Jumblebox UK Review – How I Made Free 5$ Worth Of Bitcoin Daily For Life / $300 Monthly

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I will advise you scroll down to the end and read my verdict. Jumblebox is scam.

Bitcoin is the way forward, everyone knows that. This article is a case study and I have being making 1$ worth of bitcoin everyday and you can make 5$ to 10$ depending. In this article, I will show you everything you have to do as well and info about Jumblebox UK Review.

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What is Jumblebox UK About

On all blogs, Google displays adverts and you just enrich the site owners. Jumblebox is a platform that pays you for viewing just 2 ads daily.

You can earn on JumbleBox by watching short adverts daily. Instagram is one of their publishing partner and you get to watch adverts from many of the world’s largest brands.

Your daily earnings are paid out every day by 12 pm (London Time) to your Bitcoin Wallet. I personally can help you on how to open a Bitcoin Wallet, just click the WhatsApp link below.

This means you need to have a bitcoin address to use JumbleBox.

Jumblebox Referral Program

Jumblebox referral is one of the best referral program I must say because for every 10 people who reads the site info, 8 signs up.

Joining Jumblebox is awesome and having referral is more awesome because you can earn as huge as $4+$1= $5 worth of bitcoin daily. And that is the least plan meaning you can earn more.

Use the link below below and have a bounty once you sign up.

⏩ Jumblebox Sign-up Link For Bounty⏪

If your having issues, I can also guide you through. Just Tap the below link and message me on WhatsApp.

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You earn $1 for every referral you make. You get an account upgrade and earn $4 daily for a long 3 months or 90 days when you make up to 25 referrals to JumbleBox.

Additionally, you also stand a chance to become a JumbleBox agent when you make up to 25 referrals (JumbleBox agents earn $300 monthly besides their daily earning).

Honestly, you do not have to make referrals to JumbleBox to earn. Our referral program is just a marketing tool to grow faster as a bonus offer.

Do you want to register, that is an awesome decision as your a step close to earning $300 monthly or $1 daily from Jumblebox UK.

Below is the requirements :
*Phone Number
*Strong password

With the above your ready for Jumblebox registration. Next, just click the below link to directly go to the site.

⏭️Jumblebox Sign-up Link For Bounty⏮️

Jumblebox Review

This Jumblebox review is divided into two categories. The user and business subset. They both come with specific benefits.

JumbleBox for Users Review

JumbleBox shows you advertisements you want to watch and pays you for them.

JumbleBox advertisements are not annoying because they are extremely short (just 5-10 seconds) and tailored to your preferences.

JumbleBox for Businesses Review

The cosh of putting up adverts on JumbleBox range from $200 – $100,000. That is why you’re sure of $1 worth of bitcoin daily.

JumbleBox makes sure your advertisements have high impact and saves you money. The era of customers being blind to your advertisements are gone.

In 134 out of 150 businesses we tested the product on, JumbleBox provided brand benefit increase of up to 46% and saved up to 28% in net advertisement costs.

Jumblebox Subscription Package

Advancing, still on earning from Jumblebox ads, there are various subscription fees for various plans.

Each subscription lasts for the lifetime of the account. This means that if you make a subscription, you don’t have to renew it ever again.

All you have to do is watch adverts and earn money. There are seven plans on JumbleBox and here are the subscription fees and daily earnings currently available on JumbleBox:

$10 Subscription -> $1 daily earning
$20 Subscription -> $2 daily earning
$50 Subscription -> $5 daily earning
$100 Subscription -> $10 daily earning
$200 Subscription -> $20 daily earning
$500 Subscription -> $50 daily earning
$1,000 Subscription -> $100 daily earning

Note: You can upgrade to a higher subscription plan by paying the subscription fee for the higher plan.

Is Jumblebox Uk Legit or Scam

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Jumblebox Contact

Below is their contact information

Jumblebox Hotlines

US: +1-279-222-0040,
Europe: +44-772-741-5380,

Support Tickets



75 Keppochhill Drive, Glasgow, G21 1HX, UK
983 Drummond Street, Newark, New Jersey, USA,

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Is Jumblebox Scam? YES – 7 Reasons Jumblebox Is Scam

On Xycinews, I try my best to be 100% honest and unbiased. This article is UPDATED.

To prove this, I was not just a blogger who projected Jumblebox for being legit, for the first time I recommended a site.

This article entails 7 new discoveries I made with a remote African Reviewer in Nigeria “Adewale” and a UK friend “Name Withdrawn”.

  • Jumblebox Support isn’t working : I stand to be corrected.

    I cannot recall the number of fustracted individuals whom have Dm’ed me on WhatsApp because of many reasons….Sadly, 7 Persons have complained losing their $100 

  • Jumblebox is a re-branded scam site that once crashed under the name “A*******y”. Name withdraw for some reasons.

    And as a result, I strongly believe it will still crash when they are done ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL.

  • Jumblebox forged it 300,000 plus members. Bloggers understand what it means for a blog to be around 4 million position on Alexa.

    That means this blog even has more traffic than it, such a BIG SCAM.

  • A Long span duration of 5years domain was bought from name cheap about $70.

    $70 is too cheap and users are loosing $100 and getting locked out of their account.

    The 5 years is to trick smart minds. It will never last long

  • Never ever forget your password because recovery is almost impossible
    Otherwise you lose all your cash.
  • The goodnews is you can make your investment back in 10 days, so you can risk starting with $10