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Nvzcu Review: An Intro

Hello readers, a new article has come out regarding a website name Nvzcu. Scams are all over the internet. Checking the background of a new and unpopular site is one of the best ways to save yourself. Is Nvzcu Scam Store? Or is Nvzcu a Legit Site?

These questions set the base of Nvzcu Review. Now, almost everybody shops online, especially in cities. Scammers now open e-commerce websites and present deals either at a discount or low price.

Many scammers are creative also, they make their website average but their advertisement on Facebook or other platforms is amazing. We also have seen ads of many scam sites on FB, from the first view the ad makes you believe the offer as well as products.

Nvzcu Review is written to make people aware of the major red flags found inside this website. It is because knowing a site is a scam will not hamper the scammer’s work.

Please Read the article to understand the points and also share the same with others. It is because our reach is limited and alone we cannot defeat the scammers but together we can mark a big dent on their work.

We do not recommend Nvzcu Review. Please maintain a distance from this site and never share your information (bother personal as well as financial) with them.

If you get scammed by the Nvzcu site or you think you have been scammed then read our article What to do when you get scammed? To take the right next step.

Reasons for Non-Recommendation

Hiding the Information of the Owner

Understand it, Nvzcu is an e-commerce website, therefore, it is their responsibility to share their information with customers. Transparency is the metric that builds trust.

Nvzcu site doesn’t want to build that kind of trust and its sole purpose is to scam you. Nvzcu has not shared its owner information. They even hide their information in WHOIS guard.

A shop without an owner, or without any real person is not the right place for shopping. As a customer, it is your right to know about the person behind an online store.

Why information of the Owner is important?

Scams are everywhere, over the internet. Therefore, trusting anybody with your money is not a wise decision. Every year millions of people got scammed online. The common point among all the cases is the absence of the owner’s information.

Disguising online is not hard and scammers have done Ph.D. over it. Therefore, the only way to save yourself from the majority of scams is by checking the background of the site and the person responsible.

Also, in any kind of service mistake will happen. A good company will understand its customer problem and resolve them ASAP. But if mistakes are not corrected in a timely manner then it is a crime.

When people don’t receive their product or get the wrong product. They start searching the ways to contact the website. The only possible way left is to mail them your issue.

By asking for the time, scammers waste people’s golden time. Later, when people’s patience gets over, they try to search for information about the site.

Now, people can’t sue the person behind the site or file complaints against them only because they don’t know who owns the website.

So, to prevent yourself from such misery, you should check the background of the website before using it.

A trust can only be build by sharing the true information and Nvzcu failed to do so.

A Trap of Low Price

As a customer what attracts you first to the Nvzcu site? The most common answer is ‘great deals’ or the low price of products. It is the basic way to attract people. If scammers don’t offer great deals then who will come to their website?

Generally, middle income or lower-income people fall for this kind of trap. It is believed that great deals are present on the internet and people want to grab them before it gets over.

Scammers use people’s believe and fear to scam them. Scammers not only offer great deals but most of the time they use limited-time deals. When a sale time is running it gave very little time for customers to think.

Low price always works as a double edge sword. It not only attracts people but also lures them to take a chance with their service as the money is not much.

Many people in the comment box have written to us that they know a site is offering ‘too good to be true deals’ but they still buy from that site.

It happens because firstly, the money is not much. Secondly, they also want it to be true. Therefore, they believe in the offer and their mind helps them to have logic for their decision.

There are many reasons why we fall for such kind of scams. To understand more about it, read the following article to clear your perspective, Why We Fall Into Scam?

Duplicate Content is Used

Content is one of the most used words in the internet vocabulary after information and data. Content contains almost everything like posts, articles, images, videos, etc. A site’s rank mostly depends upon its content. Therefore, Content is considered to be the king of a website.

Every search engine considers every website a unique entity. It means no matter if one person owns two or more websites, he/she cannot use the same content on its sites. But Scammers don’t get bothered by it. It is because they come for a very limited amount of time.

Nvzcu website has used duplicate content on its site. Not only the written content but also the images present on it is copied from other websites.

To check the duplicity of a written content use any plagiarism tools available online for free. Also, to check the images just google search the images and you will find other similar websites.

Security Measures

There are no security measures present on the Nvzcu site, except for an SSL certificate which is the basic security measure present on almost every website.

The security of the site is important in present times. It is because every year many hackers try to get the data of big companies or sites.

To prevent such hacking incidents and customer data (i.e. you), a site needs proper security measures.

But on Nvzcu no such security measures are needed because it is capable of misuse people’s data on its own.

New Trend of Scammers

We receive many comments. Through those comments especially those we get on our Facebook posts, we came to know about this new trend. Earlier scammers never used to send the product.

Now what happens, scammers have started sending the products. Yes, it is true. But they send the wrong product or very cheap quality product. The question is, why they have started to deliver a product (not the right one)?

The answer is that banks and payment merchants have started to hold the money of an e-commerce website until the customer gets the product.

The loophole in this scheme is that scammers just need the delivery slip. It doesn’t matter they send the right product or not.

It means if you haven’t received your product then you are the lucky customer as your chances to get Chargeback is very high. To understand this point, read the article.


In conclusion, the Nvzcu is not only a bad site to shop but also an unsafe site to use. Please maintain a distance from this site and don’t use its services.

Our work is to make people aware of the fundamental red flags found among the scam sites. There is no proper definition of a scam site.

Nobody can judge the intention of any new site or any other site. If somebody has to scam people then they will do it no matter if the site is new or old.

But there are some subtle points always present on the bad sites that give us the picture of its potential to turn into a scam or not.

The above points are purely based on the research and facts seen on this site. Anyone can cross-check them.

Every year the number of scam sites is increasing and nobody can save you until you save yourself. The only way is to become aware of the fundamental points found among the scam or bad websites.

Scammers cannot harm us until we help them. Until you don’t see things objectively, scammers will harm you in many different ways.

If you have any doubt about this site then you can ask us. To get the answer to other things from some expert then you can use the service of JustAnswer.

Please comment, your thought and views are very important to us. Your comment keeps us motivated to work round the clock and write about the scam site and save as many people as we can.

Since our reach is limited, therefore, share this article near and dear to you. Post it on your social media platform. Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram.

Stay Safe!!! Be Healthy!!! Be Happy!!!


Naabiae Nenu-B is a Medical Health Student and an SEO Specialist dedicated to flushing the web off fake news and scam scandals. He aims at being "Africa's Best Leak and Review Blogger" and that's the unwavering stand of Xycinews Media.



How Exemplary Marketing’s Developers Build Your Mobile App Faster Than Ever



As a company engaged in mobile app development and dealing with a wide variety of customers with a wide range of business-based apps, it is critical to choose a competent firm rather than saving money by developing an app yourself or hiring a freelancer.

Finding an app developer such as Exemplary Marketing with years of professional expertise usually provides you an advantage over other people, and this may result in a significant increase in your income in a quality and timely manner. The most critical issue that arises here is: what are the most important factors to consider when choosing a professional company such as ours for your mobile app development needs? Let’s look into this more closely by going through a few important criteria that we personally believe in and adhere to without question.

When you engage a development firm – and specifically Exemplary Marketing – to create a mobile for you, you can trust that the company will complete the job with complete commitment and concentration. Compare this to hiring a freelancer who might have multiple tasks to complete or who might not be a full-time app developer. Or even compare it to trying to do the work yourself when, as a busy business owner, you have many other things to do at the same time.

Hiring a dedicated company is more efficient and saves time. The developers’ job in the business is to create apps, which means they will devote all of their time and attention to the work. Therefore, the app will be developed more quickly, and to a high standard.

A development company will provide you with an entire team of people that have the necessary skill set to design and build your application from start to finish. It will have skilled developers to take over the project, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS development. When you employ a freelancer, it is just one person who is responsible for all of the different aspects of app development. Plus, you can’t be certain of their experience and competence in the kind of software you’re interested in.

Working with Exemplary Marketing, you’ll have a team of developers, designers, and testers to ensure your app is perfect and that it will help you to get ahead of your competition. Each team member has extensive expertise and experience in their respective fields, allowing you to benefit from a comprehensive range of development services.

Choosing to work with a mobile app development firm will be more cost-effective than hiring a freelance developer or building an in-house team. Most app development companies will be happy to talk through your budget and show you what you can get for the money you’re able to pay. There might even be flexible payment options that will accommodate everyone, from startups to large corporations. Not only that, but when you use an app developer business like Exemplary Marketing, you only pay a set fee for the job they do, not for the equipment or software we use. 

Exemplary Marketing can also provide advice on the most effective techniques for developing the app as well as the overall budget for the project, among other things. This will assist in gaining an idea of how much app development costs in order to use as a benchmark in the future, and it will speed up the process of your app development.

Exemplary Marketing is a flexible app development company, meaning we do what it takes to help you, including, where possible, working to your timeframes. Any app development company that wants to effectively serve its customers must keep on top of industry trends and embrace the most recent technologies. This is how Exemplary Marketing Works.

To provide the most satisfactory service to its customers, Exemplary Marketing employs cutting-edge technology. As a result, we have access to the most advanced technology on the market. As a customer, you profit from the fact that your application is future-proof. A freelance developer or in-house team, on the other hand, would not have access to such advances in technology.

Exemplary Marketing can build your app quickly and effectively thanks to our many years of experience, our modern technology, and our great understanding of the world of app development. This shows why we’re the right choice when you need an excellent, dedicated app development company to help you.


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Everything You Need to Know About the Jiu Jitsu Gi



The jiu jitsu gi is the uniform worn by people who practice Brazilian jiu jitsu during training. The word “gi” comes from the Japanese for “clothes.”

What Does The Jiu Jitsu Gi Look Like?

The jiu jitsu gi looks similar to other types of martial arts uniforms. Manufacturers construct it from thick, durable heavy cotton with reinforced drawstrings. Around the waist is a separate belt whose colors indicate the rank of the martial artist wearing them. Gi trousers are similarly reinforced and fasten around the hips with the aid of a drawstring.

Is The Jiu Jitsu Gi The Same As The Karate Gi?

The jiu jitsu gi and karate uniform, called the Karategi, is similar to the Brazilian jiu jitsu gi, but not identical. Karategis are made of thin, breathable cloth and their sleeves finish at the forearm, not the wrist. Brazilian jiu jitsu gis have thicker material and longer arms.

The difference in attire reflects differences between the two martial arts. Karate involves less pushing and pulling and involves more sweeping motions. Clothing, therefore, must facilitate large movements. Jiu jitsu, on the other hand, involves more grappling and tugging. Clothing, therefore, needs to be sufficiently strong to withstand training forces.

Why Do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioners Use The Gi?

The jiu jitsu gi is a substantial piece of kit weighing around three pounds. The additional weight can slow down movement and potentially put the wearer at a disadvantage in a combat situation. So why wear it?

Gis are traditional clothing worn by martial arts practitioners. Jiu jitsu practice is based on the assumption that trainees will be wearing them. Many of the moves that you use involve use of the gi. Training while wearing a gi improves muscle memory. Fighting opponents wearing traditional kit teaches you how to overcome them.

Can You Use Jiu Jitsu Gis For Judo?

In training you can wear a jiu jitsu gi for judo. However, you would not be allowed to wear them in a tournament following standard international rules.

What Gi Colors Are Allowed In Competitions?

Rules permit three colors of gi in competition: black, white and royal blue. You are not allowed to mix these colors in your outfit. You must either wear all black, all white, or all royal blue. You cannot pair a white jacket with royal blue trousers. You must ensure that the color of your collar and belt match the rest of your outfit.

Do You Need To Wear Underwear With A Gi?

You should always wear underwear with a gi. You should not go commando. For men, regular cotton underwear is fine. If you are a woman, you may want to wear a base layer instead of just a bra. Rashguards are preferred.

Should You Wear A Rashguard Under A Gi?

Most competitive jiu jitsu martial artists wear rashguards under their gis. These garments offer an extra layer of protection for their skin and can improve the longevity of the gi.


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Sukeoa Reviews Short Introduction of!



This article will tell you about a portal that offers a large selection of products featuring the most current designs and technology. If you are still unsure, read on. This website was voted a favorite by the United States.

Want to learn more?

Short Introduction of

It is a growing web portal that sells a variety of products including dresses for women, accessories for women, and gaming consoles. They offer a range of high-quality products at a fair price. It is committed to customer satisfaction and has a distinctive quality. They aim to provide the best product for customers and that suits their personality. This is what attracts customers to the website portal. Now, the question is: “Is Sukeoa com Legit?”

Things you should see on

  • Type of Portal:This portal is for E-Commerce.
  • Address1660 Willow Grove Lane Lincoln (California, 95648, USA)
  • Website:
  • Registration date- 12-07-2021
  • Contact number: +12052956529
  • Email Address:
  • Replace
  • Cancellation Information: Send the cancellation information by mail within 12 to 24-hours after placing an order
  • Delivery policy: Your consignment will be delivered within 10-22 days to any area in the USA.
  • Return policy:It can be found in the web portal .
  • ExchangeIt’s given in detail.
  • Shipping Fees: Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping, and orders below $50 are charged $9.95
  • Refund: After completing certain forms, you can get your cash back. It is clear in Sukeoa.
  • Payment Methods: Amex, PayPal, Visa Card.

Advantages at

  • The web portal has all the policies that are easy to use.
  • You have many options for payment, which makes it simple to make payments.
  • The website suggests products of a high standard.
  • It comes with a SSL valid certificate. –

  • The site has been registered prior to 20 days on E-Commerce.
  • The customer cannot respond because it is still too new.
  • Only 1% has a high trust score.
  • It doesn’t get a score from the top Rating site Alexa.
  • This website portal doesn’t have a web page on social media websites like Facebook.

Is Sukeoa com Legit?

We will be analysing some facts in this section to assess the site’s credibility. These are the facts

  • This website was registered just 20 days ago, on the 12th of June,2021.
  • Website address: -1660 Willow Grove Lane Lincoln California 95648, USA
  • The number to call is +12052956529
  • To solve any query, you will need a valid Email Id –
  • It does not rank high on Alexa’s rating site.
  • Trust score is just 1%.
  • The web portal does not have any social media presence.
  • Sukeoa reviews are not reliable. There is no feedback from users.
  • It is very rare for buyers to be interested in the business, so it does not have data on the algorithm.
  • We don’t have any information on unrealistic discounts.

This web portal is not credible as it is brand new and lacks feedback. This suggests that the site is not credible. We recommend you learn more about the site before purchasing.

This website was only launched in the market very recently and doesn’t have any reviews. We therefore consider it suspicious.

Check Sukeoa Reviews

Site has low trust scores, which can cause credibility issues.

We don’t have any customer opinions; we search many times, but can not get reviews. It has also not been given a score by Alexa.

Final Declaration:

You will find a large selection of products on the web portal, such as dresses for women and accessories for women. Microsoft Xbox Series Game Console You can also find the most recent designs and technology at www.etc. Customers need to rethink the web portal.Sukeoa Reviews.

Let us know your thoughts about the web portal. Your thoughts?


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