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Favour Ori Biography

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From an under developed society with inconsistent power supply, poor educational system, mass unemployment among youth and instability in network service we throw you our reader a puzzling question.

Can A Tech Oriented and Devoted Software Developer, Comfortable Change a Generation Tech Wise From There? 

Welcome to the story of Favor Theophilus Ori, the smart brain behind Favcode54 ( CodeWithFavour).
From one of Nigeria busiest business city Aba to Southern Arkansas University, USA, Favor set his mind on a new ambition and left the Nigerian University to purse a degree in Computer Science.
Born 30th December 1996, has always being passion driven towards technology, but at age 17 in a Nigerian University, got more interested in programming. Despite the problems of unstable electricity, high data cost, instability in mobile network, and an old Hewlett-Package PC still strives to teach himself how to code and now, he has mastered various web and Mobile technologies with a trail of amazing products and services to show for it through Favcode54. 
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On the 18th of August 2016, this young star is said to touch down history, leaving the rest historical. He has currently being featured On El-Dorado News-Time alongside two of his class mates representing their school in the National Collegiate Honors Council Meetings that held last year in Atlanta, Georgia.
favcode54 application, favcode54 founder, favcode54, codewithfavor application, codewithfavor,
He also came out in code2040 finalists . Code2040 aims at improving the participation of blacks and Latino natives in Tech. 
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On February 2018, Favour Ori Biography entailed he officially declared his company Favcode54.org,

A company that series to drive the technology evolution in Africa through well curated programs and mentor ship.

One of such programs is Favcode54 CodeWithFavour – A learning platform that will empower 15 passionate Nigerians this year with skills in programming and software development, skills that will make them competent to build the next multi-billion-dollar project.

While speaking on his purpose for creating Favcode54 #CodeWithFavour, Mr. Ori said “My company is doing this to reduce crime rate among youths by getting them fascinated about programming and letting them doing something worthwhile and finding it fun too.

We are tech Nigeria and I want to encourage tech and join the development of the next multi-billion-dollar products”.

In order to have enough time and help youths unleash their inert potentials, Mr. Favor Ori recently turned down a job offer of about $10k monthly.
favcode54, codewithfavor

The application for #CodeWithFavour 2018 exceeded expectations with over 200 submissions on the first few days of announcement. Unfortunately, only 15 slots were vacant. Mr. Favor Ori promised to cover all expenses including obtaining license, and unlimited internet service, making it accepted students pay nothing for the training.

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He is currently in active talk with tech giants as Microsoft, Jet Brains, Google to obtains license for it’s learners. Good enough, some Nigeria companies are showing interest in project #Favcode54.
It massive growth is over whelming, only 3days of announcement, 1300 applicants popped up. About 96% whom are Nigerians, others from Ghana, USA, Togo and lot more. 
With this new innovative mind, he is here to prove education in Tech can pay and transform the life of Africans and Globally at large. 
Apply For CodeWithFavour Here 

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