Forsage BNB Smart Contract Registration, Earnings and Spillover – Forsage BNB xXx and xGold

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What is Forsage

Forsage is an international community and a global decentralized marketing ecosystem, powered by revolutionary smart contract technology built on ETH and TRX.


Forsage BNB Smart Contract

The Forsage BNB smart contract is a peer-to-peer smart contract that’s 100% decentralized. As the name implies Forsage BNB smart contract uses the Binance Smart Chain Cryptocurrency.


Forsage BNB Registration

All you need is 0.05BNB + gas fee which could equal to 0.054BNB approximately (N5500 to N7500 in naira, and $16 in USD) to register on the platform.

Forsage BNB is decentralized this means as you earn from your marketing, you receive your profit immediately in your wallet.


Forsage BNB Features

The forsage BNB contract is divided into three parts:

  • Forsage X3 and X4 (0.05BNB)
  • Forsage xXx (0.05BNB) optional
  • Forsage xGold (0.1BNB) optional

Each of these parts have 12 levels, upgrading to a higher levels means you will have the tendency to make more money from your marketing, and upgrading to a higher levels is not compulsory.


How to Join Forsage BNB Smart Contract


The WhatsApp Coaching Community


The Telegram Coaching Community


Call or Whatsapp For Questions

+234 812 584 0386