Lifestyle Marketing Group Review – Review owned by Jaa Lifestyle Founder or Lifestyle Marketing Group as it’s called is a passive income program. From my personal investigations it’s also owned by Jaa Lifestyle founder.

However, I don’t think it’s scam but i don’t recommend it because of the reasons listed below.

About Lifestyle Marketing Group

Lifestyle Marketing Group aka LMG is a US-based MLM company that claims can help you build a residual and passive income by building a network marketing team. is not a BBB accredited company. But that doesn’t mean the company isn’t legal.

Lifestyle Marketing Group Review

They claim with their program can enable you to acquire property, a new car, a boat, motorbikes plus many extraordinary economic benefits.

LMG is a disruptive paradigm shifting company how they can meet their dreams easily by using their proprietary system.

They started from the fact that it’s difficult most people to qualify for financing of larger purchases such as automobiles, houses, boats, etc, by claiming with their proprietary system they can help them be homeowners or live the luxury lifestyle they want.

According to what I can read on their website it seems this program is the key to financial freedom everyone in 2020 needs to be in.

I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to trust their words without findings, no man paints himself black.

How To Earn on Lifestyle Marketing Group

Making money with LMG depends on your marketing capacity and your communication skills.

Plus if you can afford the cost and are good for recruiting people that will pay for the starter package ($150 yearly fee + $50 per month), then you can make money with LMG.

Lifestyle Marketing Group Founder

The Founder is Shain Hymon.

On Facebook Shain Hymon (right) goes by “Hymon Shain”. He cites himself as a “Field Supervisor/Customer Service & Sales at A-Line Messenger Service”.

The last The Perfect Solution marketing video uploaded to Hymon’s channel was on February 15th, 2017.

In addition to running Lifestyle Marketing Group, recently Hymon has been promoting something called Jaa Lifestyle.

Upon visiting Jaa Lifestyle’s website, this is the first thing you see;

(Register for FREE today and make up $1,000 per year, AND, Get FREE Future Shares in the company. NO WORK NEEDED!)


JAA Lifestyle Review – Scam or Legit – Registration and Login

Lifestyle Marketing Group Registration

Lifestyle Marketing Group affiliate membership costs $75 and then $50 a month.

An optional Starter Package is mentioned in some of Lifestyle Marketing Group’s marketing material.

Starter Packages cover one month of a $50 subscription and provide access to various marketing tools. Review – Login

Before you have access to Lifestyle Marketing Group login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

To login Lifestyle Marketing Group only the below is needed

  • User name
  • Password

Is Lifestyle Marketing Group Scam or Legit

Anyways, team Xycinews can’t pronounce Lifestyle Marketing Group scam or legit because we wrote Lifestyle Marketing Group Review Article.

We work with researched field report, verified evidence or users comments, so this is a potential prediction from all the information gathered.


Is Lifestyle Marketing Group Legit?

Is Lifestyle Marketing Group Scam?


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Okay, Let’s Proceed.

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Is Lifestyle Marketing Group Scam

I don’t think the Lifestyle Marketing Group is a scam. As they offer retail products and service, that makes them a legit MLM company that comply with the law.

But I don’t recommend this program as an earning program for some reasons I highlighted above.

Is Lifestyle Marketing Group legit

Jaa Lifestyle has the magazines. So LMG just dropped the magazines and replaced that with ADVERTISING.

Other than that they are exactly the same. Subscription payments keep the advertising going for the paid members.

Not like people would keep paying multiple times monthly for the same magazines.

I can’t imagine this “OWNER” coming up with content for a magazine that would be worth anything people would pay for that would be anything more that something he copied.

Probably nothing more than an email and some pictures.

Plus anyone can say they blew money on advertising if it worked or not.

Pretty much like Onpassive with their A.I. that promotes for everyone – yet no one has any proof it works

This owner / CEO Just sounds like he figured out how to get people to send him money while he promises to deliver people expensive lifestyle items long as they recruit enough members to pay for it….. (A Users Expressed).


This Lifestyle Marketing Group Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Lifestyle Marketing Group nor is it targeted to promoting them. This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and a honest guide from our perspective which other Platforms might not publish timely.

There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income after joining and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual.

Additionally, you can’t hold the administrator responsible even when it fails because it’s an online earning scheme.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any complients whatsoever.

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