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Ethereum Is All Set To Go 10X! Everything You Need To Know!



With the start of October, Ethereum investors have multiple reasons to cheer for. The digital asset has been sailing the high tides for quite some time now. The crackdown, crisis, and delay in upgrades have let down enthusiasts in the space. However, the top-tier altcoin seems to be back on the move. With several institutional adoptions, the ecosystem has another feather to its cap.

Ethereum Price Is Back On The Move!

Tik-Tok has made announcements regarding the integration of NFTs into its platform. The videos on the platform will be a NFT collectible on Ethereum. It will be powered by Immutable X. Which is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum. Meanwhile, the anticipation of the release of NFTs with Lil NasX, Gary Vee, and Grimes prevails. The possibilities of the platform introducing crypto-tipping are high.

In addition, Societe General is proposing to use bonds on Maker Dao. The institution has been issuing bonds worth millions on Ethereum. The amount of capital inflow in bonds will benefit the ecosystem immensely. On the other hand, Deutsche Bank is bullish on Ethereum. While Bitcoin is given reference to digital gold, Ethereum is being given reference to digital silver. Which marks an important significance.

Institutions and analysts are bullish on Ethereum, and believe it to be undervalued. Consecutively, it is believed that Ethereum will see a multi-trillion dollars market cap. Visa is testing a payments protocol on Ethereum. The Universal Payments Channel will enable users to send digital assets across blockchains. 

Popular analyst, Lark Davis also believes the ETH price could skyrocket soon. The platform aims at offering seamless transfer and exchange of coins. The institution has begun testing the UPC on Ethereum’s Ropsten Testnet. The goal is also to counter one of the prominent problems with the adoption of digital assets. Which is cross-chain interoperability. 

Summing up, with the integration, of NFT verification on Twitter, the platform will see a surge in prices. And platforms use cases, as it holds a major chunk in the NFT space as well. Moreover the user base of the social media platforms. Will bring the platform’s exposure to billions of users. 

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