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Your about reading a pitiable tale, get your emotions in tact, get your tears wiper nearby, hold your phone firmly, and please share this article too.


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With stomach protruded, palm hard like nut, a 13 years teen stretch her palm pleading, “Uncle abeg gimme 1 sugar, I won eat”. Only the devil could smile at a half blind girl, begging breakfast for dinner ……..


Welcome to ZKwako

With the COVID-19 Pandemic threat hitting African most metropolitan city, an indefinite ruled got passed for everyone to observe a self lock down and quarantining.

Undeniably sending millions behind doors and home bars, this is a story of a poor African community struggling for survival.

ZKwako a poor city boast of its dorminanc in poverty and daily death toil. A greater epidemic then Corona Virus rules – HUNGER.  

Die Surviving

On the coast of Lagos mainland bridge, a poor community built on stilts dwels. Far from land, poverty has pushed the families to the Lagoon mid unit.

Survival has being for the fittest, Fear from drowning grips the poor neighborhood and empty pots rattling in the air dominates the poor settlers music industry, the broadest smile showed no teeth – no joy was ZKwako nick name.

Dying while surviving inscribed on the only bill board reminded Walking dead survivors their fate.


Beyound The Boarders

Across the power lines lies a thousand poor wooden homes floating on water, zooming in, this is the story of ZKwako, a poor community with one leader – HUNGER.

After a Governmental order for stilts demolition, over 3000 persons roomed homeless. Poverty level heightened, death from hunger made survival game of thrones. Drinking the dirty salty water felt nourishing.


Shut Down

Pitiful, empty rattling empty pots made no magical meals of them, paddling my canoe, I got struck with a lot of heart stabbing realities.

With stomach protruded, palm hard like canel, a 13 years teen stretch her palm pleading, “Uncle abeg gimme 1 sugar, I won eat”, only the devil could smile at a half blind begging girl.

In a bid to help, stone throw was a kid groaning in pains, running to inquire, he has neither taste water nor food for for 48 hrs. Thinking of myself, I have only chewed 2 handful of Garri with the sour tasting river water.

Eyes up, they cloud turned dark, once happy family moaning in agony, a deadlier virus has struck.

From Sun To Rain – Helping A Kid On His Feet Back Home With Emotions


A Deadlier Virus

Stirring my canoe further north ward, 7 kids frowned at me –”what’s wrong, I shouldn’t follow that road I ask?”… “Head shaking no response was ultered”.

Assumably, the elder kid face fell with tears, seconded by 6 kids silently before me. I felt like they were mourning my future death if I took that water routh.

Reversing to return west ward, one said -”Bloda dash us food”, amused I ask, “where mummy dey” ?

Standing at the door was an elderly lady with torn cloth, “we don drink Garri tire” she responded.

Blames on poor sensitization, a widow who already lost her husband to suicide after depression and 2 kids to hunger needs no blame at such point.



Returning to my well ragged corner beneath the bridge, I watched hundreds of homeless persons return to varying corners. Face pale, I was among the millions sleeping with an empty stomach.

Government and the elite knew not millions were sleeping alife and waking up as corpse.

Lying hungry beneath the noisy flyover bridge, I recall the the story of a depressed Father who died leaving poor kids without a mum.

This was a greater epidemic, o poor ZKwako I screamed on my entire asset of rags.


A Song To ZKwako

Sleeping hunger was normal, but waking up hungrier was painful.

Lying down sluggishly with hope to die soon became an anthem.

The salty river with hundreds of dead childhood friends became our only water source – What a science of recycling.

Forced vegetarians we became, the grass a new herb or death a new bed. Beneath the bridge and parks an awesome self contain for hundreds.

Born poor was firm, should I dye poor in my birth place too? – ooo ZKwako.

Unavoidably, we are forced in a pagentry contesting for “Face of Poverty”.


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This tale and experience recorded is completely imaginative except for reference to poor indigenous coast tallying with a real time location at the onset.

If material relate to you or a third party, it’s 100% coincidence.

After reading large on increasing mortality rate because of HUNGER, this article is to create awareness to the world what some persons face daily.

Naabiae Nenu-B is a Medical Health Student and an SEO Specialist dedicated to flushing the web off fake news and scam scandals. He aims at being "Africa's Best Leak and Review Blogger" and that's the unwavering stand of Xycinews Media.

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Solnovel Review – Read A Novel and Make $5 For Free



Solnovel review
Solnovel review

I have published some articles about apps that pay users for chatting, reading books, and having their money invested over time. I decided to publish this solnovel review with all the information other blogs have kept away from you.

What is Solnovel About

Solnovel is a platform that pays it users for publishing novels and also rewards them for reading novels on the site as well.

Depending on individual, solnovel is an app that can generate you up to $5 daily and it gives instant $2 for signing up. Keep on reading and I will entail more information.

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Solnovel Review

The book store Solnovel was launched lately making it so new. It’s a platform for users who love publishing novels and books because this platform rewards them.

There are lot of book publishing sites, but only a few reward user’s hard work, rather they monitize your contents. But with Solnovel, you don’t need to sell your book before you can make money from it, just apply to be a publisher and start earning for publishing your novels.

How To Earn on Solnovel

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous ways to earn from Solnovel apart from the sign up bonus and we will discuss each of them below.

Solnovel Sign-up

Signing up on the platform gives you an instant $2, that’s pretty much for a start I must say. Therefore, just beware that it won’t last long before dropping to maybe $0.bla bla bla.

But for now, hurry up and join and get your instant 200 bonus which is equivalent to $2. But do note that this bonus cannot be redeemed yet, until you reach their threshold of 500 POINTS which is equivalent to 5$ before you can redeem the bonus.

Inviting Friends to Solnovel App

Just as you receive reward for signing up, you also receive points for inviting new users. According to the platform, you will be rewarded with up to 1200 points for directly inviting new users and up to 800 points for indirectly inviting new users.

Read Novels on Solnovel

After signing up, there are some few novels available in the library, read this novels and earn some more points, after completing novel, the points will be automatically added to your current points in the profile tab, so the more you read the more you earn.

Publishing on Solnovel

If you are a writer or you think you can do well in writing novels, then I suggest you apply for this, the platform allows anybody to apply for a writer on the platform, and your contents will be published on the platform.

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Solnovel Registration

Signing up for this platform is quite easy, just follow the steps below to successfully sign up for the platform.

  • Visit the site
  • Once you visited the platform, you will be told “you have 2 dollars in your account” and also be told to redeem it, click on check it now to directly download the app.
  • After successful download, ensure that you your device is set to allow installation from unknown source
  • To do that goto settings>security>and ensure that unknown source is allowed.
  • Install the app and launch.
  • After launching the app, you will automatically be on the “Discover” tab, click on the “me” tab and select login/Register.
  • If you have your Google account connected to your device simply click on sign up with Google
  • After signing up, the 200 bonus will automatically reflect on your balance.

Solnovel Login

Before you have access to Solnovel login page, it’s obvious you must have registered successfully.

To login to Solnovel, only the below is needed

  • User name
  • Password

Solnovel Referral Bonus

To get your referral code to invite others, simply click on invite and copy your referral code to clipboard.

Solnovel Withdrawal

The minimum threshold you can reach on this platform before redeeming your points is $5,you can easily get to this amount by performing various tasks on the platform.

There is only one method of withdrawal from this platform, and that is through your PayPal account.

In Summary – Is Solnovel Legit or Scam

Gradually concluding this Solnovel Review – team Xycinews can’t pronounce Solnovel scam or legit because we wrote Solnovel Review Article.

We have outlined how it works and I see no reason why it should be considered a scam.

@The Blogger Scientist 🕴 💼


Sharing is Love 💕


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Poems and Tales

Mother or Murder – A Short Story



Just before the beginning of the 5th month since I missed my monthly flow, I had in mind to see a quack pharmacist along my street. I have planned to get it done earlier but my money was not up to what could even consult, left alone making things happen.

From Sun To Rain – Helping A Kid On His Feet Back Home With Emotions

Uche has abandoned me after I complained of my slight headache during morning hours, and how dizzy my eyes turn at mid day. Although, I did not clearly state it to him that I’ve missed my monthly flow. I never wanted him to feel bad since he was preparing to sit for his final examinations. I just don’t know, maybe he was clever enough to figure out that this is all it has turned to be. Poor boy, I don’t blame him though, I made myself into this mess. I wish I could turn the hands of the clock, start it all again or maybe play very smart on that very night. Who could tell, maybe not that night? I am here all alone.

After saving every penny and dime I gathered from menial jobs and gifts from friends, I realised an encouraging amount to meet this young man. People have gone through him and they gave their remarkable stories, some are happily married with children, none could have figured an atom of unprofessionalism or being unethical for his practices.

Last Dying Days With The Deadliest Pandemic – Hunger

He might be one with such God-giving gift or maybe he was so close to or might have worked with a professional medical expert who is a gynecologist. His knowledge in it is not common.
On a faithful Sunday, when my roomies have gone for a Sunday Service, I went to him, although he is an Adventist. He came to me, palpated my tommy, he smiled and looked into my eyes and called me MOTHER. Is he alright at all? Or does this young man knows his job or why I am here? I was pondering. He asked me if I’ve started feeling kicks from the baby, “which baby Oga?! I don’t know what you are talking oo, just remove this mess inside of me!” I slammed him in anger. He told me to come back the following day. I was likely to have test the following day but I had to set my priorities.

The following day came, I went to him towards evening. I got to his kiosk and we went down in an inner room. I felt the scissors through my opening as it measured my length under me. I felt the pains as if some sort of raw surgery was going under me. Seconds to minutes to hours passed, the pains were growing more severe that after he finished with me I couldn’t move my succulent butts or raise my curvy thighs. What pains have I pushed myself into? Oh God save me!, I cried. I stayed in his apartment till 11 p.m. when he was about to close. I managed through pains to get to my lodge.

Exposed – Top5 Viral Flu Contagious Movies Reflecting COVID-19 Pandemic

My friends never got to know about the murder I’ve committed, this was a trauma I couldn’t out of it. I took pills prescribed by the pharmacist, regularly sit on boiled water. All for what? I asked myself what was my fate. I hated seeing myself close to babies as I vividly visualize my messy act. I stayed for weeks missing lectures and tests. I was ok at last and went back to my normal business but the trauma was so severe for me to bare.

Four months and some weeks after the abortion, my very first and last abortion, I vowed not to engage myself in such act again. I felt very sick, and I called my parents and they came and took me to a clinic, where I was admitted for three days. After a thorough diagnosis by the doctor, it was announced to my parents that I underwent a surgery and some sort of objects are left behind in my womb and it has been clotted within. This could be removed through surgery alone. I felt like strangling myself and wiping my shameful face away from the earth’s surface. After much pressure, I opened up to my parents. The pains written all over their faces was what I couldn’t describe. I failed them, failed younger ones, the ones who looked up to me and built hope. I brought shame to motherhood and embraced mediocrity for life.

Few weeks later, I had a successful surgery, and the unlucky me was declared to be medically barren as my uterus(womb) became shattered.
Now my sky is no longer blue, my sun has refused to rise. It has finally dawn on me that I’m hopeless.
From being a MOTHER with pride, though it would have been sauced with a little taste of shame. Now I’m a MURDERER WITH NO HOPE OF BECOMING A MOTHER IN MY ENTIRE LIFETIME.

#the choice is yours; Be a murderer or a mother.
Short Story: Fiction.
© Selemi

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