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The site JAA Lifestyle Isn’t new at all, but there is something hidden and mysterious about it to me.

Therefore, I had to take my time and find out more and publish this article about JAA Lifestyle
You will find satisfying response to entries like :

  • Is JAA Lifestyle scam or legit
  • What is JAA Lifestyle about
  • JAA Lifestyle Review
  • How to earn from JAA Lifestyle
  • JAA Lifestyle Registration – Login
  • Disclaimer Issue

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What is JAA Lifestyle About

JAA Lifestyles Is a platform where people from all over the world unite to be part of a large group with a massive negotiating power when it comes to give you beneficial deals worldwide.

On top of this, they have created a way for everyone to change their lives financially without having to invest large amounts of money. To change people’s lives, should be possible without affecting their daily budget!

Apart from our JAA Lifestyle Review, the JAA Lifestyle scam or legit section has more.

JAA Lifestyle Review

JAA Lifestyle claim its global community members to share their mission of financial freedom by dynamically engaging through JAA Lifestyle’s cooperative affiliate business model.

This model cultivates sustainable passive streams and opportunities to build generational wealth for its community members.
They above information isn’t clear to me because it doesn’t portray what I saw on their site.

How to Earn on JAA Lifestyle

Among the many info hidden, how to earn is one of them. JAA LIFESTYLE is a company that shows its members how easy it can be to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams, but I didn’t see that.

Our JAA Lifestyle Review disagree with them that it’s a concept for anyone tired of living a hard life and struggle to make the ends meet.

The site is fill with plenty talk instead of action.

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JAA Lifestyle Registration

JAA Lifestyle Registration page is publicly open or visible as they desire. Once you have your money and the below info you are set

  • Email
  • User name
  • Password
  • Phone number
  • Ref

JAA Lifestyle Login

Before you have access to JAA Lifestyle login, you must register. To login JAA Lifestyle only the below is needed

  • User name
  • Password

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Is JAA Lifestyle Scam or Legit

Anyways, team Xycinews can’t pronounce JAA Lifestyle scam or legit because we wrote an article about JAA Lifestyle Review. We work with concrete evidence. So this is a potential prediction.

Is JAA Lifestyle Scam

On JAA Lifestyle platform was a crazy deal that said :
Register for FREE today and make up $1,000 per year, AND, Get FREE Future Shares in the company. NO WORK NEEDED!
For EVERYONE YOU register for FREE!! You can make up to $1,000 per year per person!

This is too good to be real and I advise you avoid them.

Is JAA Lifestyle legit

JAA Lifestyle is not legit from my view. What that means is we don’t know if they will still keep functioning tomorrow and you throw shades at us for saying its legit.

90% online earning sites always deliberately crash when investors least expected it.
Think over it and decide wisely.


This Article About JAA Lifestyle Review isn’t aimed at defaming JAA Lifestyle nor is it targeted to promoting them. This article is strictly for educational purpose and a honest guide other review sites might not publish.

There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of after joining and you accept the risk that the earnings and statements differ by individual.

Additionally, you can’t hold the administrator responsible even when it fails because it’s an online earning scheme.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any complients whatsoever.





Naabiae Nenu-B is a Medical Health Student and an SEO Specialist dedicated to flushing the web off fake news and scam scandals. He aims at being "Africa's Best Leak and Review Blogger" and that's the unwavering stand of Xycinews Media.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Shareefa Manzoor

    August 26, 2020 at 3:53 am

    My personal experience is this company is legit.. first of all this company not get money in customers.. totally zero investment.. our company will get a work for advertisrment and monthly life time bonus and other works after doing KYC.. kyc collected on emerger law association team on sharjah its real kyc firm for international kyc firm. Our site is integrated to their site payment gateway and collected documents verification started.. $20 is lawyer fee only. My experience is my friend took kyc verified but failed.. they get refund on $20 within 7 days. Because kyc is stricted and your document is strictly secured.. this is step by step updates soon.. dont worry about company.. if you want real decent money please register get kyc please welcome our world

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MyCOM Review: Failed ecom platform turns to crypto fraud



Owing to MyCOM intentionally omitting details of their MLM opportunity in their marketing, this isn’t a typical BehindMLM review.

Hiding information is a common occurrence across the various facets of parent company Tesora Financial’s operations, which made putting together this review a headache.

On that basis alone I’d recommend avoiding MyCOM and Tesora Financial. MLM companies only go to these lengths to hide information when they’re up to no good.

If you want to know what exactly MyCOM and Tesora Financial are up to, read on.

MyCOM is headed up by founder and CEO Jaime Villagomez.

Villagomez is also founder and CEO of Tesora Financial Group (dba Tesora International) and all its attached shell companies.

Villagomez runs MyCOM and Tesora Financial Group from Utah in the US.

MyCOM launched in 2017 as an ecommerce platform MLM company.

Four years later, here’s how that’s going:

MyCOM’s marketplace is a failure on every measurable metric. Thus it’s not surprising Tesora Financial and Villagomez have jumped on the crypto bandwagon.

Before we get into that though I want to go over what MyCOM is pitched as.

Essentially you’re looking at the usual closed ecommerce portal with cashback. As opposed to actual cashback, affiliates, customers and businesses are paid in COMS – which Villagomez stresses “isn’t a cryptocurrency”.

That’s disingenuous though, because at some point there does appear to have been a crypto component to COM points:

That distinction aside, COMS might as well be an in house MyCOM cryptocurrency.

Retail customers receive COMS when they purchase products on MyCOM’s empty marketplace. They can’t cash them out.

Retail merchants are paid in COMS, which they can cash out.

Whether MyCOM affiliates can cash out COMS isn’t specified, which likely means they can (hush hush).

Oh and for some reason COMS can be directly invested into, which makes no sense other than as a money spinner for MyCOM.

On the MLM side of things whether commissions are paid on MyCOM investment isn’t specified.

What we do know is MyCOM charges merchants fees, which funds the cashback (referred to as “shareback” because reasons).

Of this collected cashback fee from the merchant, MyCOM keeps 30% and pays

  • 30% to the purchaser
  • 1% to 4% to the referring MyCOM affiliate (based on how much they’re paying in fees)
  • 4% to the MyCOM Pro Advisor assigned to the store
  • 15% to “regional managers”
  • 20% through a ten-level deep unilevel team

MyCOM intentionally hides this unilevel compensation structure. You won’t find it anywhere on the internet or in their marketing videos.

The reason I’ve seen cited for the deception is because MyCOM doesn’t want to be seen as an MLM company. They feel this will better position them to attract merchants (see screenshot above, that’s going swell).

Shady business practices aside, MyCOM’s Marketplace failed because it’s an outdated model.

MyCOM charges customers for access based on a three-tier pricing model:

  • Basic – no cost
  • Plus – $60 annually
  • VIP – $120 annually

The more you pay the more COM points you can earn.

Oh and as a potential customer, you have to be referred by an existing MyCOM affiliate.

That’s going up against the multitude of free apps and browser cashback/voucher extensions – all of which provide vastly superior coverage of available merchants.

No fees, no restrictive ecosystem to buy into, and some of them actually offer cashback.

That’s what MyCOM’s Marketplace business model is competing against. So it’s no wonder the concept failed.

This is the Achilles’ heel of every MLM ecommerce cashback platform. Fees have the be charged somewhere or there’s no commissions to pay out.

With respect to affiliate fees, MyCOM charges:

  • Business Consultant – $360 annually
  • Professional Rep – $600 annually
  • MyPoint Pro – $900 annually

Again, how much you spend directly impacts earning potential.

MyCOM’s business fees are:

  • Free – no cost, capped at $500 Shareback
  • Plus – $100 annually, capped at $50,000 Shareback
  • VIP – $300 annually, capped at $150,000 Shareback

Same story.

MyPoint membership is $900 annually or $75 a month. It appears to be a purely “upgrade your income potential” membership fee.

Whether commissions are paid out on the above membership fees is not disclosed. I’d assume so, otherwise what else is MyCOM doing with those fees?

Anyway now that we’ve established what MyCOM is and why it failed, let’s move onto the next phase of Tesora Financial: crypto shitcoins.

There are a ton of shell companies within Tesora Financial, only a few of which have been elaborated on.

The primary companies we’re going to reference are Bitcoin Trust, Tesora Trust, Tesora Custody and Tesora Exchange.

Tesora Financial’s primary shitcoin is Bitcoin Trust.

Based on the company’s roadmap, Bitcoin Trust (BCT) is an ERC-20 shitcoin.

ERC-20 shitcoins can be set up in five minutes or so on the ethereum blockchain, at little to no cost.

MyCOM affiliates invest directly into BCT through their backoffice.

As per the above example from Jaime Villagomez’s backoffice, Tesora Financial sells BCT to affiliates for 0.9994 USDT each.

The primary reason for BCT investment, as per Tesora Financial’s own marketing, is the implication that affiliate investors will eventually be able to withdraw more than they invested.

Due to aforementioned secrecy, I wasn’t able to ascertain whether commissions are paid on BCT investment.

Once invested in, BCT is parked with the company. In exchange for doing this, Tesora Financial rewards affiliate investors with more BTC. Internal value goes up, and thus affiliates cash out more than they invested.

In other words BCT is your typical MLM crypto passive investment scheme.

Built into this a shitcoin factory (why stop at one shitcoin), purportedly attached to themed smart-contracts.

One of these shit tokens is “mobility token”:

In a mobility token promo video uploaded in August 2020, My ECOM pitches “you can drive you dream car, for free”.

The idea is affiliates invest in mobility tokens, get more mobility tokens as a return, cash out other people’s money and that money is used to pay off the car loan.

The mobility token scheme has a place on Tesora Financial’s website under “AutoMobility”.

There you find a link to another website, “”.

As far as I can tell, Auto Mobility is an independent Italian business that predated MyCOM.

Naturally there’s nothing about a mobility token on Auto Mobility’s website.

The only reference I found was one post on Auto Mobility’s official Facebook page, dated August 2020.

Seems kind of odd Auto Mobility isn’t advertising free cars all over its website.

Other themed shit tokens Tesora Financial pushes is a business startup (power start) and real estate (power house). Same nonsense, invest in tokens, park tokens, get more tokens, cash out – free everything.

Tesora Trust is a secret passive investment opportunity. It has a place on myCOM’s website but the company is intentionally opaque about specifics:

“Holding assets” sounds like another avenue to park tokens, get more tokens and cash out through.

The linked website domain, “”, naturally doesn’t work.

Tesora Custody is a passive bitcoin investment opportunity, accessible through myCOM.

Deposit your bitcoin into Tesora Custody and earn more coins!

There is no sense in holding your bitcoins without trading, place them on deposit, and make them work for you!

Sounds like your typical crypto trading Ponzi scheme ruse.

Finally we have “Mining Farm by Tesora Group”, another passive investment opportunity.

Mining Farm by Tesora Group allows through Tesora tokens [sic] for community members to participate without having to manage the technology.

This is the only reference to a “tesora token” I came across.

By offering multiple passive investment opportunities through their MLM opportunity or otherwise, Tesora Financial Group and Jaime Villagomez have created and are promoting multiple securities offerings.

With all of this going down in the US, this means myCOM and Tesora Financial Group need to register their securities offerings with the SEC.

Neither MyCOM, Tesora Financial Group, any of the known shell companies or Jamie Villagomez are registered with the SEC.

And now you know why this is all kept secret and quietly marketed behind closed doors.

To recap;

  • myCOM is a failed ecommerce platform MLM company that hides the fact its an MLM company;
  • parent company Tesora Financial Group has jumped on the crypto bandwagon, launching several passive investment schemes;
  • neither myCOM or Tesora Financial Group are registered with the SEC, meaning the company is committing securities fraud and operating illegally.

You know the drill. This won’t end well.

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In addition to will try to provide their observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email

NOTE: is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data. has no responsibility for your investments.
Do your investment with more observation and investigation.

Is Scam or Not?

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In addition to will try to provide their observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email

NOTE: is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data. has no responsibility for your investments.
Do your investment with more observation and investigation.

Is Scam or Not?

Read articles you may want:

everything a beginner needs to know

how to start investing in bitcoins

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