Mobile Legends NFT- Is Mobile Legends NFT Worth Buying Now?

Welcome to bulliscoming media, Mobile Legends Bang Bang has released its NFT collection which is named as Mobile Legend NFT. In this article, you will get more insight into Mobile Legend NFT.

What Is Mobile Legend NFT?

Mobile Legends NFT

The Mobile Legend NFT is an NFT collection launched by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang which is named Aspirants Mystery Box. The Aspirants Mystery Box Collection offers 12 extraordinary mystery boxes of 4 varied grades, with which each of them containing a digital figure and exclusive animations of the character. Each of the mystery boxes also comes with a chance to win great in-game prizes.

Mobile Legend: Bang Bang is a mobile game that’s most famous in the world as it houses over 100 million active players monthly.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was developed by Moonton as a mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), since then, the game has been a popular one in Southeast Asia as it secure its position among other games that were chosen for the first medal event esports competition at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games in the Philippines.

Mobile Legend Bang Bang has been the leading and the third highest-grossing MOBA for the past three years.

The Mobile Legends NFT launched on Binance NFT Marketplace, a platform for trading a variety of digital artworks and collectibles which is powered by Binance’s blockchain infrastructure and community, the Binance NFT Marketplace provides high liquidity for users to launch and trade NFT.

In the Binance NFT marketplace, the total of Mobile Legend NFTs that is for sale is capped at a total of 25,000 mystery boxes, and 300 boxes are reserved for community airdrops. While each user that want to buy Mobile Legends NFTs mysterious box can only buy a maximum of 100 boxes.

Is Mobile Legends NFT Worth Buying Now?

The question that you may have been eager to get an answer to, is if Mobile Legend is Worth Buying.

As previously explained, the Mobile Legends NFT is an NFTs collection of the popular games (MLBB), which has active users monthly of up to 100million, and it has reached over one billion downloads since its inception.

According to stats, it has reach 54 Million downloads in 2021 between January and August which make it the most downloaded mobile MOBA within that period. The consumer has also spent approximate $220 million during the period.

Looking into the game famous factor, the Mobile Legend NFT is worth buying as there’s already a huge market for the NFT which make enhance the rarity of the NFT.

Mobile Legends NFT price

As the Mobile Legends NFT mysterious box collection contain 12 Mysterious Box, each of the boxes is selling at the high price range of 25 – 99 BUSD

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