The Philanthropist who solved the Worlds Loan Issue – Ivan Steve Patrovich

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Giving out relentlessly is a highly admirable quality and during the course of our Financial Asset Publication Review, we stumbled upon a profile changing the world’s financial challenge.

Meet Ivan Steve Patrovich, the brain behind the world largest International Non-Interest Loans Organization. This organization is Bizlona, a platform with multi functionality and services especially giving out loans without any collateral.


Who is Ivan Steve Patrovich?

Ivan Steve Patrovich is a philanthropist with experience in Business Startup Development, Financial Planning, Actuary, Credit Analysis and Risk Management.

In a bid to help low income earners, the unemployed American Communities and handle financial limitations, Ivan Patrovish founded what will grow to become a fast rising finance community without zero indebtedness.

Primarily, the Ivan Patrovish project was targeted at giving users interest free loans to users in the United States primarily. However, his benevolence extended to Australia as from third parties who kept informing their friends and family.

Subsequently, people from the UK also got to learn about it and embraced the opportunity before them. Far reached, individuals in European Communities and Indian also got to have a share in this golden opportunity.

August 2020 was a big one for the African Community as Bizlona launched in Nigeria. Ivan Patrovish project needed professionals to supersede the project in generating good yields and employed Experts to to carry out various obligations such as the Forex Market Trading, Cryptocurrency Trading, Tourism and Real Estates.


What is Bizlona International About?

Bizlona International is a financial services providing company from California, USA. They sought to provide interest free loans to low income earners and other interested individuals in any given society.

Gladly, when you get a loan you’re obviously not paying back with any interest attached, no guarantor or collateral is required. However, you’re required to be a member which is achieved through registration and then build a team to service the loan you’re accessing through network services.

Their services are trusted by over hundreds of active clients, the largest endorsement in Australia public and private sectors; and this has inspired them to remain the leader in the world’s micro-lending space. They lead the unsecured micro and macro -lending space in the world and are positioned to be the dominant market leader in the world.