Forsage Smart Contract Review – 20 Reasons I Fear Forsage Smart Contract is Scam not Real

Hello dear reader, your obviously on this page possibly to verify the if Forsage Smart Contract is real or scam. Anyways, I discovered a lot and I won’t hesitate to disclose it to you.

The Forsage Smart Contract platform review by Xycinews entails all you wish to know before joining. I will go straight to the point without much delay.

In this Forsage Smart Contract review article, you will find satisfying response to entries like :

  • Is Forsage Smart Contract scam or legit
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  • Forsage Smart Contract review
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Undeniably true, Forsage Smart Contract Review is very real to some persons and we have no problem with that.

But this article is focused on the opinion of experts on their various Forsage Smart Contract Review.

Again, we didn’t tag Forsage Smart Contract Review as scam or legit. You will do that yourself.

Let’s learn together.

20 Reasons Forsage Smart Contract is Scam – Experts Comments

The smart contract is on the Ethereum blockchain alright, and they do provide a link on their web page:

A brief look at the source code shows it’s a variant of some kind of another Ethereum gifting pyramid scam called Smart Way (

The URL in the source code actually gets you to the sign-up page of the Forsage website, so it isn’t a case of someone stealing the script, it’s the same people behind both.

IOW: Someone in Russia (or a Russian-speaker) made a pyramid gifting script for Ethereum, and is running it under at least two different names, quite probably under more, with definitely more to come in future (perhaps with tiny little cosmetic tweaks to the script for each).

On Forsage smart contract review, it is just a misleading name given to a certain type of computer program.
This program runs on a virtual machine, which is part of the blockchain on which the program is stored.

Such a program can do anything the rules of that blockchain allow it to do, but that is by necessity limited to moving around data within that blockchain – because that’s all any blockchain is capable of, with or Forsage smart contract review .
Just like any other computer program, it can of course also contain bugs.
There are estimates that at least 25% of smart contracts are buggy.
Regardless of whether they are run on the blockchain or another scripted platform, gifting schemes are illegal.

MLM gifting schemes primarily benefit those who run them and top recruiters.

Forsage is no different. Whoever created the site will benefit the most, by way of one or more preloaded admin positions.

Top recruiters (those who get in early) receive what’s left, with the majority of participants ultimately taking a loss.

Contrary to what promoters of Forsage might tell you, “blockchain” doesn’t negate the laws of math or non-sustainable nature of gifting scams.

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Yeah but think about the business model. All these companies pay in the beginning, people complain when their website suddenly goes offline and they take your funds.That is my Forsage smart contract review for you.

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Forsage Smart Contract is a scam because all gifting schemes are scams in which the majority of participants are guaranteed to lose money.

That’s where the discussion ends.
And even if you’re too “but much blockchain!” to accept that, transparently running an illegal gifting scheme through an “unalterable computer program” doesn’t legalize cash gifting scams. This my view on Forsage smart contract review .

Running around claiming Forsage is anything but a gifting scam is deceptive.
Promoting Forsage as anything but a gifting scam is deceptive.
And with respect to the law, gifting schemes are illegal the world over. Period.

Gifting schemes by nature are fraudulent.
You claiming gifting scams are not fraudulent is dishonest.
QED Forsage is a scam.
Irrespective of whether Forsage tells people it is an illegal gifting scam before they sign up (they don’t), it’s still an illegal gifting scam.

This Forsage smart contract review thing is just a scam the moment my friend tried to convince me to join i made some research.

Basically they is no retail product at first i thought it was digital marketing but then got to realize that it was some pyramid joining scheme… recruit more and earn more … the maths simply doesn’t add up.

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As for for contracts, Forsage Smart Contract Review is no different the plethora of gifting schemes that have come before it. It’s the same mathematical formula, guaranteeing the majority of participants lose money.
Here’s a disclaimer: Cash gifting scams like Forsage are illegal.

It’s “only” .05 ETH to join (about $12).
Until you go to Level 2 and pay .15 ETH ($37)
Then Level 3 – .35 ETH ($87)
Level 4 – .75 ETH ($187)
Level 5 – 1.55 ETH ($387)
Level 6 – 3.15 ETH ($787)
Level 7 – 6.35 ETH ($1587)
Level 8 – 12.75 ETH ($3187)
Level 9 – 25.55 ETH ($6387)
Taking people’s money one step at a time until they are all in for $12,658.
Sign 2 people and get paid. Great! These 2 people are paid? Not so far?? But eh… they might recruit next 2 people each. E.g. 4 people. And here we go! 3 people (you and your 2 downlines) paid and 4 unpaid (screwed).

OK. We can go furhter… Each of these 4 will recruit his pair (8 people total).
Everybody’s happy? 7 people in upper levels of pyramid paid, 8 unpaid.
Shall I go further? In binary schemes there are always +1 person in the bottom level than in all other upper levels. Got it?

There is always +1 more of screwed than satisfied. Oh, and did I mention geometrical speed of increase of screwed (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128… 2^n)?

Forsage smart contract review is a gifting scam because of it’s business model.
Whether you successfully steal from those who join after you is neither here nor there. Math guarantees when recruitment inevitably dies down, the majority of participants will be out of pocket.
Best of luck with the scamming. We’ll be here for your victims.

But to you, that source code is evidence that Forsage and are two entirely different outfits. Right.
Could you perhaps explain to us, if they’re two different companies, how come the URL redirects to (I just checked again to be sure, it still does.)

Because that can only happen if the people who own have (a) deliberately created that subdomain, and (b) deliberately pointed it to the website of what, according to you, is a different company.

Not only a different company, but one running exactly the same kind of ‘gifting’ scam – and therefore, a direct competitor.
Give me one plausible reason why the owners of would have a subdomain under the name of a competitor, and have it redirect to the sign-on page of that competitor.
A sharp Forsage smart contract review .
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Pretty much, although in practice the math isn’t so linear.
At any given time the majority of participants in gifting schemes haven’t recruited anyone to make their money back yet.
It is mathematically impossible for the majority of gifting participants to break even, let alone turn a profit.

That and the fact these are just money games that benefit the scammers running them is why gifting schemes are illegal.
Misrepresenting fraud as a legitimate business opportunity is also a large part of it. You can see plenty of examples of that in the comments here.

New to these Ponzi/MLM schemes but i have been with “contact” with this forsage one. Never invested in a Pyramid Scheme but just from watching how it is a scheme.
And the most thing that i don’t understand is about the numbers, everyone says that most of the people in the Pyramid Scheme loses money.

Ofc i know that is due to populattion, but im trying to make some math(low level math i gotta say)
What people mean is:
People called on the left and total on the rigth, imagine that we have 1025 populattion
1 1
2 3
4 7
8 15
16 31
32 63
64 127
128 255
256 511
512 1023
Total on left: 1023
Means that all the 512 people dont have anyone to call to the pyramide scheme and will lose what they have invested in, rigth?
Its what it makes ilegal and a pyramide scheme?

1 .Because whether the contact holds money or not has nothing to do with Forsage being a gifting scheme.
2. Because that’s what an MLM gifting scheme is, new participants gifting existing participants.
3. MLM gifting schemes and Ponzi schemes are similar. You hand over your money to scammers and then proceed to steal from those who deposit after you.

Forsage is a gifting scheme. I wouldn’t classify it as a Ponzi scheme. Both are scams so it’s an academic point.

4. A smart contract is just code. Multiple scams running the same backend is no different to multiple gifting schemes using the same matrix script.
Forsage is an illegal gifting scheme

Every cash gifting scheme, only the top 15% ever make any money. Then you have to realize that the person running this gifting scheme has multiple fake names, which is them, and all their friends and family are at the top.

They are the 15%. Everyone else loses their money.
This formula never changes nor will it. It is how they steal your money. But they do sound altruistic don’t they in their pitch. You are nothing more than a mark and sucker to them.

If you like I can name you all the cash gifting schemes that the leaders have been prosecuted or the leaders ran with the money when it collapsed, which they all do.

Gifting scheme is a type of the scammy business. In fact, it is a special case of pyramid scheme. You give something (mostly money) with expectations of getting more back from others joining the scheme and making the same type of “gifting” for your benefit. You need at least two other persons to recoup your gift back + get more.

Math for gifting schemes is clear: in the end, there is a bottom layer of the pyramid filled with people in loss (victims, who were not able or don’t want to recruit other victims and thus turn themselves into net-winners). And the number of people in this bottom layer is always higher than number of net-winners in the all upper layers of the pyramid.
No matter how wide or sharp is a pyramid (e.g. if you should recruit only 10 or only 2 persons…)

6 Reasons Forsage Smart Contract is Scam – Experts Comments

I joined forsage about three nights ago, and so far all my earnings have been sent to my crypto wallet (Trust wallet)…
I totally DISAGREE with it being a scam!
… and I totally AGREE that it’s a risk… But what business model is without a risk?
I registered with what, $10?… and that’s given me access to earning so much in THREE days!

Other than my initial input of $10 or so (which I have already gotten back about 5hrs after I got in)…I really don’t see why I shouldn’t invest in such a platform.

There’s a lockdown! Companies are laying off workers! Industries are cutting down salaries! Stores are shutting down completely!… and you believe a $10 “risk” ain’t worth it? Wow

Oh well, my take on it is that it could be short term… But my earnings are safe even if they shutdown cause they “technically” don’t store it up in the website, and they got registered on the 9th of February or so… Which means there’s still a lot of time to make so much more…
I ain’t backing out just cause of $10…
(Ozedit: recruitment spam removed)
When there’s a will, there’s a way…
Love and Respect your view though… Now and always!

If you run a scam whereby you get two people to give you a rock and then they have to scam two other people into giving them rocks and so on ad infinitum, it will still be recognised as an illegal pyramid scheme.
You’ll probably all go to a secure hospital rather than prison, but it’s still a scam.

Most countries don’t recognise dollars as money – you can read their entire statute book and nowhere will it mention dollars.
But if you break their laws against fraud by scamming people out of dollars, “I didn’t scam them because dollars aren’t recognised as money in France / England / Kenya” isn’t going to work as a defence.

Truth of the matter is that ponzi or no ponzi people will always join the system knowing fully well that they might loose or gain.
Some join for the fun of it while others see it as a calculated risk.. However, the owners of MLM schemes or MLM recruiters should always set in place a disclaimer notice just to be guided.
All things being equal,from my own anlysis forsage is the first and the best contract i have ever seen and i see it long lasting…Peace and out…
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I wasn’t defining anything myself. I merely pointed out how the term actif incorporel is defined in French law, the classification one French court in one case assigned to one specific loan in bitcoins, and which was then reported as “France” supposedly having “recognized bitcoin as money”.
That definition in fact entirely excludes money, in however loose and informal a sense of the word you want to use.

To take your own example: an account holding equity funds in French law is classified as an actif financier, just as cash is. The court in question specifically ruled that a holding in cryptocurrency doesn’t qualify – the classifications actif financier, actif corporel and actif incorporel are mutually exclusive, and it assigned bitcoins to the third one.

That’s exactly what makes the claim I responded to so bizarre, and why I felt the need to correct it: the court ruling is the exact opposite of what is claimed (and quite unremarkable).
None of this of course has got anything to do with the definition of an illegal pyramid scheme.

No, it doesn’t. I don’t know how many versions of this I have seen by now: claims by cryptocurrency enthusiasts that some country or other has recognized cryptocurrency in general, or one specific one like bitcoin, as “money”, or “currency”, or “legal tender”. Such reports invariably turn out to be wrong. In this case, if you bother to look it up (and know some French), the ruling by the Nanterre court says the exact opposite.

The case involved a loan in bitcoin. The court decided that the bitcoin involved must be classified as an actif incorporel of the company in question. If you look up the legal definition of that (and it’s an extremely basic legal concept): it is a non-physical, non-monetary, asset.

The most common form of that is intellectual property of all kinds, but it also includes even less tangible things like “goodwill”, or “reputation”, attached to a company name. It is something which has value, to which a monetary value is sometimes attached for bookkeeping or contractual purposes (for the assessment of which various methods exist), but which doesn’t exist physically, and isn’t money. If it had a physical existence, it would be an actif corporel. But it very, very definitely isn’t money – or it would be an actif financier.
If a French court had ruled that bitcoin holdings must be considered an actif financier, the way holdings in foreign currency are (despite not being legal tender in France itself of course), that would be a remarkable development.

But this ruling is wholly unremarkable.
There’s also nothing to stop another court ruling in a different way in a different case. Precedents are much less important in continental Europan legal systems than they are in anglosaxon ones, and they definitely do not create new law.
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Is Forsage Smart Contract Scam or Real

Anyways, team Xycinews can’t pronounce Forsage Smart Contract scam or legit because we have offered you the reviews of experts. So you decide.

You have 26 opinions to decide from.

Forsage Smart Contract vs Ethereum Million Money

Forsage Smart Contract is just like Ethereum Million Money. The claim and talks about how there are no admins, but that’s where the highest position is in the matrix.

They preload themselves at the top and let everyone else come after so they make a ton of money.
Unlike an AI computer made this website from the future.

Anyway, I personally can’t recommend this company because of their lack of transparency and clearly illegal business model.

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This article isn’t aimed at defaming Forsage Smart Contract Review nor is it targeted to promoting them. This article is strictly for educational purpose and a honest guide other review sites might not publish.

There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income after joining and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual.

Additionally, you can’t hold the administrator responsible even when it fails because it’s an online earning scheme.

Team Xycinews is no third party and we can’t handle any complients whatsoever.





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