Simple Guide to Making 7Figures from the MetaForce Smart Contract

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MetaForce Smart Contract

MetaForce Smart Contract is a Global Crypto – Earning Decentralized Based Crowd funding platform that Reward it’s active users.

It adopts a Network marketing Strategy where users Actively refer the business to at least 6 persons to build your network and Earn Commissions instantly to their Crypto wallet.

This article entails a lot, kindly read through.


What is MetaForce Smart Contract?

METAFORCE is a smart contract that requires you to network with people and build a solid team structure. You earn in DAI and all earnings are paid instantly to your crypto wallet. 

DAI is completely decentralized, and wherein being half backed by USDC. DAI has an excellent decentralized mechanism to motivate action, always leading to price equalization around $1.

FORCE is a global decentralized crypto-earning platform that is coded on the Binance Smart Chain. To help dreams come true, there are lot of Whatsapp Teams setup by networkers to educate people on how to utilize and earn from the platform effectively.


META FORCE Registration

Firstly, the registrations fee is very cheap ($10), you need trust wallet funded with $10 worth of DAI and $1 worth of polygon as network fee. You receive 100% as referral commission.

You can earn from Metaforce in the following ways:

  • Referrals
  • Reactivation
  • Auto-Upgrade
  • Registering at the classic Period


Benefits of Joining Meta Force

Importantly, you receive 100% as referral commission for your hardwork. Additionally, the bonuses are paid instantly to your wallet. 

This implies that your not waiting for any CEO to make payments to your wallet. 

Gladly, your the admin of your account as that’s what makes it a 100% decentralised project. 

It is a smart contract on Binance Smart chain blockchain and your funds are safe.

Moreover, earnings are unlimited allowing you to earn thousand dollars depending on how far you can take your networking. Join Team pilot for more guides.

metaforce smart contract

They earnings are like generational incomes as you earn from your downline activities and different levels of income up to $20,000. 

Lastly, other benefits include Meta-force token and NFts, Crypto updates.


How does the META FORCE work?

A solid Team is entitled to making you get satisfying response to this question. However, the below is a rough data to give you a micro overview.

It is important for you to associate with a team or have a team of serious and dedicated networkers as this speeds up the chances of opening new slots.   

MetaForce Smart Contract

Each next level costs exactly twice as much as the previous one, so you need to collect two payments, respectively. One payout is stored in a special metaforce smart contract for this, to which no one has access except you.

Then, as soon as another payout appears, the amount is combined, and the next level is instantly activated. Your downline partners will have the same, and thus your next level will fill up.


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Step-by-step Guide on MetaForce Registration

Step 1: Link

Register using the referral link of the person who referred you. This helps both you and the individual grow.


Step 2: Dapp Browser

If you’re a newbie, a good team would explain this clearer. However this is a crypto browser on Trust wallet. So you paste your link there.


Step 3: Select Coin

On the Top Left, you’ll see an Ethereum logo, click on it and change it to Polygon which the Meta Force Smart Contract accepts.


Step 4: Sign up

Tap on Signup now


Step 5: Connect wallet 

Connect your wallet address now.


Step 6: Confirm

Approve your transaction by clicking “CONFIRM” to register your ID and wait for transaction to be successful.


Step 7: Activate Level

After Registration, select the levels one by one and click on ”ACTIVATE”.


Is the MetaForce Legit 

Clearly, the MetaForce Smart Contract is very legit as it has made a lot of individuals millionaires during the era of Forsage. Below is some amazing benefits associated with the FORCE PROJECT.

  • 100% of income – to the affiliate network
  • Even wider spillovers possibilities
  • Matrix payouts are possible deeper than the 5th line
  • Referral structure rewards
  • In-demand product for participants
  • Selling a product is another income opportunity
  • Constant turnover – the basis of long-term income
  • NFT with ample opportunities
  • Unique cryptonomics with increased coin demand
  • Acquisition of coins at the most favorable prices
  • The ability to earn in a coin, at the most favorable rates
  • NFT investment opportunity


Is the MetaForce Scam?

Clearly, I’ll state it clear that Team Xycinews doesn’t promote ponzi and the MetaForce is clearly a Refer and Earn project. On that note, it’s important for you to know that your only hopeful of making money when you network a lot of individuals.

So, it’s not outrightly scam from that perspective but invest what you can afford to lose. 

The information about the FORCE coin is not clear currently. According to LADO the CEO, he mentioned t will be launched simultaneously with Metaforce.

FORCE will not be sold on the open market but will be available to investors through IDO.


Join Team Pilot

Watch video for full guide and information on Team Pilot.


To get started click on the link to message a Great mentor.


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