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How Online Games Achieve True Immortality



It could be argued that, by virtue of being an online creation, every online game ever created is immortal, but whereas some sink without a trace just days after their release, others manage to become blockbuster household names which spawn brands and franchises that take on a mind of their own.

So, how do such games manage to garner these incredible levels of success and rise head and shoulders above the competition? That is what we plan to find out as we delve into the world of online gaming to see how normal games go on to become seminal titles, impacting the industry for generations to come and having gamers dedicate years of their life to them.

Innovative handheld devices like the Nintendo Switch are helping to give classic games a new lease of life, as subsequent generations are able to enjoy them in the palm of their hand

Online Providers Give Some Games Special Status

One way that a particular game or even a selection of games can rise to the top of the pile is by being given favorable treatment through their respective providers. This can be done for a multitude of reasons, such as a provider wanting to push a new variety of game their developers have created or because the provider believes a certain game will appeal to a specific demographic or territory. Having been given All-Star status by their handlers, such games often go on to shine brighter than others, helped by the backing of marketing and PR teams whose job it is to put as many eyes on the game as possible.

New Mobile Devices Make Gaming Rebirths Possible

One of the keys to making any game a true great in the eyes of gamers is longevity, but there is no magic formula other than timeless gameplay that can achieve this for a game, so either a game has it or it does not.

However, even if a game is deemed a classic it can still sometimes slide from the consciousness of the modern gamer, who is always on the lookout for a fresh new game to try. This means that some great games need a helping hand and one way of doing this for them is to release a new handheld device which plays to their strengths. A great case in point is the Nintendo Switch, which did an incredible job of introducing a new wave of mobile gamers to classic games of the past such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Who knows which online games will get a boost from new handheld devices like Valve’s incredibly powerful Steam Deck?

Pokémon games always benefitted from the fact that they spawned incredibly popular card games and television shows, meaning players were more likely to stick with the brand for longer

Branching Out into Other Media Forms

Another sure-fire way for a game to transcend the industry is for it to spawn different media avenues and accompanying products. A great example of this is Pokémon, with the brand’s various games benefitting from accompanying card trading games and television anime shows keeping it in the spotlight. Then there are the online games that go on to feature in movies or even have entire movies based upon their fictional storylines and characters. Some that come to mind are Tomb Raider and Resident Evil.

Sequels That Improve on the Original

Generally speaking, sequels to things like movies and novels are usually big disappointments, and the same can often be said of games. But sometimes a developer goes above and beyond to create a title that not only remains true to its predecessor but improves on it, blowing the minds of gamers in the process.

Some online games that have been improved no end by their sequels include those offline classics that were brought online such as chess and backgammon, which now have different people from countries all over the world competing. Then there are games like Football Manager and Street Fighter, both of which benefitted enormously from their respective upgrades and thus were written into gaming folklore forever.

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