Table of Contents

– Welcome to Nigeria
– With people from different Area
– North, South and Western Area
– The Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba are our identities in Nigeria
– The Tribes with cultivated Norms and ethics swimming in the pool of blessings
– Drinking from the rivers and oceans of Unity
– Standing strong and Firm in serving a purpose
– Ye, Nigeria why the Troubles?
– Why is everything trying to take it’s way apart?
– Why are we entirely going against the race?
– The world is moving clockwise and we Anti
– The Fulani that rear cattles, Yes we agree they aren’t saint!
– But the wrong of one should not take us backward
– An Igbo from the south will set a business
– Flourishing here in the North and have some earnings
– A Yoruba man from the West can make a difference and be his best here in the North
– We aren’t all saint!
– We all make mistakes
– We are all evils
– But, That won’t stop us from being one. Nigeria.
– Let’s stop Tribalism to fight for a better country
– A country that a cattle will feed from grasess not people farm
– A country that Yoruba will understand that even among them some can do the worst
– An Igbo, Hausa man will realise that Unity is all we want
– Stop the blackmail, stop the paints
– Nigeria is one and we must defend
– The honor and the Glory of our Mighty one.

A.M Kaloma
Adamu Musa Kaloma @Facebook