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Microsoft Excel is still the data analytics gold standard. The pre-Black Friday sale can teach you fast.



TLDR: The Ultimate 2022 Pivot Tables and Dashboard in Excel Bundle brings all the pro tips of hardcore data analysis to any user for just $16.99.

 Anybody can plunk some numbers into a rudimentary spreadsheet. That doesn’t mean you’re somehow now a Microsoft Excel expert. Not quite. That heritage business software has been around for decades because it’s incredibly versatile, but if you don’t understand some of the basics, then the true subtle power of Excel is lost.

Which brings us to pivot tables. If you don’t fully grasp pivot tables, the way that Excel users extract important data and aggregate it for display from much larger data sets, then you don’t really get Excel. With the coursework in The Ultimate 2022 Pivot Tables and Dashboard in Excel Bundle ($16.99 after code SAVE15NOV from TNW Deals), anyone with an eye for data, analytics, and data science can become a Pivot Table pro and understand all the ways that powerful function works for Excel users.

The collection includes three courses, packed with over 22 hours of learning that can take even first time Pivot Table users from the basics through to tips and tricks only Excel elite know how to achieve.

It all begins with Pivot Table for Beginners, your introduction to this interactive way of quickly summarizing large amounts of data. Users will get a feel for how pivot tables work, how to input data sets into those tables, and even how to clean your data so you can get the true, proper analysis that you want.

The training escalates with Advanced Pivot Tables, as learners drill deeper into this powerful data analysis function. From those original basics, this course elevates the training to give users a knowing understanding of features like advanced sorting, slicers, timelines, calculated fields, pivot charts, conditional formatting, and more.

Finally, Dashboards in Excel lets users take that data visualization to new levels. This in-depth course gets students exposure to some essential formulas needed to create dashboards in Excel, Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Form Controls and more.

The training walks users through creating their own sales and HR dashboards through the use of insightful step-by-step guides.

A $249 collection of training, users can pick up The Ultimate 2022 Pivot Tables and Dashboard in Excel Bundle now at one of its lowest prices of the year thanks to the current pre-Black Friday sale. When shoppers enter the code SAVE15NOV during checkout, buyers can get the complete package for just $16.99.

Prices are subject to change

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