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Instagram now lets you add Messenger contacts to groups



Facebook began merging Messenger and Instagram DMs last year. The company said today that more than 70% of Instagram users have opted into this experience.

The company also launched the ability to create cross-app groups on both apps today. This means you can create a group on Instagram DMs with your Messenger contacts, and vice versa. There will also be group typing indicators to show you who’s tying the next message. This makes it easier to include some folks who might not be using one of the platforms.

Group Typing Indicator in Instagram DM
Group Typing Indicator in Instagram DM

Facebook is also introducing polls in Instagram DM, so you can decide on the next restaurant you can visit or the next movie you’re going to watch.

For personalization, the company is introducing J Balvin theme on Instagram and Astrology Art Suite on Messenger, which includes stickers and AR effects. This adds to the already existing Cottegecore theme launched earlier this year.

Cottagecore + J Balvin Chat Theme
Cottagecore + J Balvin Chat Theme

These features are Facebook’s way of making messaging experiences across Messenger and Instagram similar. You can read our interview with Loredana Crisan, VP of Messaging Experience at Facebook, about the company’s vision on messaging

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