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on is allegedly a cloud mining platform. You have to enter your LTC address then start mining.

The company claims it is the leading LTC mining pool in the industry. Their mining power is stored by physical miners.

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And so on…. Nonetheless, I might not have the exact response to all the above entries at the moment, but this article is well detailed.




If you want more information and get to know ltcminer better, I encourage you to kindly take a few minutes to read this article calmly because I have gathered the best of information in well outlined paragraphs to help you understand and the table of contents to help you navigate the post.


ltcminer Review

LTCMiner is another Ponzi scheme in the industry that you should be cautious of. The company has been in the market for a long time but do not create confidence with the crypto community.

The company allegedly has a goal to keep the mining expenses low, and their mining power high. They offer you a deal of making more returns with a short duration.

The platform promise users that they can generate a daily return of 0.0006 LTC. If you upgrade your Litecoin Miner, you will receive 15 LTC per day.


ltcminer Founder

While documenting this ltcminer review, I did my best to search and found no information on the founder of this platform.

I believe knowing the background record of a brand owner is a step forward into knowing how legitimate it is and the reputation of the Profile.

The anonymity level the company is observing raises red flags. Without any personal info, the mastermind of this fraudulent platform will continue scamming investors, and the authority cannot arrest them.

You should avoid investment companies that are not regulated, and that the team and founders are operating behind the scenes. The safety of your money should be your major concern.


ltcminer Investment

For you to earn mote LTC, you need to upgrade your investment plan. LTCMiner has four investment plans.

The first package offers 10 times returns to their clients. You can mine up to 0.0014 LTC in a minute, and 0.2 LTC per day.

The second plan is version 1.2; it offers 50 times returns. The pyramid scheme promise users 0.007 LTC per minute, and a total of 1 LTC per day.

The third plan has an absurd reward of 200 times, 0.002 LTC per minute, and 2.5 LTC per day. If you are keen enough, you will realize the amount is ridiculous.

The final plan is version 1,4. It offers to earn 1000 times, and they promise investors returns of 0.15 LTC per minute and 15 LTC per day.

Litecoin Miners grant users 20% commission for their first referral, 30% for their 2nd plan, 40%, 50%, and 100% for their 3rd to 5th plan, respectively.


ltcminer Referral Program

For every online platform, the referral model follows a pattern, all company wants to promote its product, app or site so they offer all potential users the opportunity to share their link, make a new member, and earn a bonus as reward.

You will get a 20% commission when your referral upgrades their plan. Investors can as well increase their affiliate up to 100% by upgrading LTCMiner.

The only people that benefit from these Ponzi schemes it’s their shady marketers. Pyramid scheme uses the money of their new investors to pay off their pioneer clients.


Is ltcminer Safe and Credible

Investors’ money is not safe in this company. It is a pyramid scheme that should be avoided at all costs. The company owner’s information is hidden from the public.

As an investor, you need to know the people you are trusting your hard-earned money. Investment platforms should avail adequate data entailing the benefits that you will have once you believe them.

Unfortunately, only cares about the deposit you make into their account. There is nothing legit about their operation. They offer ridiculous profits, but they do no care to provide evidence of payment.


Is ltcminer Legit 

LTC Miner is a pyramid scheme that you should keep off at all costs. In their website, they state that they are utilizing the latest algorithms in the industry that help them mine as many Litecoin as they can.

Unfortunately, the platform does not have a tangible financial narrative to prove they are offering any mining services.

The company has a section that shows their recent payout in their system. The information is to create transparency and entice investors to deposit their funds in the shady platform.

The suspicious platform claims to be a registered entity under company number 009951039. Their office address is 20-22 E Wenlock Road, England, London, N1 7GU.

However, LTCMiner is operating illegally. For any investment company to work in the UK they need to have a license from FCA.

Sadly, the platform is not in the financial watchdog cluster. This should tell you the type of entity they are; LTC Miners can exit the market at any time of their will without the law tracing them.


Is ltcminer Scam

Primarily, Xycinews Media contents is to give an overview of platforms and what they entails to help you decide if proceeding with them or Investing only what you can afford to lose.

  • Do you think ltcminer is scam?
  • How you being defrauded?

With a lot of platforms on our desk to review for the general public, we might not be able to keep track of ltcminer on a regular. Please help us by dropping a comment and this will help other potential investors from falling prey or proceeding to invest..


In Summary – Is ltcminer Legit or Scam

Anyways, team Xycinews can’t pronounce ltcminer scam or legit but we will give you all the important information at our disposal to help you decide best because it involves you and your funds and we ain’t ah third party.

Don’t conclude from what you’ve read alone, make research additionally to make your firm. Always look out for the following before considering any online platform, expecially when your funds is involved.

  • Check if the site has a “contact us” web page
  • Avoid online Platforms that promises huge ROI.
  • Check if the site shows info about its company (name, address, country).
  • Check if the site has an “about us” or “company” web page.
  • Check if the site has a valid VAT or Partita IVA number (EU only).
  • Check if the platform is registered and certified to increase trust value.
  • Don’t be tricked by offers looking too good to be real, if it looks too good to be true, it could be a bait.
  • Check if the site has an active social presence (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)



This ltcminer Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming ltcminer nor is it targeted to promoting them. 

This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective because we strongly believe every brand needs a good background check.

Therefore, you are at liberty to accept or reject this article and act base on your own perspective of the platform. You are encouraged to share your own opinion or views about the platform with us via the comments box below so as to further improve this ltcminer reviews.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any queries whatsoever. 


@The Blogger Scientist🕴️



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Naabiae Nenu-B is a Medical Health Student and an SEO Specialist dedicated to flushing the web off fake news and scam scandals. He aims at being "Africa's Best Leak and Review Blogger" and that's the unwavering stand of Xycinews Media.

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I tried several RSS feed generators and the one that worked best, aside from being the simplest, was It’s great how useful the tool can be for somebody that doesn’t know how to code.

kirll from st6

Kiril Gantchev



I’ve long wanted an app that generates RSS feeds from social media sites, and while there are other options that do it (IFTTT, Zapier, etc.), this is the first one that is dead simple, and works out of the box.

Isaac Halvorson iOS developer

Isaac Halvorson

iOS Developerhisaac

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The fundamentals of paid search marketing



With the bulk of business activities happening online, it is paramount that brands and businesses jump onto the online space for marketing. Paid search marketing is one such online marketing strategy.

It is also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Every PPC agency in London is using its creativity to come up with profound campaigns for brands. Before getting into the fundamentals that encapsulate the advent of a PPC campaign, one should first understand the basics.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a marketing model wherein brands pay a fee each time their ad gets clicked by users and visitors. This advertising happens on search engines such as Google and Bing. It can also occur on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Often confused and used interchangeably with SEM or Search Engine Marketing, PPC is a part of SEM. SEM caters to the ease of searching a business or brand website on a search engine; it can either be paid or unpaid. PPC, on the other hand, is paid-only advertising. Additionally, SEM uses search engines. PPC includes video advertising through Youtube and photographic or visual advertising through Instagram.

When it comes to search marketing, social media platforms are a vital component. The reason is that users do search for brands and promotional content on these platforms. Hence, the gambit of search marketing works on the premise that any online platform used for searching for information, tool or brand invariably becomes a search engine of sorts. Speaking of fundamentals, the first thing to address is terminologies.

Important Terminologies

Impressions – This is when your ads are displayed. The phenomenon does not indicate that the users have seen your ad, let alone clicked on it. An impression will still count if the ad appears on the search engine, even if visitors scroll past the ad.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) – The metric determines the percentage of impressions clicked upon by users. In simple words, CTR is where the ad is clicked.

Average position – This is the place within the search engine where the brand ad appears. Position #1 is the highest.

Conversion rate – The parameter indicates the percentage of users who initiated further action – making a purchase – after clicking on the ad.

Factors that determine ad placement on search networks


Bidding is an essential component for brands looking to get their ads featured on search, including social networks. It can be either manual and automated. The latter is becoming more popular in light of advanced algorithms and advent such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). However, the former is ideal when historical data is unavailable. Bidding can happen at the ad group level or keyword level.

Bidding does not end once the campaign is created and launched. Advertisers and brands have an additional option using a ‘Bid Modifier’. The bid modifier allows businesses to bid up or down based on device, location, time of day and type of audience. When it comes to automated bidding, Google AdWords renders several bidding strategies such as target search page location, Target CPA, Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (ECPC) and Target Return On Ad Spend.

Ad Thresholds

The ad threshold includes ad quality, ad position, user signals and attributes, topic and others. Ad quality and ad position are correlated and determined through Search Targeting. It allows brands to reach the users at the right time and the right place; this would be when users actively search for information.

The aspects of user signals and attributes, and topics are concerned with audiences. There are different audience types for search marketing, such as Remarketing, In-market and Life Events. In-market audiences are pre-defined ‘user groups’. They identify through the product or service category filter such as Apparel and Accessories and Beauty Product and Services. Life Event audiences include users undergoing life-changing events such as further education, job change, marriage and others. Remarketing audiences are recurring users who have earlier come into contact with the business.

When it comes to user signals and attributes and topic and intent, display targeting takes precedence through the two main branches – content and audience. Content or contextual targeting focuses on the page or site content.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are crucial for optimizing the paid advertising strategies. They can be either manual or automated. They are an invaluable tool and help augment a competitive edge, improve performance or boost the Click-Through Rate. There are several types of ad extension that businesses can use.

SiteLinks – They direct people to specific pages on the site or account. Sitelinks are typically at the campaign or account level. Brands can use Sitelinks to their LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Structured Snippets – These are generally campaign-specific, wherein companies get to advertise features. For example, structured snippet extensions allow hotel chains to highlight aspects, including fitness clubs and free Wi-Fi. These are ideal for tangibles and features.

Pro Tip: A minimum of three snippets are required for this extension to garner sufficient impact. More so, ensure the snippets closely align with the header.

Location Extensions – These help users find your brick-and-mortar establishment. The extensions reveal the address, contact details and a map marker. They are ideal when users are looking for physical premises such as a retail store. 

And finally …

With the bulk of activities happening online, paid search marketing is inevitable. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is where brands pay a fee each time their ad gets clicked by users. PPC is often confused when SEM or Search Engine Marketing. While SEM only caters to search engines, PPC extends to social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. More so, SEM can be both paid or unpaid. Important terminologies that one must be aware of are the Click Through Rate or CTR, impressions, average position and conversion rate. Several fundamentals govern the advent of paid search advertising, including bidding, ad thresholds, ad extensions and others.

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Life is too short to be wearing boring clothes, don’t you agree? So why are you cuffing your curves? You have every reason to flaunt them because you’re a big girl with big dreams. And, nothing makes a woman more attractive than the belief that she actually is. And that’s all that matters!

Unfortunately, plus-size women have an uneasy relationship with their bodies. They hate looking in the mirror, hide their body under baggy and dire clothing, and worst of all, have low self-esteem. But, little do they know that dressing according to their shape and accentuating their assets is enough to add several layers of confidence, beauty, and happiness. From comfortable tops and bottoms to flattering dresses, you can easily find clothing in varied styles and sizes.

Yes, being able to dress chic is an art not everyone can master. However, luckily, plus-size women have plenty of styles to embrace their curves with – so chin up – this post is just for you!

Here, we’ve rounded up a few ways on how you can slay every plus-size dress you slide into. And while these tips are ordinary and small, they’re handy enough to revolutionize the way you dress daily.

So, are you ready to become the plus-sized Goddess? Let’s dive.

  1. Say no to baggy/loose clothes.

It’s so common to see a plus-size woman wandering in a “tent” of a garment that has no fit, is sloppy, and certainly big. Many women reckon that they’re better off wearing loose attire. In reality, they are driving more attention to their body – and not in a good way. So how can investing in the best plus size shapewear help you reclaim your confidence and dressing sense? It all boils down to support your busty assets with shapewear essentials that lend ample support and structuring.

Structuring your curves with supportive shapewear will help you flaunt sleeker styles, such as bodycon outfits. Plus-sized goddesses often steer clear of bodycon, but with the shapewear investments, bodycon will soon become your best friend!

Other ways to find the perfect plus-size outfits is to:

  • Always know your body measurements
  • Stick to knee length or right above hemlines

The clothes you choose don’t have to be tight but need to create flow over your curves. So the lesson here is to embrace your curves with more flattering clothing. Capiche?

  • Don’t underestimate your garments.

Above all things, believe in cute underwear that can make all the difference in showing off your outfit righteously. It’s all about getting the right amount of support and freedom.

Undergarments are so imperative for curvy women. Never dare to skimp on them. So, prefer to invest in premium quality, supportive bra that will do your breasts justice. Also, a smoother bra will make any dress/outfit look fuller and better. If you choose well-fitting underwear and bras, your clothes will sit better, and you will feel much more confident and comfortable in your skin.

  • Wear leggings, but for support and shape.

No doubt, all women and girls love wearing leggings because of their ease and comfort. Moreover, they provide you the freedom to rock them with almost anything. Though they are more useful during the fall season, plus-size women wear styles offering support and shape to their curves. That said, leggings aren’t just a miraculous fix for providing a more streamlined figure but also make you look classy and slim.

  • Say YES to lingerie

Yes, say it. You will adore yourself in it. Just because you’re plus-sized doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear satin and lace. Foxiness is available in all figures and sizes, so slide into bed with pretty lingerie, not a tee-shirt.

  • Accessorize!

Adding accessories should be the last step to completing all your outfits and looking fabulous. Whether it’s something as decadent as lashings of necklaces or as simple as a belt, accessories have the power to change your look from okay to hot-damn!

Therefore, it’s essential to keep a drawer full of accessories and remember to wear them now and then. Stylish bags, sunglasses, jewelry, hats, and shoes are essential items to own and wear as a jaw-dropping finishing touch.

  • Follow all the trends.

Let’s break the stereotypical thought of following trends as “too risky” for plus-size women, shall we?

Don’t stick to the basics. If you discover anything that floats your boat, go for it. The trick is to adopt a trend in a way that complements your shape. Want to give color-blocking a try? Wearing multi-colored pieces can appear slim if the darker shades and vertical panels are positioned on the areas you want to downplay. Or, dying to wear a crop top? Go for one that’s cut longer and match it with a high-waisted pencil skirt.

Women often say, “Oh, I can’t pull that off!” but we say, how will you know if you’ve never tried? There’s a chance you might have already dismissed something that could’ve been your BFF. So stop hesitating and be daring with your lovely curves!


You see, beauty comes in all sizes, and you, you are allowed to feel beautiful, sexy, and confident in the body that you came with. Just remember, it’s your life! Live it to the fullest by following these plus-size tips, as these will help you feel stylish and vibrant, and you will surely start loving your curves.

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  • bitcoinBitcoin (BTC) $ 40,186.00
  • ethereumEthereum (ETH) $ 2,524.74
  • tetherTether (USDT) $ 1.00
  • binance-coinBinance Coin (BNB) $ 363.87
  • cardanoCardano (ADA) $ 1.56
  • dogecoinDogecoin (DOGE) $ 0.318896
  • xrpXRP (XRP) $ 0.867788
  • polkadotPolkadot (DOT) $ 24.12
  • usd-coinUSD Coin (USDC) $ 1.00
  • uniswapUniswap (UNI) $ 23.00
  • bitcoin-cashBitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 623.26
  • litecoinLitecoin (LTC) $ 174.61
  • solanaSolana (SOL) $ 39.51
  • chainlinkChainlink (LINK) $ 24.37
  • matic-networkPolygon (MATIC) $ 1.59
  • binance-usdBinance USD (BUSD) $ 1.00
  • theta-tokenTheta Network (THETA) $ 9.03
  • internet-computerInternet Computer (ICP) $ 58.34
  • stellarStellar (XLM) $ 0.338929
  • wrapped-bitcoinWrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) $ 40,148.00
  • ethereum-classicEthereum Classic (ETC) $ 57.88
  • vechainVeChain (VET) $ 0.112845
  • filecoinFilecoin (FIL) $ 71.59
  • tronTRON (TRX) $ 0.072143
  • moneroMonero (XMR) $ 286.83
  • daiDai (DAI) $ 1.00
  • eosEOS (EOS) $ 5.15
  • amp-tokenAmp (AMP) $ 0.094624
  • shiba-inuShiba Inu (SHIB) $ 0.000009
  • cdaicDAI (CDAI) $ 0.021577
  • aaveAave (AAVE) $ 311.69
  • okbOKB (OKB) $ 14.31
  • neoNEO (NEO) $ 50.20
  • kusamaKusama (KSM) $ 386.35
  • algorandAlgorand (ALGO) $ 1.05
  • compound-usd-coincUSDC (CUSDC) $ 0.022129
  • bitcoin-svBitcoin SV (BSV) $ 167.53
  • iotaIOTA (MIOTA) $ 1.12
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  • Coin (CRO) $ 0.122794
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