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After noticing so many persons searching for a guide on how to check their matric number on the Uniport Aris portal, formally Ecampus. I have decided to do a walk-through article you will understand and appreciate.

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It is so funny the saying ‘what you don’t know is bigger than you’ seems true. Checking for your matriculation number is so simple and in 5 minutes, you can do it with your phone.

Obviously, some people have already paid huge in cafes and computer specialists to view theirs.

So, sharing this article would be highly appreciated. Sharing this article will also save others the cost and risk of exposing their portal account details to the wrong clients around the campus environment.

Use the table of contents to navigate to your desired sub-themes.

Quick Steps on Checking Matriculation Numbers on Uniport Website

Like I promised earlier, the steps are pretty simple and no risk involved. Use the images associated to understand the steps.

Let’s hit the nail now.

Visit School Site

This is the first and primary step. The school new student portal is

Use The Drop Down

How to check for Uniport matriculation number

The next step is using the drop down box. The drop down box is at the Top-Right of your mobile device.

Select Admission Report

How to check for Uniport matriculation number

Once you click the drop down box, a new listing appears. Your presented with six options to select one. The options includes –

Admission Acceptance

Admission Registration

Admission Eligibility Test

Fees Payment

Hostel Fees Payment

Admission Report

Select Admission Report

Login Your Account

Henceforth, to proceed from this stage, you need to log in. All you have to do is put in your Registration Number and Password.

How to check for Uniport matriculation number

Select Matriculation Oath

Once you log in, you provided with a lot of information about yourself. Please scroll down and select Matriculation Oath and the page footer section.

How to check for Uniport matriculation number


Matric Number and Oath.

Certainly, you can smile now.

On the space highlighted red below, your matriculation number would be written there.

How to check for Uniport matriculation number

If yours isn’t written, check back later. Once your is available, feel free to use a printer, or head to a cafe and print it out.

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The Uniport Students’ Anthem

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Unique, Unique, Unique Uniport

Unique, Unique, Unique Uniport