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Is It A Scam Or Legit? Australian Government’s COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Events Report by Craig Kelly – data Genuine?



Have you recently got this text message? – “Australian Government’s COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Events Report. click link Authorised by Craig Kelly.” This text message has become the hit topic on social media lately.

Australia MP Craig Krelly has sent an unsolicited text with a link to “” (redirects to which shows a report listing the adverse reaction of the COVID-19 vaccine. Due to this text, he has been slammed and getting furious responses from other MP who have accused him of promoting vaccine hesitancy amid growing number of COVID-19 cases.

Reality of Australian Governments COVID19 Vaccines Adverse Events Report Uaptga info by Craig Kelly text message nbsp| DeReviews

We can say “Australian Government’s COVID-19 Vaccines Adverse Events Report by Craig Kelly” text message is not genuine due to the following reasons:-

You must have known that Mr Kelly has already resigned from the Liberal Party earlier this year and the reason for that was due to the dispute with Prime Minister about unproven coronavirus cures. After that, he announced of joining Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.

The link in the new text directs people to the United Australia Party website.

The website has listed adverse reactions to the vaccines claiming to be from a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) but there is no any link provided to the official TGA website. On top of that, TGA has already issued a warning about the information being misused.

TGA spokeswoman said “Reporting of an adverse event does not mean that the vaccine caused the event,” She further added “Information on the database cannot be used to evaluate whether a medicine or vaccine is safe.”

“The TGA is aware that false claims are circulating based on misinterpretation of adverse event information published on the (database) and in similar databases made available by regulators in other countries”. “We encourage people to rely on credible information sources when making decisions about vaccination.”

Labor MP Andrew Giles has tweeted – “Just received another dangerous text message from serial pest Clive Palmer and his accomplice Craig Kelly. They must stop damaging our public health response, and Mr Morrison and Mr Joyce must finally take responsibility for the support they’re getting from George Christensen”

NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman has also tweeted – “It’s every Australian politician’s public duty to promote COVID19 vaccination, so we can save lives, prevent serious illness + end lockdowns.”

Lots of social media users have also slammed this message.



In current situation, our first focus should be to control the pandemic for which vaccine plays vital role. Vaccine has been made on the basis of several researches from different countries. Lots of scientists, experts, and health workers are doing so many researches to fight with COVID-19. So, we should only follow those scientific research database.

Hence, considering all the facts and current pandemic the whole world is suffering through, we shall not consider the latest text of Australia MP Craig Krelly as a genuine or legit statement.

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