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Wuben C2 2000 Lumen Power Bank Flashlight Review



A reliable flashlight is an important part of everyone’s EDC, especially if you live in a remote area or somewhere experiencing power outages very often. Today we’re reviewing the Wuben C2 Power Bank Flashlight, a surprisingly versatile torch for outdoor or general use.


What is C2?

Wuben C2 is a small pocket-sized LED flashlight that features the signature ‘W’ switch, it’s quite powerful regardless of its size, it delivers up to 2000 lumens and its longest beam throw is up to 358 meters. Wuben C2 flashlight solves this problem as it is powered by a rechargeable 21700 battery, it features a standard USB port and it can be used as a power bank for charging other portable devices.

What’s inside the box?

  • Wuben C2 Flashlight
  • Wrist strap
  • 21700 battery
  • USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Extra rubber o-rings
  • User manual

Wuben C2 Power Bank Flashlight





Output: 5-2000 lumens

Runtime: up to 300 hours

Beam distance: 18-358 meters

Waterproof level: IP68 

Impact resistance: 1 meter

Weight: 109g (without battery) 190g (with battery)


Product Highlights


The Wuben C2 Power Bank Flashlight is a portable EDC flashlight that is ideal for outdoor activities and everyday life. Wuben C2 has a built-in intelligent circuit, it not only monitors the temperature of the flashlight but also allows C2 to emit a constant current.

Wuben C2 is slightly longer than 5 inches, with an anodized black housing, and weighs 6.7 oz, it is easy to carry around. C2 has an IP68 waterproof rating and features both USB and micro-USB charging ports, so I can use my Smartphone charging cable to juice it up. The rubber cap is another thoughtful design, it protects dust or dirt being trapped in the USB port.

The signature ‘W’ switch is made from rubber, you can use it to select the brightness levels. By long-pressing the button, the flashlight will be on at the lowest brightness level, if you keep pressing it, the brightness level will go up until it reaches Turbo mode. I find it very appealing as you can easily adjust the brightness level with one hand.

When I walk my dogs in the evening, I usually use the medium level, which is an output of 400 lumens, I think it is good enough for me: with this setting, the battery will last for 5 hours. 


What I Like

One of the features I like is that C2 can be used as a power bank, it is pretty handy for outdoor lovers, cos C2 allows you to charge your Smartphone, camera, or walkie-talkie directly.

Another feature I like is the built-in intelligent circuit, C2 emits a constant current to improve the beam stability, and its onboard safety circuit ensures the flashlight won’t be overheating. C2 features a clip and comes with a lanyard, so you can hang it around your wrist.

In addition to the lighting features, it’s worth mentioning the appearance of the Wuben C2, made from aircraft aluminum, C2 comes in a cool and sleek look, its housing has a lot of ridges and texture, so it feels good in the hand. 


Lumen Power Bank Flashlight Verdict

Taking the size, power level, and price into account, Wuben C2 is very price effective. It not only has a good number of lumens but also allows you to use it as an emergency power bank. Whether you are buying this for yourself or for children, the size and weight of C2 is just right, it’s a useful EDC flashlight that worth purchasing.


Price: $42.29




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