See Why London Tops World’s Destination List for International Students

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According to the latest study by, a global marketplace for student accommodation, London is ranked the most popular destination for international students.

The top 10 most popular destinations around the globe are London, Sydney, Melbourne, Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, Los Angeles and Birmingham.

By country, the most popular cities for students are Sydney, in Australia; Montreal in Canada; Paris in France; Berlin in Germany; Milan in Italy; Barcelona in Spain; London in the UK; Los Angeles in the USA.

The global ranking of study destinations for international students is based on enquiries for student accommodation made via the portal.

“Reassuringly, our data indicates that there is still significant interest in the UK as a destination for international students – particularly from Asia and Europe. However, this is not an excuse to become complacent,” commented Luke Nolan, founder and CEO,

“With global competition for international students increasing year after year, the UK should do everything it can to support the internationalisation objectives of its universities and maintain its attractiveness as a study destination.”

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