Free 50,000,000 $ZOKA Coins Reward – Chatzoka Review

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About Chatzoka

Chatzoka is a Web 3.0 Video Chat to Earn application that combines two of the most requisite things humans enjoy: chatting and rewards. 

Chatting has become a beloved concept, Chatzoka provides users with a social game via online video chatting for earning money as $ZOKA coins.

Users of Chatzoka will begin the earning process with Reward Points once challenged then Reward Points are converted to $ZOKA coins that are ready for claim.

All you have to do is just join the platform and start by pressing the button meet.

Why use Chatzoka

  • Experience pushing oneself out of comfort zone boundaries.
  • Understanding the difference between appropriate and inappropriate jokes or out-of-context input.
  • Becoming more effective in non-verbal communication.
  • Meeting new people with similar interests
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem.
  • Quick exits.
  • Staying always in touch regardless of geographical boundaries.