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Instagram’s new practice mode will help you avoid live video goof ups



If you’ve attended an Instagram live video session, you know that the first couple of minutes are dedicated to the host and guests syncing up. Sometimes it all goes smoothly, but the other times it’s just messy.

To avoid live video startup mistakes, Instagram is adding a new feature called ‘practice mode.’ It’ll let you and your guests join the live video before it’s broadcasted to your followers.

This will help you set up the video and check the sound, light, and stability of connections so it looks like a professional production when it goes live. The firm said the practice mode feature will be rolling out soon.

Instagram's practice mode will let you set up for live video
Instagram’s practice mode will let you set up for live video

Apart from this, Instagram is also launching a scheduling feature for live video creators so that they can notify their audience in advance. The company will let you schedule a session 90 days before the event, and notify your viewers when you create it.

The scheduling feature will start rolling out to all creators starting today.

Instagram is a bit late to the party when it comes to scheduling live videos. Facebook and YouTube have offered this feature for many years now. TikTok rolled it out last year with its new set of creator tools.

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