excess buildup on the strands and scalp which ultimately leads to hair fall and dandruff.

Consistent applying the same on scalp makes the hair dry, flat and weighs it down.

Majorly the way it is extracted, refined, brought to the form to use it in oil is cancerous to the people working in the factories.

2. Lemon Oil

It is popular for it’s so called brightening and lightning properties but The acid level in lemon oil may cause the hair oil to shrink. It may make your hair look more thinner, lifeless, dry and brittle.

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil is supposed to be great for hair shaft but it may make hairs look greasy. It is comedogenic in nature which means it cause clogging of pores and leads to acne.

You might feel scratchy and feeling of keep washing it off which may damage your hairs further.

4. Camphor Oil

According to studies, this oil dries out your scalp and in few cases lead to acne. May prefers to stay as much away from camphor oil as possible.

5. Castor Oil

One of the names in famous ingredients list which acts so is Castor oil. It is popularly known for beauty and shining of hairs but it may cause acute hair felting that further leads to frizzy hair and more entanglement.


4. Concentration of Mineral oil in popular Brands with PROOF

Let’s Google some live example of popular brands.

1. Amla Hair Oil

First component being the one we talked about. Other then that the added colours, preservatives, TNHQ and artificial perfumes.

2. Almond Hair Oil

Some of the popular brands which you might use in your daily life is having 74% of mineral oil in it and actual concentration of Almond oil is 22% only. This is a common Oil Treatment for Hairs to take note of.

3. Vatika Hair Oil

Another major Oil Treatment for Hairs is vitika oil, the one we talked about. So these were one of the major examples and the list goes on.

5. What should we do?

Going through the ingredients, their benefits is major thing to do before applying anything on your body. Specially hairs.

Personally recommended for you : 0% Mineral, 100% Chemical free and manufactured in our own unit with combination of Amla extracts, Bhringraj extracts, Onion oil, seasame oil, Argan oil, black seed oil among my top list Oil Treatment for Hairs.