Meet Ula Yoel – Advancing HDMI50 E-commerce/Crypto Investment with Digital Gateways

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The Business of HDMI50

Since its launch far back 2018, HDMI50 is relentlessly advocating for the financial freedom of all it users and the have also advanced their market place to be one with high flexibility and bounty bonus luxury.

HDMI50 which stands for Happy Deal Mall International is a Global Merchandise founded by Ula Yoel. HDMI50 products are solely soled only to their subscribers and this gives unimaginable bonus with very low rate on purchases.

Products are ordered in two major ways and all members of HDMI50 are untitled to free 100,000 pieces of SHIBA COIN. Additionally, HDMI50 gives her members crypto signals and this yields more productivity.


HDMI50 Digital Gateways

HDMI50 integrated one of the best security gateways on their platform which is the PCIDSS level 1 compliance set. This is one of the top ranking rating from an electronic payment processing industry.

With over twenty years’ experience based on Building Business and a background in Cyber security, all financial information on the Happy Deal Mall International is highly encrypted and stored to PCIDSS Level 1 compliant standards. This might seem common but PCIDSS Level 1 compliance is a set of rules stated by Credit Card Security Companies and audited by an independent third party.


Meet the CEO – ULA YOEL

Consistency is one big challenge in this revolving age of daily tasking schedule, nonetheless cheers to the few pushing technology, data science and innovation to a new height. In a bid to extend financial freedom, through third party distribution, good rewarding system and even profit distribution, HDMI50 has grown it audience base across the globe.

Ula Yoel is a Senior Information Security, Privacy and Risk management Professional with a solid finance and technical background. Over the last 8 years, he has worked in noteworthy companies such as the PKI Advisor and Auditor at Tennet, Information and security consultant at the National-Nederlanden, Financial service Advisor at ING among many others.

Gladly, the age of easy transaction and safe internet protocol is here and credits to the powerful team of Happy Deal mall International as users are assured 100% profit among 25% discounts on major products across the store. With HDMI50, the world is changing and online transaction and purchases is becoming more accessible.