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Intelligence Prime Capital Review

Intelligence Prime Capital Ltd is an international Fintech company into innovative technology that provides financial services to hundreds and thousands of users around the world.

Primarily, they specialize in research and development into the future of Fintech such as quantitative trading, leveraged AI/BOT trading systems, cloud storage systems and enterprise-management software.

Intelligence Prime Capital as a Forex broker offers 3 major services which includes Personal Trading, Copy Trading and AIA system trading and they have 3 AI Bots 

  • The Smart Bot.
  • The Brilliant Bot.
  • The Genius Bot.


Intelligence Prime Capital Services

Moving on to the 3 services they render as mentioned earlier which are Personal Trading, Copy Trading and AIA system trading. Personal Trading is self explanatory, it’s when you trade yourself, to trade yourself you need good experience as the Forex market is very volatile.

Copy Trading is when your portfolio is synchronization with a well experienced trader, in this case, whichever trade such trade decide to take would be automatically placed on your account too, the lot size might differ as equity differs. this forms of trading isn’t that risky but it’s good to know it’s nit risk-free either.

AIA System Trading is the major form of trading practiced by Intelligence Prime Capital with their Forex robot which they claimed has an outstanding performance of 98% ROI during their months of beta testing. The AIA System is available in 3 packages which are displayed in the screenshot below




Iprime Capital Bot Pricing


  • Bot cost: $19.9
  • MT4 Trading Capital: $100
  • Therefore total minimum deposit for SB Bot is $119.9
  • It trades profitably to make monthly 15% of your daily funds.



  • Bot cost: $39.9
  • MT4 Trading Capital: $100 to $1000
  • Therefore total minimum deposit for BB Bot is $139.9
  • It trades profitably to make monthly 30% of your daily funds.



  • Bot cost: $99.9
  • MT4 Trading Capital: $100 to No Limit
  • Therefore total minimum deposit for GB Bot is $199.9
  • It trades profitably to make monthly 45% of your daily funds.


Intelligence Prime Capital Registration

  • Fill in your details, enter OTP verification code sent to your email and get your account verified.
  • After registration and following with KYC procedures, you’ll receive an email 📨 with your MT4 account ID, investor and master passwords to login
  • Download MT4 app from Playstore or Appstore.
  • Link your IPC account to your MT4.
  • Fund your IPC account.
  • Activate the bot.
  • Transfer your trading capital to MT4.
  • AI Bot start trading on your MT4 in Forex for your daily profits.
  • Crypto deposit accepted [USDT/BTC]
  • Withdrawals via USDT


Is Intelligence Prime Capital Legit 

Generally, a lot of users always dream of trading in Forex, Gold, CFD, Oil and other commodities using the MT4 app. But we draw back due to lack of experience and also we don’t have enough time even if we are expert.

With Intelligence prime Capital, now your worries are over. IPC AI BOT are here to offer the trading on your MT4 with a profit up to 45% every month with other incentives.

It has a beautiful rewarding system, the bot system will not only trade foreign currency pair but also trades gold CFD, commodities CFD, Oil CFD and also cryptocurrency! But it will be depends on the bot for which pair to trade because it will analyse the market and choose the best pair to trade. 

The bot have 16 built-in fundamental analysis system, that’s the reason why the bot can perform very well in every coverage and providing you with an accuracy data of 97%.




Is Intelligence Prime Capital Scam

The financial products offered via this channel include digitals, contracts for difference (CFDs), and other complex derivatives and financial products. 

As a result, the products offered on this channel may not be suitable for all investors because of the risk of losing all of your invested capital. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose, and never risk taking a loan hoping.




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