Monivids, Joindem and Do090 Review – Legit or Scam? A Verified way to make Money Online

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What is and and is a verified platform where anyone can make money from watching Videos on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, or any other social media platform. Joindem and Monivids also pays you for streaming music on online on platforms like Apple Music, Itunes, Youtube Music, Spotify, etc. 

Basically, you could call Monivids a Stream Farm, plus the fact that You also get paid for liking, sharing or commenting on any Social Media Post or Content. In conclusion, is all about making money while having fun. It is one of a kind.

Is and Legit or Scam?

From where I stand right now, it is working, people are making money and withdrawing. And I think you have nothing to fear, because every single day, people buy likes, views, comments, shares, reviews and more, and this is what and are selling. Therefore, there will always be task, and there will always be money coming and out of and So, I think is Legit.

Is Referral Optional on and

Yes, it is totally Optional. Referring someone to join is not a must, but if you are good at it, you can make additional $2.00 per person you refer, after all is making money from being and Affiliate Marketer. But Referring is not a must. You can Earn and Withdraw your earnings without referring anyone.

How can I grow my Social Media Account, get Music and App Downloads, Reviews, Traffic for Free on and

Yes, it is totally free to grow your Socials or Submit any other Task or Advert on and, but money is needed. Let me explain. When you join and, you can Deposit funds, or start Earning from other peoples tasks, and then you use your deposited funds or earnings to submit your own task. If you are using your deposited funds, you are pay, and it’s worth it, but if your are using your earnings, it is free and free for life, isn’t it? 

Any which ways, it is worth it, because the Traffic or Turnups you are getting and are 100% real human engagements and not robots. And there Verification makes it 100% secured, no drop or bounce back rates. 

How much do I get Paid or Earn on and

Unlike other task and earn platform out there, you earnings on and is not fixed. These task are submitted by users liked you, who are in need of likes, views, streams, downloads, reviews, subscribers, group members, etc. 

They set there bid themselves, and then and shows the content to you starting from the highest bidder. For example, if the fixed price per Youtube Subscriber is $0.05, the Person submitting the task can not make it lesser, but can decide to set his/her own bid to $10.00 per subscriber, therefore, it will rank first, and you doing that task will earn $10.00 for doing it.

How much can I make per day on and

There are no task limit on and You can make over $1000 per day, as people submit the Youtube Videos for free views and subscribers, Whatsapp Status for Free views, Telegram Channel for Free Subscribers, Instagram and Twitter for Free Followers, Spotify and Apple for Free Streams, Music, App and Services for Downloads and Reviews, and more. If you can think it, you can get it on and

How much and when can I withdraw on and

You can withdraw as minimum as $5.00, and you can withdraw anytime. Don’t be scared, you can make $5.00 or higher from just one task or Subscribing to a Youtube Channel. and is a very fast way to make money online. Infact, you can choose to use your own earnings to submit your own task for free.

How can I join and

To join, simply visit this link and and signup to get started. It is 100% free to join. Make your first $1000 this week for free and thank me later. If you have any problems, they have a 24/7 Live Chat on the website. Just ask them anything and they will guide you through.

How does and verification works?

To prevent fraudulent doing of Task, and ask for V-Text, which for example, if the task is to like a Facebook Post, your V-Text will be your Facebook Profile Link. This V-Text will be saved, and from time to time, there system will run auto checks if you didn’t do or undone the Task. 

If you failed the law, you balance will be zeroed “0”, and your earnings lost. So to be on a safe side, make sure you do the task, and copy the right V-Text for it. The have a Video step by step guide on how to get your V-Text on each social media accounts. 

If you have further questions, contact their Live Chat. I believe this Verification process is employed to keep their Community safe, and protect their Buyers (those who paid for Task or Adverts) Interest.

What is

Do 090 is an Affiliate Platform of and Do090 teaches you how to get Started on and, and how it works. They will take you through the Intro Class on how to get started for free, explaining what and is all about. And further more, they will take you into the Advance class and teach you all listed below..

  • How to make $100 – $500 per day Watching Videos with Your Phone or PC.
  • How to grow your Social Media Accounts from 0-10k Followers, Subscribers, Members, Viewers or Streams, using Zero Capital.
  • The DOs & DON’Ts, the Rules of this Legit Paying Platform to Avoid Account Sanctions.
  • A-Z of Affiliate Marketing and the System Qualification process and techniques (Affiliate Marketing, Refer and Earn is Optional. You can Earn and withdraw from Watching Videos online only).
  • A complete breakdown of What this Affiliate System is all about and how it works.
  • The exact cheat Formula I use to get this Affiliate System to pay me $100 – $500 per Day, from Sign-ups.
  • How to generate quality traffic to your offer, to guarantee Sign-ups, using Your Social Media.
  • How to set-up Facebook & Google Ads to generate quality traffic to your offer, to guarantee Sign-ups, using Zero Capital.
  • How to get unlimited free Music Streams/Downloads, Video Views, Likes and Shares, and more using this Free for Life Tool.
  • How to earn $100 per hour running Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, Google Ads as an Affiliate Marketer with $0 startup Capital.
  • How to process your commission payout and get your dollars in your bank account in less than 1 hour!
  • Live Question & Answer Session.
  • Free Membership, Mentorship & Assistance from Me for Life.

To join the Class, for more Inquiries or to chat with your Mentor, Live chat, visit Do090 Official Website.