Meet Chizo 1 Germany – The Nigerian Singer Heating Up The Global Music Scene

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In a world where a lot of artists increasingly sound the same, Chizo 1 Germany is refreshingly unique.

The Nigerian-born, Germany-based star mesmerises with his strained, raspy voice that delivers bone-chilling soulful ballads. His music is distinct yet diverse, straddling the genres of futuristic R&B, jazz, and hip-hop. Chizo 1 Germany varied subject matter veers between personal stories, social issues, and matters of the heart.

Having started singing at a young age, the 2,6-year-old artist learnt the real power of music at the age of 15 when he taught himself how to write music. This was when he discovered the magic that comes to being when his unique voice mingles sweetly with an instrumental.

At a time when African music is growingly captivating global listeners, Chizo 1 Germany is well poised to be the next big African export. He has both the continental and international audiences in the palm of his hand. We sat down with the fast-rising singer to chat about his burgeoning career, what it means to be African, and his experiences as a black African in Germany.