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Messari Review 2022 – How To Use It & What Does It Cost?



What you’ll learn 👉

About Messari

Messari is used to disclose multiple features and aspects of different crypto projects, including tokenomics, treasury information, team members, communication links and more. They are trying to become a recognized industry standard for crypto projects to present themselves and their information. 

Messari Features

Messari has a wide range of features on their site, one of the factors making them a notable crypto site. They provide a great comprehensive view of different cryptocurrencies.


On Messari’s chart section, cryptos are shown in a large array of metrics and statistics, effectively displaying multiple different factors surrounding the coins’ current price and situation. They talk about a coin’s price, volume, market cap, volatility and more, all expressed in their own charts and metrics so you can grasp the full picture. This information helps to give traders and investors a valuable insight in to the coin’s economic position and future.


With Messari you can setup “Watchlists” These watchlists shortlist the cryptos you have previously selescted and give you in depth details on those certain coins, giving you the information, you need and fast. This helps investors as they are presented with information specific to their situation and not on coins or projects that are not relevant to them.

This service is quite common among crypto platforms though it could be argued that Messari does it in a greater depth, compared to its competitors.


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Your ‘Screener’ on Messari is used to view all metrics needed, in a singular window. Furthermore, you can choose to view a range of different, categorised information.

Next, we have ROI, this will sort information by a coin’s percentage increase or decrease in time.

Lastly, we have general stats. This includes things such as Liquidity, On-Chain data, Volume, Supply Marketcap etc.

The screener is a place where you can get a well-rounded view of the market and see the information you want all in one place.


Messari has a great report system for those new to crypto and experts alike. They present high quality, detailed information. They have a dedicated team of researchers in the finance field to ensure they are produced to a high standard. They are sorted effectively to improve accessibility.


Messari also offer the plan “Messari Enterprise” for big businesses and other entities, a subscription to this service can go from $6,000 per year to $34,000 per year.

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Messari is a great platform for providing high quality data and analysis on a huge range of crypto projects and coins. The platform is not completely flawless, and it is not free, so if you do want to use Messari’s services, make sure to assess if it’s worth the money for you.

  • Pros.
    • Detailed Crypto project analysis
    • Wide range of data and metrics
    • Indepth data not seen on exchange sites.
    • Smooth, effective UI
  • Cons.
    • Slightly overwhelming at first glance
    • Not free
    • Alternatives.

There are a few alternatives to Messari for you to choose from. Here is a short review of a few of them

Coin Metrics

In 2019, Coin Metrics raised just under 2 million US Dollars in funding in their seed round, led by Fidelity Investments, a huge multinational financial services organisation based in Boston, other large financial entities were also involved.


They provide their customers with the Sanbase Studio, which presents on-chain, social and development information which has been visualised for a smooth look and understanding. You can also set up alerts for price changes, on-chain activity, social media highlights surrounding the coin and behaviour of large buyers/sellers. They provide their users with unlimited market signals.


LunarCrush is quite a new service, founded only in June 2018, in Costa Mesa, California. They launched with just over a million US Dollars in funding. The organisation is run solely by its two co-founders. LunarCrush is a relatively smaller service than the other entities on this list, though that does not rule it out as an option. They still provide a great product to their customers and host a somewhat unique service in the crypto space.

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