Is Envi Fx Legit, Scam or Unregulated Broker

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Is Envi Fx Legit

Envi FX fails to provide company ownership and executive information on its website.

As of July 26th, Cole claims $2.1 million has been invested into Envi FX and Automated Capital. Within an hour of David outing Cole, Cole deleted the above FaceBook post.

As per Cole’s FaceBook account, he’s a “full time entrepreneur” based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

I can’t confirm it’s the same individual but, back in January, BehindMLM had a “Kyle Cole” show up trying to understand the since collapsed Intelligence Prime Capital Ponzi scheme.

Envi FX’s website overloads visitors with trading information and options. This is an attempt to make the site look like a legitimate trading broker.

Envi fx review

All anyone cares about is the passive investment opportunity, which Envi FX dresses up as Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) accounts.

Your first red flag with Envi FX is you don’t know who’s running it. This is not how legitimate companies asking you for money operate.

Your second red flag with Envi FX is solicitation of investment in cryptocurrency to forex trade with.

Your third red flag is Envi FX committing securities fraud.

On LinkedIn Cole cites himself as the CEO and Financial Specialist of “Global Ambassadors LLC”.

Whatever Global Ambassadors LLC was, its website is no longer functional.

Is Envi Fx Scam

Envi FX operates a passive investment opportunity. This requires it to be registered with financial regulators.

Envi FX provides no evidence it has registered with financial regulators and filed legally required audited financial reports.

Envi FX affiliates are provided simulated trading reports in their backoffice. This is not substitute for registration with financial regulators. Rather than operate legally, Envi FX offers up the following pseudo-compliance:

This website is not directed at or intended to elicit citizens and/or residents of the USA.


Envi Fx Review – Customers Report

I open account with envifx on Sunday as of Monday morning I realized my account was going down they blew about $300 in my account in one day. I have emailed them about 20 times and still no response at all I open a Pamm account with them. they are unreliable and they are thieves whatever you do please do not open a Pamm account with them at all I was just like you watching YouTube how people are getting money in their account they’re all frauds you’re not going to make money in your pamm account and you cannot withdraw the money that you have in your account and they make sure that.ForexPeaceArmy


As long as I was a beginner Trader and losing money, I was able to log into my account. But as soon as I had money to withdraw they locked my account, I tried to send a message and they kept telling me to enter my full Name. It have been almost 2 years sense I had this account, never had log in problems until I made profit. Now all of a sudden I’m having log in problems. Do not trust Envi Fx. If I could give them A negative star I would.


Same day withdrawals, ECN accounts, Tight spreads.
Able to trade Forex, Previous Metals, Indices and Crypto on Margin.
Long gone are the days of having multiple broker accounts to trade different instruments.
Leverage offered is up to 500x and they work well with Expert Advisors.


After 4 years of trading the forex I am proud to say I have found a broker that has met everything that I needed in a broker.

Thank you EnviFX for a great experience and enabling the everyday trader to have access to a next level platform.

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