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Selemi Mubalaj


It was about noon, then I saw a lad with barebody, likewise the feet. He was gazing on a Pawpaw tree.

Maybe he could be among the street boys gallivanting for heaven knows why, so were my thoughts. To feed my rising thoughts, I threw the regular question ” hey! What are you doing?”

Staring at me, was all he could do. I drew a bit closer, c’mon are you ok? I asked again.

Now I felt the fear that was covering him and rendering him dumb instantly. He muttered in a faint voice and my ears could only fathom the cry of a helpless being, “brother abeg, make I take one abeg”.

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At this point I lost my sense of humour, I could barely say a word as I was able to boost of the sky coloured paper (In Nigeria parlance).

I wanted to help with all I had but,will I trek back to my destination? Should I just ignore? You wouldn’t be so wicked, my faint heart whispered in dismay.

It was roughly a 45mins stay with him. I really wish I could unlock my doors of riches and lavish love on him, at least, cover his tiny bones with some flesh, get off the rags he was adorned in mockery. Lord! Help me do this, I could only pray.

The boy in his calmness as he has seen me acted reiterated, “brother please Na, I never eat since. My mother no cook anything”. This struck my heart and I felt the cold traveling from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet. I shifted my vibrating lips and asked but why?
I couldn’t have imagined anything other than the worst tho.

Sadly enough, the narrated story presented to me by my some minutes old friend gave me a topnotch on my emotions.

I knew a lot under this, I, myself I’m not a victor to this virus called poverty for I see the syndrome. My ineptitude to helping others clearly marked out the difference.

Maybe I’m getting relieved or in a less lower case. Most assuredly, there are most presentable nobles who have got the vaccine to delineate this but they’ll greedily hoard it from us and bury it in their chambers for their families.

Indeed! Human race must survive from the virus and least, we shall sail no more in societal class. Govt for one, gov’t for all.

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A Poem –

Worst designing its aesthetic on the poor

As they gradually walk closer to death even in their dearth

Oh! A painful tragedy

Should the pity be directed to piety?

Should the fewness be counted in scarcity?

Oh! what a doom in the community of the poor?

That so unfortunately, their hope turns pale

Fate has alliedly desecrated the obscured hope

Rendering the arms of the dictators potent

With the burden they bear

The pain they all share

All aggrieved in fear and deep sorrows

The pains of feeling among but isolated

The fear of being dejected and worst rejected

They all groom their hearts to bear in emptiness of their spirits

With one ultimate question”God when?” just for a hopeful answer

Surely, none can explain to their best of experience

Those in anticipation crave for emancipation

Being freed from total independence

Surely, hope will arise in resolution

And the deadly virus will lose its existence

Just but a day! the endemic virus will cease its existence

Emotional Poems about Broken Heart, Life Struggles, Love and Pain


Naabiae Nenu-B is a Medical Health Student and an SEO Specialist dedicated to flushing the web off fake news and scam scandals. He aims at being "Africa's Best Leak and Review Blogger" and that's the unwavering stand of Xycinews Media.

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Poems and Tales





Men of distress
Women of stress
It’s made yearly
Keeps occurring monthly
Always reccuring daily
There’s no fund
They can’t find
Nothing to bind
No one to push on
Their dimples turns pimples
Blood speedily rushes
Flood of pains overtook
Weeping and leaping took to recover
No pad to cover
Guys says “Girls are weak”
This keeps pursuing every week
We try our best from the rest to control
This is the cross she has to carry
She needs aid not AIDS
Cynthia Maduekwe (#CyanahPEN)

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Poems and Tales




Cynthia Maduekwe (#CyanahPEN)

Bustling couldn’t pay
Hustling all day
Nothing to offer
Left everything to suffer

To everyone he can buffer
Indeed life paths got roses and sores
On the way he meets thorns
Humbly he awaits positive horns

A clothless fellow struggles hard for shelter
He runs helter-skelter for a good name
Positively he made it through fame
He kept searching and researching all the same

An angry man made hungry for progress
There’s pen but no penny for gains
Facing all the pains
A bard who doesn’t have the card and pads to process

Success shouldn’t be undermine
It’s a name under mine
From nothing to something
He never bothered to join the link of doing anything

It possess bad clicks
It shows rough cliques
Everything got tough
Hopes weren’t rope tied

Faith makes fate
As God will plan
Destiny not god made a stand
A survival from revival

He succeeds because he proceeds
All thanks to Late Akinsheye Peter Ayade and Dr. Frank Ayade
He’s in this world to say this word
From nothing to something was never a today agenda neither was it a two days agenda

It keeps occuring and reoccurring to those who are ready to defeat this war

P.S- Greatness begins with serving..A great man is made not just born…Success always comes with process for progress.

Cynthia Maduekwe (#CyanahPEN)

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Poems and Tales





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