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Lisa Yaro is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, actress and producer. She is known for roles such as Dr. Nakira Meadows in Chosen Kin Origins, Asha in Christmas and Sheila in I Left My Girlfriend for Regina Jones. 

As a producer, Yaro has scored producing credits for Chosen Kin Origins, The Woods, Strive Daily and Comedy Blitz. 

She has also written songs for famous artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Will.I.Am, Mya, Cher, Latoya Luckett, Leah McFall and Rawyals.


Lisa Yaro Biography

Melissa Dogon Yaro, professionally known as Lisa Yaro is a Nigerian-American singer, actress and Grammy nominated song writer born on 8th February, 1985.

She is the youngest child of late Nigerian Olympic sprinter, Musa Dogon Yaro. Her mother is a broadcaster. She has three older brothers.

She was born in Nigeria and moved to the United States in 1992 at the age of 7. She speaks Hausa and English.  She is from Kaduna State.


How Old Is Lisa Yaro

Lisa Yaro was born in the year 1985, on the 8th of February in Nigeria. However, she moved to Los Angeles at a very young age and grew up there.

Talking about Lisa Yaro Biography, her physique, she is around 5 feet and 8 inches tall and weighs around 64 Kg, according to her IMDB biography page.


Lisa Yaro Music Career

Her work on Mya’s “Smoove Jones” album was nominated for a Grammy: Best R&B album of 2016 at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

People who have watched her movies know that she has great potential and has also been nominated for an American Grammy Award. She is best known for her works in Underdog, Seven Pounds, and Dinner at my place.

In 2017, she earned a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Album for working on the album titled Smoove Jones by Mya. 


Lisa Yaro Son

Lisa Yaro Wikipedia

Yaro is a partner of iSparked studios and has various producing credits most recently including Chosen Kin Origins (Season 1 and 2), The Woods, The Erie, Strive Daily, Comedy Blitz and The Last Clan. 

She also has co-executive produced various films with Inferno productions including London Mitchell’s Christmas, I Left My Girlfriend for Regina Jones, and Pierre Jackson. 

Her acting credits including “Dr. Nakira Meadows” in Chosen Kin Season 2, 2018, “Asha” in London Mitchell’s Christmas 2018, Shelia in “I Left My Girlfriend for Regina Jones” 2018, “Something Like a Business”, “Hell Date” (Cast Member), “Played by Fame” (cast member). 

Yaro is involved in various projects that are projected to be released in 2018 and 2019.


Full Name

Melissa Dogon Yaro


Lisa Yaro Real Age

Lisa Yaro was born on February 8, 1985. Lisa is 35 years old at the moment but looks really young in real life.


Lisa Yaro Contact

Conclusively on Lisa Yaro Biography, She is quite active on Instagram though, with about 188k followers.


Lisa Yaro Biko Mp3 Download

Her latest single “Biko” is in the works with production help by award winning producer DJ Coublon with an accompanying video directed by Patrick Elis. 

“Biko” is set to be released worldwide on October 23rd through EMPIRE Distribution. “Biko” is lush, atmospheric and lively. With hypnotic syncopated percussion, smooth chords, sensual keys, and sweet passionate harmonic vocals ‘Biko’ is the perfect combination of Lisa Yaro’s vast range of eclectic and appealing influences. 

Memorable and moving she crafts a single that will get you grooving and remain stuck in your mind immediately after listening.

Lisa Yaro Net Worth

We can’t ascertain at the moment.