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Wikifx Review : Wikifx Scam or Legit



With lot of cash spent on Google Ads, Wikifx has pushed it brand before millions of users who are now potential clients and collaborators.

Anyways, lot of sad, good and unpredictable news about Wikifx spreads on the internet. This article reveals if Wikifx is scam or legit, Wikifx review, Wikifx ratings and much more.


What is Wikifx ?

WikiFX is a foreign exchange enterprise inquiry platform that helps user conveniently carry out some activities like compliance, regulation and license search, risk exposure, credibility evaluation, verification and supervision, complaint and safeguard, credit report download and related brokers search.

Wikifx Review

Obviously, to many, this review section might be a convincing reason to affirm Wikifx as legit, or even scam. But we strictly advice users not to conclude without having an indepth wikifx overview and going through 1st hand users ratings.

With a saddening crash on Wikifx broker system and huge cash loss, Wikifx team initiated the plan EPC.

WikiFX plan EPC means Eye Protection Centre Program aiming to compensate for investors’ loss.

The EPC team consisted of experts of the forex circle, many of which are former employees of brokers who have accumulated rich experience and expertise during decades of forex trading.

Wikifx review showed they have made major moves to meet other brokers across the globe.


Is Wikifx Scam

Decorating Wikifx as scam who mean more than how it sounds. A scam program is one which defrauds users or fraudulent extort.

Currently, no record to our desk so we can’t proclaim Wikifx is scam.


Is Wikifx legit

This is another complicated one in a way. When documenting this article, we stumbled upon a site crediting the safety of Wikifx.

Still on that platform, a few users complained about Wikifx not legit and how unsafe it is.

Unfortunately, team Xycinews can’t tell if Wikifx is legit as well.


Wikifx Ratings

Drop your opinion in the comment box below.

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