Money Bag SCAM? | 10 Lakh Earning | Single leg plan

Money bag is a new product based company which is launching in market with multiple health products, agricultural products, fmcg products, beauty products and dairy products.

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Company’s vision is to maximize the team strength and circulate the products as much as they can.

Topics covered.

  1. Overview
  2. Business plan
  3. Types of income
  4. Terms and conditions

1. Overview

A product based network marketing company which is giving everyone an opportunity to earn lots of income.

Company wants to bring more and more product to the market consistently without any fail to attract customers.

2. Business Plan

If you want to join the company or associate your business with Money bag, joining amount in the company is INR 1000.

3. Types of income

Company is giving you 5 different types of income to earn from.

  • Direct income
  • Level income
  • Single leg income
  • Royalty income
  • Franchise income

1. Direct income

After your joining if any person joins using your referral link or sponsor code, you get direct sponsor income of 100rs.

2. Level income

From level 1 you will get 30rs per person. Level 2, if any person joins in you will get 20 rs per person.

Similarly till 6 levels you will be able to take benefits from level income.

3. Single leg income

When your team become of 50 member, you get 70rs income for next 40 days which makes a total income of 2800. Your team becomes of 150 people, you get 100rs for next 40 days which makes a total of 4000rs.

Similarly as your team increases, you keep getting income on daily basis.

4. Royalty income

If you are able to do 12 direct sponsors with in 7 days of id activation, you will get INR 100 from every new id joining in the system .

5. Franchise income

Purchasing bulk pins from the company will get you some free pins.

If you purchase 10 pins together from the company, you get 1 pin extra. Similarly if you purchase 25 pins from the company you get 3 pins free.

4. Terms and conditions

Thinking to join and earn from company? It is most mandatory to go through the terms and conditions before joining any company.

You join the company at your own risk.

Hope you to to know everything about Money bag, stay tuned for more upcoming blogs.

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