Tips for Hiring iOS Developers: Everything You Need to Know

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Nearly all mobile operating system markets are dominated by iOS and android platforms, with Android holding an 86 percent market share.

You’ll need to hire iOS developers who are proficient in Objective-C or Swift and at ease using XCode or another integrated development environment if you want to create an iOS application. In this post, we also highlight important details you should consider before hiring iOS developers.


Job Description for iOS Developers

The extent of iOS developers’ duties is sometimes unknown to customers. Indeed, an iOS developer’s duties go beyond just writing code. They are engaged in every phase of producing an app, from planning and designing (creating wireframes for screens and the user experience) through testing and publishing the finished product to the App Store.

In other words, an iOS developer transforms the specifications of your mobile application into a useful and user-friendly final result.


The levels of iOS developers

A developer’s capacity for adaptation is typically influenced by their work history. A mobile development company has developers who can handle more complicated and diverse technical issues because of the more sophisticated and diverse technology problems they have worked on.

Programmers’ skill levels are divided into three groups in the information technology industry: junior, medium, and senior.

Junior level developer- Junior developers collaborate with more skilled developers and often require many years to advance to the same level as more senior developers, such as C-level managers and business leaders.

Medium level developer– Developers advance from beginner to medium or mid-level iOS developers after getting experience working on a variety of challenging projects. Regarding project work, they have greater freedom here.

Senior level developer– A skilled iOS developer is someone who has published several apps and worked with a significant amount of code. Such developers are often in charge of testing, API integration, security, and coding and design of an application.

You are now prepared to decide whether your project calls for an iOS software developer. Your budget is crucial in this situation because pay at various levels may range greatly. The project’s intricacy is also crucial since a novice developer would find it difficult to oversee a sizable undertaking.

ios developer

Requisite skills for an iOS developer

An iOS developer’s technical skills are very project-specific. However, the whole range of skills expected of an iOS developer should be as follows:

  • Swift or Objective-C proficiency
  • Working knowledge of the Xcode IDE
  • Expertise in the Cocoa Touch and UIKit APIs
  • Knowledge of restful APIs
  • Working knowledge of UI and UX design standards
  • Familiarity with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
  • Familiarity with Metal or opengl
  • Expertise in code versioning tools like Git
  • Knowledge of the Core Data framework


Prior considerations before you hire iOS developers:

As a result, you’ve made the best employment decision possible given your circumstances. Now consider the below mentioned things before you hire iOS developers.

1. Wide-ranging experience

When it comes to software development services, extensive experience is even more important. The many software engineer competencies have previously been discussed. In order to recognise developers’ expertise in the technological sector, the following titles are frequently bestowed upon them:

  • Junior level: Below or up to 2 years
  • Middle level: 2 to 5 years
  • Senior level: Over 5 years

The number of years an iOS developer has spent writing code, however, is not a precise measure of their degree of experience. Instead of counting the number of years this person has worked as a developer, think about the number of projects. If not, you run the risk of employing a developer who has dedicated their whole career to maintaining a single programme.


2. Applied experience

Experience and expertise are two different ideas. The experience of the developer suggests that they have dealt with certain apps or worked on projects targeted at a particular industry (e.g., real estate). Prioritising should include both talent and experience.

By looking through their iOS developer portfolio or directly asking them, you may find out if a developer has the necessary experience. Visit the outsourcing company’s website and search for a case study or dedicated page if you’re thinking about outsourcing.


3. Portfolio

It is a further crucial issue to take into account. By looking at their portfolio, you may gauge a candidate’s or company’s level of knowledge and proficiency. By analysing the apps they’ve created, you may also gauge their general competency and attention to detail.


4. Communication

You must establish a reliable communication channel if your remote iOS developer or software development company is situated on a foreign continent or country. This problem is typically solved by scheduling and specialised technologies like Slack or Skype. However, we need to first talk about this subject.


Ending Note

Hire dedicated iOS developers from a top mobile application development company that can help you actualize your business’s objectives. An iOS development team may utilize programmes that best relate to your needs and functionalities. It is time to get what you want right now by looking for the best software development company!

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