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Gong Hyo-Jin is a South Korean model and actress under Management ‘SOOP’. Gong Hyo-Jin is well-recognized for her notable performances in several South Korean films.

Table of Biography

Early Life

Gong Hyo-Jin was born in Sinwol-dong, Gangseo District, Seoul, South Korea, on April 4, 1980. Presently, she is 41 years old and her sun sign is Aries. She moved to Australia when she was a junior in high school with her mother and brother.

Gong attended John Paul College in Brisbane, before returning to Korea in 1997 owing to the IMF crisis, which affected most parts of East Asia. Then, she went to Sejong University, Seoul, to complete her education before making her debut as a model.

Gong Hyo-Jin

Caption: Gong Hyo-Jin clicking a picture with her mother on her birthday. Source: Instagram

Career and Professional life

Gong started her career as a model in 1998, working in various commercials for the telecom industry. She was not serious about acting when she first started. Moreover, ‘Happy to Death’ was one such advertisement in which she initially appeared. After a year, she starred in a horror flick named ‘Memento Mori.’

Although the film didn’t become a commercial hit, it was later considered a classic by most filmmakers. Moreover, Gong managed to grab the attention of many with her first performance. Therefore, she went on to receive a number of ‘Best Actress’ awards for the movie.

And, after the success of ‘Memento Mori,’ she decided to take her acting career seriously. Then, she went on to appear in the TV sitcom ‘My Funky Family’ in the year 2000. Likewise, in the year 2001, she continued to mesmerize her fans with her acting skills by appearing in television series, such as ‘Wonderful Days’ and ‘Teabag Without Hope.’

Likewise, she continued appearing in minor roles in films like ‘Last Present,’ ‘Volcano High,’ and ‘Guns & Talks.’ Then, she bagged an important role in the 2002 satirical ‘Emergency Act 19.’ Further, she also appeared in ‘A Bizarre Love Triangle.’

Thereafter, in the year 2002, she impressed many movie buffs by delivering a stunning performance in MBC’s ‘Ruler of Your Own World’. And, it received a cult status. Moreover, in the series, she played the role of Song Mi-rae and did complete justice to her role. Then, she appeared in another movie named ‘Conduct Zero’ and was again appreciated by critics as well as a general audience.


Gong appeared in MBC’s ‘Snowman’ in the year 2003, in which she started as a girl who falls in love with her brother-in-law. She also played a high school teacher who meets her high school sweetheart in KBS2’s ‘Sang-doo! Let’s Go to School.’ Moreover, her amazing performance in the series earned her a number of awards.

Gong also starred in a few music videos for artists, like Lee Soo-young and Yoon Gun. In the year 2004, she starred in a series named ‘5 Stars.’ And, in the following year, she appeared in a movie called ‘Heaven’s Soldiers.’ And, during this stage of her career, she was not satisfied with the kind of roles that she was being offered.

She portrayed in ‘Family Ties’, in 2006. Gong received rave reviews for her brilliant acting in the movie. And, the rest of the cast too, was praised for their respective work in the film. Along with the success, she returned to TV in the year 2007 with her next venture named ‘Thank You.’

More about her career

Likewise, in 2007, she starred in various movies, like ‘My Son,’ ‘Happiness’ and ‘M.’ Then, she played a vital role in the 2008 film ‘Crush and Blush,’ which also, went on to achieve cult status. Moreover, it was a black comedy genre film, and Gong’s performance as a misanthropic woman earned her many awards.

Similarly, in the year 2010, she appeared in ‘Pasta’. Also, it went on to become a major box office hit. She worked in ‘The Greatest Love’, in the year 2011. It is a TV series that portrayed a romantic relationship between a pop star and an actor and the series was a big hit. Further, she also starred in the series ‘Love Fiction’, which became a commercial success.

Also, she starred in a documentary named ‘577 Project’. In the year 2013, she appeared in a comedy flick titled ‘Boomerang Family’. After then, she starred in a horror-comedy series, ‘Master’s Sun,’ and was hailed as the ‘Queen of Romantic Comedy’ by her fans.

Moreover, she experimented with her roles in 2014 as she starred in ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love.’ She also appeared in a sitcom named ‘The Producers’ in 2015. Similarly, in 2016, she appeared in a prominent role in ‘Don’t Dare to Dream’. She then appeared in a thriller titled ‘Single Rider’.

Likewise, she starred in the thriller ‘Single Rider’ with Lee Byung-hun in 2017. And, in the year 2018, she started in ‘Door Lock’. In 2019, she appeared in ‘Hit-and-Run Squad’. And, in the same year, she made her small-screen comeback in ‘When the Camellia Blooms’. Luckily, she won the ‘Grand Prize’ award at the KBS Drama Awards.

Gong Hyo-Jin

Caption: Gong Hyo-Jin while receiving an award. Source: Twitter

Other Works

Gong has also performed on stage with Willy Russell in ‘Educating Rita.’ Therefore, the play was based on a relationship between a university lecturer and a young working-class hairdresser. Later in 2010, she published a collection of essays titled, ‘Gong Hyo-jin’s Notebook.’  And, the book became the best seller.

Moreover, she is also a fashion star. And, she has launched her own fashion line named ‘Excuse Me x Suecomma Bonnie.’ Gong became the jury president for the International Women’s Film Festival which was held in the year 2009. Also, she was a jury member for the 2011 ‘Asiana International Short Film Festival’.

Personal Life

Gong previously dated South Korean actor Ryu Seung-Ryong in 2003. But, sadly, they broke up in 2012. And, in the year 2014, she began dating Lee Jin-Wook. Unfortunately, they broke up after dating for four months. Since then, there is no information regarding her dating life. However, she must be enjoying her single life and focusing on her career at the moment.

Body Measurements

Gong is a pretty and gorgeous person. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall and she weighs around 49 kilos. She has a lean and slim body figure. Her body measures 34-26-38 inches (chest-waist-hip). Moreover, her bra size is 32B and her shoe size is 7 (UK). Moreover, she has pretty pair of dark brown eyes and has brown hair color.

Gong Hyo-Jin

Caption: Gong Hyo-Jin’s photoshoot picture. Source: Pinterest

Social Media and Net Worth

Gong is only active on Instagram. She goes under the username ‘@rovvxhyo’. And her Instagram page has earned more than 2.4 million followers. Sadly, she is not active on other media like TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

As being a successful and famous personality, she definitely earns a good amount of money. Her acting and modeling career might have earned a great fortune for herself. However, her net worth is $1 million as of 2021.

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How To Clean A Paint Sprayer



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Reading Time: 4 minutes


Repaint sprayers lower your spray-painting time by majority. They fit to utilize. They offer you alleviate of movement. You can repaint tough-to-reach areas and edges without much initiative.

However one disadvantage of a paint sprayer is that it’s tougher to tidy than a brush or a roller. Unlike them, a paint sprayer is composed of several parts. That’s why you need to understand exactly how to cleanse a paint sprayer.


You need to maintain it tidy if you desire your system to last lengthy. Failing to do so can result in rust, obstructed nozzles and ideas, and multiple part flaws. To prevent these, here’s an overview on exactly how you can completely cleanse your paint sprayer inside out. In this, we cover:

  • Which cleansing liquids to use
  • Preparing your paint sprayer
  • Taking apart and cleansing every component.
  • Clearing out the insides.
  • Cleansing the outsides.
  • Safety measures to take when cleansing a paint sprayer
  • Why is it essential to learn just how to clean a paint sprayer?
  • Frequently asked questions
  • You will need:
  • How to Clean a Garden Sprayer: 11 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Gloves and also a face mask.

A cleansing brush or your sprayer’s cleaning kit.
Two pails
A water resource
If you’re cleansing out oil-based paints), repaint thinner (.
Two towels.

Decide which cleansing fluid to utilize.
You don’t require a special cleansing fluid. If you have actually made use of water-based paint, such as latex, after that use normal tap water to cleanse it. If it’s oil-based, like lacquer, usage paint thinner.

cleansing liquid for paint sprayers.
Don’t make use of anything severe corrosive fluids. This can cause damage to your sprayer.

Prepare 2 pails.
You’ll require 2 buckets for this procedure. Fill up one bucket with either water or paint thinner (relying on what material you’re attempting to clean). Leave the 2nd container vacant, to pack the impure water into.

You can obtain an added metal bucket if you intend to. You can use this to ground the device when you’re discharging its pressure.

Prepare your paint sprayer.
Dismantle and also observe each component.
There are 3 almosts all to every paint sprayer. They are the body, the nozzle, and also the paint mug. We’ll go into detail on how to cleanse each part. Observe each system as well as see how much paint you’ll be clearing out. Remember of whether the paint is oil-based or water-based.

Establish the paint sprayer’s stress to the cheapest feasible setting. Eliminate the filters.

If you intend to confirm on the stress, activate the spray gun, as well as check.

Exactly how to relieve stress.
Activate the gun trigger lock.
Turn the power switch to ‘off’.
Adjust the stress control to its most affordable.
Disengage the trigger lock.
Trigger the weapon to launch pressure. Ensure you’re holding a steel part of the gun to a grounded metal pail.
Turn off the weapon trigger lock.
Readjust the prime shutoff to prime or drainpipe placement.
Eliminate the tube.
Gradually secure the siphon tube and put it in a flushing service.

Make use of a water-based flushing service if your paint is water-based. Utilize a mineral spirit if your paint or stain is oil-based.

Eliminate your paint sprayer.
Button on your spray gun once you put your siphon tube into the service. Clear out the entire system. Exactly how do you do that?

Turn on the power as well as trigger the trigger system.
Factor the sprayer right into a pail. This way, you can gather the paint-water and utilize it for your next job.

After a few mins, the flushing liquid will certainly come out of the paint sprayer.

Initially, you’ll see displayed liquid appearing of the sprayer. This is a mix of cleanser and also paint.

Keep flushing till the fluid is clear in shade. Keep a 2nd bucket if you want, to shoot the clear liquid into.

Keep clearing out that clear fluid for a couple of extra minutes, to clean out the prime valve, also.
Tidy the outsides.
The gun’s body.
Take a moist rag and also tidy your weapon’s outside parts. You can utilize a cloth or a little towel. Saturate it in mineral spirits or water as well as polish away.

Utilize this to clean persistent paint off the spray weapon. The rough bristles will supply the friction needed to get rid of stubborn paint.

If you have actually used oil-based paint or stain, clean up the paint mug with a mineral spirit. Otherwise, simple water will certainly do.

The nozzle, ideas, and also filters.

Utilize a combination of water and also paint thinner. Tidy this part extensively, as it is the most vulnerable to blocking. (In the future, take this used paint thinner, filter it with a fabric, as well as maintain it for future use.).

Check whether you have actually cleansed it all right by holding it as much as a light. It’s clean if you can see light clearly from one end via the other. Connect it to the sprayer. Or else, if you can see particles, use a needle or something long and also slim to cleanse them out.


For the filters, determine what kind of filter it is. There are 3 types:.

Suction filter— This filter is found at the end of the hose. It’s generally combined into the product.
Manifold filter— You’ll locate this set inside the tool.
Pencil filter— This can be discovered at the manage of the sprayer.
In case you can’t locate the filters, take a look at your individual’s manual to find out where they are.

Take the filters, put them in the very first container that’s full of water and thinner. You can additionally don gloves and also tidy them manually with a brush.

One downside of a paint sprayer is that it’s harder to tidy than a brush or a roller. That’s why you require to recognize how to cleanse a paint sprayer.

To prevent these, here’s a guide on how you can completely cleanse your paint sprayer within out. If you’ve utilized water-based paint, such as latex, then make use of normal faucet water to clean it. Use this to clean stubborn paint off the spray weapon.

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Reading Time: 5 minutes


A gaming laptop is a tiny and portable personal computer with a built-in screen. A gaming laptop has a lot of processing power, a lot of memory, better graphics, and a lot of speed. In a nutshell, that’s it. You’ll wonder why you put up with that behemoth desktop PC for so long once you gets your hands on the finest gaming laptop. A contemporary gaming laptop offers so little sacrifice that you get pretty much everything that makes PC gaming so enjoyable.

Following are the top 5 best buying gaming laptops in 2021:

  1. Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 (The best gaming laptop of 2021)

For a long time, the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is many people’s favorite gaming laptop. We weren’t sure if Asus would ever be able to recreate its tremendous success because it did almost everything properly. However, the corporation was able to produce the G14 a little bit bigger and a lot better. As a result, the ROG Zephyrus G15, the greatest 15-inch rig available, was born. The Zephyrus G15 is one of the lightest 15-inch gaming laptops available, at slightly over four pounds. But you’re not sacrificing speed for portability: it’s powered by AMD and NVidia’s best mobile CPUs, and it comes with a fast 165Hz QHD (1440p) display. Your games will appear fantastic thanks to the panel’s superb color reproduction.


  • Price: $1,449.
  • Display: 14-inch, 1080p, 120Hz.
  • RAM: 16GB.
  • Storage: 1TB SSD.
  • Battery: 11:32.
  • Size: 12.8 x 8.7 x 0.7 inches.


  • Awesome performance in a light and compact size
  • Stylish and sturdy build
  • Gorgeous display
  • Surprisingly good speakers
  • Decent port choices
  • Great typing and touchpad feel


  • Missing webcam
  • Dull keyboard backlighting
  • Iffy fingerprint reader
  • Relatively slower display response times for a gaming machine
  1.  Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (The best gaming laptop 2021)

This combination of the latest Ryzen 9 5900HS with the RTX 3060 results in a fantastic best buying gaming laptop with lots of raw CPU and game power. You get 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD for game storage, all housed in one of the most intelligent chassis available. Not everyone needs the lightest and most powerful gaming laptop available. Sometimes just being light and quick is enough.


  • RAM: 16GB DDR4-3200
  • Screen: 14-inch Full HD IPS 120 Hz
  • Storage: 1TB SSD NV Me PCIe 3.0
  • Battery: 75 Wh
  • Dimensions: 12.76 x 8.74 x 0.70 inches
  • Weight: 3.53 lbs.


  • Incredible CPU performance
  • Beautifully vibrant screen
  • Gorgeous design and materials


  • Looks a bit plastic
  • Expensive for 1080p gaming
  • Can be loud when pushed
  1. Razer Blade 15  (The best gaming laptop 2021)

The 2021 Razor Blade 15 Advanced Edition combines some of the most powerful laptop components available with a stylish all-metal appearance that sticks out from the crowd, however the top options are somewhat costly. It is considered as the best buying gaming laptop.


  • Laptop Class: Gaming
  • RAM (as Tested): 16 GB
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Graphics Memory: 8 GB
  • Dimensions (HWD): 0.7 by 13.98 by 9.25 inches
  • Weight:  4.73 lbs.
  • Operating System:  Windows 10
  • Tested Battery Life (Hours: Minutes): 7:01


  • Best-in-class metal build
  • GeForce RTX 2080 Super Max-Q can play AAA games at 60fps-plus
  • Can leverage 300Hz display in less-demanding competitive games
  • Performance modes add real frame-rate gains
  • 1TB SSD as configured
  • Solid battery life for a gaming laptop


  • Pricey as configured, even versus high-end competitors
  • A smidge heftier than its competitive set
  • Fans get quite loud on optional boosted performance mode
  1. Dell G5 15 SE ( Best gaming laptop 2021)

The Dell G5 15 SE provides a fantastic gaming experience at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. It’s the best buying gaming laptop you can get for around $1,000, and it doesn’t ask for too many concessions. While it only has a 60Hz screen, the technology inside (particularly AMD’s Ryzen 7 CPU) is capable of pushing it to its limit on all types of demanding games at native 1080p resolution, so you can count on a playable experience from your favorite games. The G5’s connection also impresses us.


  • Price: $1,199
  • RAM: 16GB
  • Storage: 512GB SSD
  • Display: 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080, 144Hz
  • Battery: 7:14
  • Size: 14.4 x 10 x 0.9 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds


  • Blistering CPU performance
  • Strong graphics (compared to budget gaming)
  • Great battery life
  • Colorful and bright 144Hz display
  • Competitive pricing


  • Middling graphics (compared to mainstream gaming)
  • Dim and dull 60Hz display
  • Chunky design
  • Sharp speakers
  1. Gigabyte Aorus 17G (2021)

The Gigabyte Aorus 17G is best buying gaming laptop for those searching for a portable alternative to desktop gaming computers. This gadget is ideal for competitive gamers who want a portable PC for competitions or events, thanks to its tactile keypad and 300Hz refresh rate. A haptic mechanical keyboard and a display with a refresh rate of 300Hz are only the start. The Gigabyte Aorus 17G (2021) has outstanding gaming performance that rivals that of desktop gaming PCs. With one of the RTX 3000 GPUs, you’ll be able to play even the most graphically demanding games, including competitive ones and because to its long battery life, you can do so even when you’re not near a power outlet.


  • CPU: 10th-generation Intel Core i7
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce RTX 3000 Series
  • RAM: Up to 64GB
  • Display: 17.3-inch FHD 300Hz NTSC 72% IPS panel
  • Storage: 512 GB PCIe SSD


  • Incredible mechanical keyboard
  • Powerful gaming performance
  • 300 Hz display


  • No upgraded design
  • Extremely heavy

CONCLUSION:Every year, the best gaming laptops change. The first mobile gaming consoles were essentially desktop replacements, with bulky chassis, many power bricks, and a plethora of RGB lights. However, today’s best gaming laptops are different. Manufacturers are finally incorporating strong specifications into sleeker, more portable, and professional designs. They offer superb, fast-refreshing displays, which are essential for a good gaming experience. These laptops aren’t only good for gaming; they’re also good for regular work. The display, sound quality, keyboard, track pad, and general design of the laptop are all important factors to consider before making a purchase. If the device performs well in all of these categories, it has a strong chance of making our best gaming laptops 2021 list.

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Last modified: June 21, 2021

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Get Smart About Segmentation With Inventory Management



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Reading Time: 2 minutes


Inventory segmentation can help increase efficiency. Although getting started may be challenging, automated inventory management software can make it easier. But, how does segmentation help with efficient inventory tracking?

Why is Inventory Tracking Important?

For any business, inventory tracking is vital. Small businesses need efficient inventory management software to ensure they are spending their funds correctly. It helps you maintain sales, reduces the chances of theft, and makes re-ordering a breeze. 

Unfortunately, keeping track of inventory for businesses is an arduous task. No matter how big or small the business may be, it is challenging to keep track of the various products coming in and out of the warehouse, making manual inventory tracking prone to errors. Hence, there is a need to make the process more efficient and less time-consuming.

What is Inventory Segmentation?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large catalog or a small one; inventory segmentation can be an efficient management framework for your business. Those who understand that specific items require specific management techniques opt for inventory segmentation. It involves:

  • Segmenting the inventory based on the frequency of movement, holding value, or product usage
  • Applying specific policies for each segment, such as reviewing obsolete inventory or handling special items

What Are Some Segmentation Techniques?

Unlike manual segmentation, with automated inventory management software, segmenting is easy. Automated programs can leverage supplier data to sort products, saving your time and energy.

Segmentation by Brands 

Segmenting by the brand is helpful when you’re trying to understand which brands are widely used by your business. You can easily understand whether your company is dependent on a few brands or whether you have a diverse inventory. Not only does this help you compare the performance of different brands, but it also aids in maintaining optimal stock for important brands.

Custom Segmentation 

An automated inventory management system makes custom segmentation a breeze. For many businesses, custom segmentation is vital to manage and track products according to company-specific categories. It is also helpful for products related to contests, giveaways, and more. 

General Segmentation 

To get a better overview of your stock, general segmentation may be beneficial. You can sort your inventory by brand, product type, or parent products. It helps you identify whether you have excess stock in some areas and which areas need to be fixed. Overall, it helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Does Segmentation Help?

When used effectively, product segmentation can be highly beneficial. It provides a comprehensive inventory analysis, which helps you keep track of your annual, quarterly, monthly, and weekly inventory. Leveraging insights from automated inventory management software, you can plan your inventory efficiently, whether for the next month or the next year.

Segmenting your products helps you gain valuable insights rather than generic information about your inventory. You can keep track of the usage and availability of various products with ease. However, it is essential to note that tracking product segmentation manually can present multiple challenges and is prone to errors.

With efficient inventory management, it is easier to ensure that other business processes are running smoothly. With manual inventory being prone to errors and inefficiency, businesses should consider automated inventory management software.

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Last modified: June 21, 2021

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