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Intime Tax refund presents itself as an app where you invest by buying virtual goods with a designated amount of profit. It has a recruitment strategy similar to pyramid schemes. But we’re here to understand if it’s a legit app, a pyramid scheme, or is it’s something else. It has a website that you can only sign-up for access through a referral link.


Intime Tax Refund Review

Based on its about page on its dashboard, the company provides tax refund services to more than 1.5 million users from more than 30 countries. And has generated a profit of over 7 million USD.

There are other details about the company, but no details on what the program is all about. Checking on its UI, it is more of an invite, built your team to earn a commission or share. There is a section for purchasing the product, but I think there is just a minimal commission on it.

You can earn by Tax Refund, invitation, the higher your level, the bigger the product you purchase, the higher the earnings. You will have your own invite link, available in the dashboard. Please take note that you need to deposit high-value items in order to purchase them.


Intime Tax Refund Withdrawal

Please take note that you need to bind your social media page in order to withdraw your earnings. You can withdraw to the following account.

East West Banking Corporation, GrabPay, CitiState Savings Bank, Isla Bank, Union Bank Eon,, PayMaya, and more. So far, GCASH is not yet included in the payout list.


Intime Tax Refund Sign up

Yes, we tried to sign-up, and seems like there is no payment to join. Just fill up the form, with your mobile number, a password. You will get an OTP to complete the process. But in the dashboard you need to bind your social media account to get additional options such as withdrawing your earnings.


Intime Tax Refund Registration

You can sign-up for free. When you decide to increase your level of purchase and profit, here is what they mentioned on their VIP Levels (verbatim):

  • VIP 1- Make a 200 peso refundable security deposit to become VIP1 member; 2. Tax refund cyde is 12hrs; 3. 3-3.2% tax refund profit daily. For example: An item cost 600PHP, and you will get 600*3*1=18PHP wthin 12hrs.
  • VIP 2 – 1. Make a 1500 peso refundable security deposit to become VIP2 member; 2. Tax refund cyde is 48hrs; 3. 3.5-3.8% tax refund profit daily. For example: An item cost 6500PHP, and you will get 6500*3.5*2=455PHP wthin 48hrs.
  • VIP 3 – Make a 6000 peso refundable security deposit to become VIP3 member; 2. Tax refund cyde is 72hrs; 3. 4.0-4.2% tax refund profit daily. For example: An item cost 36000PHP, and you will get 36000*4.0*3=4320PHP wthin 72hrs.
  • VIP 4 – 1. Make a 15000 peso refundable security deposit to become VIP4 member; 2. Tax refund cyde is 120hrs; 3. 4.5-4.8% tax refund profit daily. For example: An item cost 98000PHP, and you will get 98000*4.5*5=22050PHP wthin 120hrs.
  • VIP 5 – 1. Make a 38000 peso refundable security deposit to become VIP5 member; 2. Tax refund cyde is 168hrs; 3. 5.0-5.2% tax refund profit daily. For example: An item cost 238000PHP, and you will get 238000*5.0*7=83300PHP wthin 168hrs.


Intime Tax Refund Login

Before you have access to Intime Tax Refund login page, it’s obvious you must registered successfully.

To login Intime Tax Refund only the below is needed

  • User name
  • Password


Is Intime Tax Refund Legit

According to those previous members, if you purchase the product, the company will sell it offline, then you will get a commission. There is no selling on your part they say. The company will do all the hardwork of selling. Well, we don’t know if there is really a buy and sell that is going on behind it. So far, SEC did not issue an advisory against the company (as of this writing).

The concept of inTime Tax Refund is pretty similar to Rebate Mall, also with product purchases, VIP center and invitation links for your team and level.

In fact seems like they have a certification from SEC, the inTime Import and Export Corporation.

But the certificate state that, it does not authorize investment, or solicitation. Anyways, we are not really sure on the status of inTime Tax Refund yet. Whether it’s an investment or just a simple affiliate/shopping site.


Is Intime Tax Refund Scam

When it comes to business registration, most states and countries have websites where you may verify their registration. A business’s registration cannot be verified without conducting your own research because most public records are available, and most nations will almost certainly have websites where you may look up information on their registration.

But on the about page of their website, they mention that they are affiliated with Intime Retail Group, a department store chain in China. Plus they even attached an illegible Chinese certificate. Not sure if it’s a business certificate or what because it’s too small to read and Google Translate can’t even recognize the characters for translation. However, below are some red flags.

  • SEC Registration is only applicable for buying and selling; secondary license is needed.
  • Website mentions affiliation to Intime Retail Group; Google Play App mentions Alibaba.
  • You can only register by referral
  • You don’t really get any of the virtual products.
  • No Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Page. Risks your personal data and no accountability if it decides to run with your money.
  • Not really related to tax.
  • Lots of typos and pixelated images.
  • No verifiable security of funds



In Summary – Is Intime Tax Refund Legit or Scam

Investment possibilities that provide incentives for recruitment might be an affiliate opportunity, an MLM, or a pyramid scheme. Let’s take a look at the three and what a Ponzi scheme is, and I’ll tell you what I think Intime Tax Refund is later in this post.

An affiliate marketing opportunity allows you to profit from the effort you put in by offering rewards to people who have referred others to buy the brand’s goods or services as a direct consequence of your efforts. An MLM, on the other hand, is a type of marketing scheme where you also refer individuals to purchase items or services but become their upline, then they and those they refer are your downline.

With a MLM, you make commissions by selling a product or service directly to the consumer and sales and recruiting efforts of the people you recruit.In an affiliate marketing business, you are free to work with any brand you choose, whereas in an MLM, you must endorse only the company’s product and must aggressively promote it and recruit others to obtain advantages. Although some MLM goods and services may be of excellent quality, they aren’t for everyone.


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