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Etche Bole Festival (Egwu Egwu Okrima na azu Ahwuruahwu)



Etche Bole Festival

(Egwu Egwu Okrima na azu Ahwuruahwu)


Written By Edward Emmanuel

For years, the love bonded community of Etche has grown in unison and love, sharing community values and trust.

After the just concluded Yam festival which attained massive publicity and recognition, another one is here again.


Etche Bole Festival


This is the lunch of the very first Etche bole festival aiming at uniting the good people of Etche. The Grand Host of this upcoming event is Hon Reginald Chidi Onwuka.


Dignitaries to grace the event.
Honourable Obinna Elvis Anyanwu The Executive Chairman Etche LGA.

Honourable Alwell Onyeso, Honourable Ephraim Nwuzi house of representative Etche Omuma Federal Constituency.

Honourable Reginald Ukwoma Honourable Teslin Agbagbuo The Revenue Chairman Etche Local Government Area.

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Date And Venue

The date of this grand event is 28th of December 2019.

Venue is Umuechem Primary School Etche Local government Area, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.



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