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Globally and locally, there are many ways in which you can make use of your smartphone to make money online. This article about Nairaworkers review is a complete guide A-Z.

In the recent time earning platforms and ponzi scheme have been been increasing rapidly and so has many fallen to scammers.

Nairaworkers is unlike other ponzi scheme program which promise fake vow but nairaworkers is an online community or can be referred to has a freelancing community.

There are two side to nairaworkers the which are;

  • As a Freelancers
  • As a business owner

Welcome to Xycinews Media, this article about Nairaworkers Review entails information like how it works, the founders details if available and answers to questions like, is Nairaworkers scam? or is Nairaworkers Legit?, how the referral system works and Nairaworkers registration information.




Nairaworkers Review

You might be thinking which type of works or Gigs am referring to but there are series of gigs or works to do on nairaworkers which include the following

  • Liking facebook post
  • liking facebook page
  • liking twitter post
  • following on twitter
  • liking IG post
  • following on IG
  • Retweeting and other petty jobs which aren’t hard to do


Nairaworkers Job Qualification

In other to qualified for jobs on nairaworkers you just have to create and verify your account and also make sure you have the following social media accounts in other to perform the Gigs;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • IG
  • LinkedIn
  • Whatsap

And others but the above are the most important ones.


Nairaworkers Withdrawal

As a freelancer and you have been working and spending lots of time on nairaworkers attending to people’s needs in other to earn money and you have been able to accumulate up to N2000 on the platform then you are eligible to withdraw your money into your local bank.

Once you have reached the minimum payout of N2000 and ready to withdraw your earning into your bank account click on the menu button and select account after that your will see your accumulated earning and the withdrawal button is right below it.


Nairaworkers Referral Program

For every online platform, this section of Nairaworkers review entails how the referral model works, all company wants to promote its product, app or site so they offer all potential users the opportunity to share their link, make a new member, and earn a bonus as reward.

For each deposit Employers make, you will be rewarded with 5%

For each task members in your downline finish, you will earn 5%

Bring new members and earn when they deposit and when they work. Passive income for life! 

If you have 150 actve referrals comprising 50 employers and 100 workers and the workers complete jobs worth ₦ 2,000 everyday while the employers deposit ₦ 10,000 each, Every month, you’ll be earning over ₦ 320,000 from your downlines.


Nairaworkers Sign up

As have said earlier in other to be able to perform the gigs you have to have an account on the program. Here is a quick guide to create account on platform.

Follow the steps as stated to open nairaworkers account

  • Click on Join

Once the registration page loads fill in the required information which include

  • First Name Last Name Gender Email Address Password

Once you’ve filled the form click on sign up

You account has been created but you have to verify it in other to be able to login into your dashboard.


Nairaworkers Registration & Verification

Nairaworkers Registration on the site isn’t so complicated, but it’s really necessary to have the below information handy is a as it might be needed of you.

  • Email Address  
  • User Name  
  • Phone Number  
  • Contact Info  
  • Password

Verifying an nairaworkers account is just like verifying other account which you have to login into your email, look for their message, open it and click on verify and once that is done your account has been successfully created and verified.


Nairaworkers Login

Before you have access to Nairaworkers login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

To login Nairaworkers only the below is needed 

  • User name  
  • Password


Is Nairaworkers Scam or Legit

If you are a freelancer and want to make money on nairaworkers platform here is a quick guide

  • Check Out The Available Jobs/Gigs

Click on the menu button in other to look for available gigs take note that gigs require small or little time to complete.

  • Explore the gigs

Once you have seen the available gigs sellect the one you are capable of doing and check for requirements once that’s done do it

  • Deliver/ proof Once you have the gigs you will have to provide evidence of the jobs which is usually a screenshot and once you provided this there is also a space provided where you can comment about the tasks and after doing that submit the task and wait for approval.


Is Nairaworkers Legit 

No threat has being recorded yet and team Xycinews is yet to update this section if anything goes wrong to keep our readers safe.


Is Nairaworkers Scam

On the basics of this Nairaworkers review, No one has reported it’s scam to me yet and due to number of logged files on my checklist, always share your opinion in the comments section. 

This will help potential Investors or users of the platform from falling prey. Likewise, don’t forget to also scroll down to check if there is any comment.

Don’t be deceived by offers looking too good to be real, if it looks too good to be true, pay attention.

Check if the site has an active social presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)




This Nairaworkers Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Nairaworkers nor is it targeted to promoting them. 

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective because we strongly believe every brand needs a good background check.

Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with us via the comments box below so as to further improve this Nairaworkers reviews.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any queries whatsoever. 


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