NIKE Gold Trading Bot Strategy Explained

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NIKE GOLD TRADING BOT exists to serve the needs of customers (internal and external). Customer service will be the first consideration in everything we do. 

Creativity in meeting the customers’ internal and external needs. Extra effort to ensure that customer’s expectations are exceeded. 

NIKE Gold Trading Bot Review

To begin investment as instructed by the Bot on telegram, you can start an investment by acquiring Bitcoin and then join the trading bot with the link given to you by your sponsor. Tap on the deposit button and you will receive a unique deposit address.

You can send your payment to the wallet address and wait for some blockchain confirmation. This process is instant.

At the moment the only currency supported is Bitcoin (BTC).

Your initial investment is promised to be returned at the end of contract and you can start your investment anytime by making a minimum deposit of 0.0037 BTC ($50)

NIKE Gold Trading Bot Investment

Return on investment is divided into stages:

Stage 1. 

Which is SILVER Investment from 0.0037 ($50) to 5 BTC is 0.714% daily

Stage 2. 

Which is GOLD Investment from 5 BTC to 50 BTC earns you 1.5% daily

Stage 3. 

Which is PREMIUM Investment from 50 BTC and above earns you 2.5% daily

NIKE Gold Trading Bot Referral Program

For every online platform, the referral model follows a pattern. Noteworthy, any known brand wants to promote its product, app, or site so they offer all potential users the opportunity to share their link, make a new member, and earn a bonus as a reward.

The same model is applied on the NIKE Gold Trading Bot site. After successful signup or registration, you proceed to log in to be enabled to share your referral link, make new members and earn a referral bonus.

NIKE Gold Trading Bot Payment Proof

There is no proof NIKE Gold Trading Bot has paid any investor. 

Is NIKE Gold Trading Bot Legit 

Importantly, I always warn my blog readers first not to fall for Ponzi schemes and other investment frauds irrespective of the model, either Smart Contract, MLM, Income program, HYIP Schemes, etc.

This is because these platforms involve paying longer-standing members with money from new participants, instead of actual profits from investing or selling products/services to the public. 

This cannot be sustained and will always collapse eventually in a space of weeks or months.

To contact support, kindly click on support on your dashboard and you will get the support username.

This is accessible from the bot chat on telegram. You will receive a response from support in less than 10 minutes after you submit a request.

Talking about their office, they claim to have their branches in different part of the world.

We have a branch in venuzuela and also United States of America. Other places are yet to be commissioned.

Is NIKE Gold Trading Bot Scam

The information on NIKE, Inc’s investors website, inclusive of presentations, earnings call transcripts, and all other information presented, may contain forward-looking statements, estimates or projections based on expectations as of the original date of those materials. 

Those statements, estimates and projections are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. 

These risks and uncertainties are detailed in our reports filed with the SEC, including forms 8-k, 10-k and 10-Q. Presented information may also discuss non public financial and statistical information and non-GAAP financial measures. 


This NIKE Gold Trading Bot Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming NIKE Gold Trading Bot nor promoting it a business model. However, this content is an overview of gathered data strictly for enlightening purposes.

Herein published is the Author’s perspective of the reviewed platform, so you’re not mandated to consider this a final verdict. 

The financial contents published via this platform include digitals, contracts for difference (CFDs), and other complex derivatives and financial products. 

The financial contents published via this platform include digitals, contracts for difference (CFDs), and other complex derivatives and financial products. 

As a result, the reviews published on this blog may not be suitable for all investors because of the risk of losing all of your invested capital. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose, and never risk taking a loan to invest in Ponzi.

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