Enriching Crypto-Investments For Q4, Traders Keep Close Watch On These Altcoins & NFT’s

These Are the Top 5 Cryptos to Keep an Eye On

Solana (SOL)

Solana is one of the coins which has been receiving attention and glitter in the crypto industry. One interesting thing with the platform is NFTs. Lately, a lot of the NFTs are launching on Solana. And infrastructure for NFTs is coming into place. 

Burnt finance is a new infrastructure for the NFT markets on Solana. The platform launch is in the pipeline. It will possibly be the OpenSea of Solana. The NFTs from the blockchain is gaining avid interest. As it aims at offering, what people want and need.

In addition, Wormhole has extended its token bridge to support NFT. Which lets users move their NFTs between Ethereum and Solana. NFTs can be brought over to Solana from Ethereum. And be sold at fractions of what would cost otherwise. Meanwhile investments from bigger players is on the rise. Orca finance receives $18 million in series funding.

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Polygon (MATIC)

Analysts and traders target a price tag of $5, while the price struggles to keep momentum. Polygon has seen more daily active users than Ethereum for the first time. The platform had 3,51,000 daily active users when compared with that of Ethereum’s 3,26,000 daily count. 

Users on the ecosystem can access the capabilities of Ethereum, but for a fraction of a cost. Polygon is the biggest side chain for Ethereum. In addition, the platform now has Hermez, which will act as a scaling solution for the ecosystem. Collaboration with Ernest and Young, and a rise in investments on NFTs and gaming platforms is to cheer for. 

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Elrond (EGLD)

The platform offers what Ethereum 2.0 tends to offer. The network has a user base of over 790k accounts, transactions crossing 8.4 million. While 11.9 million are being staked.

In addition, the Maiar De-Fi wallet has been launched for Elrond DApps. Kucoin will be listing ESDTs which are Elrond network tokens. Brand Minds now accepts EGLDs as payments. Moreover, more use cases are in the pipeline.

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Polkadot (DOT) 

Polkadot is renowned for its canary network Kusama, and the parachains. The auctions of parachains have been of tremendous value to the network. And have helped the adoption and acceptance of the network to a greater extent.

With the launch of parachains on the main Polkadot network. We can expect prices of DOT to surge by a greater margin following the launch.

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Bitcoin (BTC)

The star crypto has made to the list. Bitcoin ETF might be around the corner, possibly in October itself. Bitcoin ETF will be a wild card for the network and the space in general. 

The ever-growing acceptance, adoption, and popularity of the digital coin is the cherry on the cake. The rumour if materializes will bring fortunes to the industry.

 The top 4 NFTs, and decentralized apps On The Brink Of Massive Surge

Blockchains are growing exponentially in recent times. Binance smart chain, Ethereum, and Solana are the three top blockchains. Which have the most used launchpad platforms. The following are the investments to consider.

Planet Sandbox

Planet Sandbox is a shooting game, powered by physics. The game allows users to customize every object in their inventory using a building tool. Users can build and own arena’s to fight game nodes using NFT weapons and accessories. Users can earn by selling their NFTs in the market. 

The platform has raised $1.5 million and an inflow of funds is coming from prominent ventures. The platform is starting with a market cap of $4,75,000 which translates to a room for growth.


Minterest offers users decentralized token money marketplaces. Which aims to challenge platforms like Reel finance which is based on Polkadot. The platform assures to provide the highest long-term growth and lock in high liquidity. While no uncertain terms are made. 

Minterest has its own buyback mechanism and has raised $6.5 million dollars. The platform holds the potential to yield impressive returns in the due course of time.

Altered State Machine (ASM)

The ASM is a platform for developing and trading AI agents which are form NFTs. These can learn and execute actions inside the metaverse. Anyone can create an AI agent to create art using ASM. And then sell them inside the metaverse. The NFTs here are fully compatible with major platforms like OpenSea. The network is expected to launch its first game called AFA. Which is a football game with 3D characters. The second game is called FLUF, which hosts 100% carbon neutral 3D avatars. With opportunities for P2E gaming and AI brains.


It is a DApp platform that lets users create customized NFTs. Creaticles is a cross-chain platform on Ethereum, Polygon, and will be launched on Binance smart chain. The platform is chain agnostic and will be the first one to be released across Ethereum and Polygon.

Creaticles unlike other marketplaces enables buyers and collectors to request their own NFTs. The launch of the mainnet tokens is in the pipeline.

Summing up, investors and traders have some interesting investments to grab for the fourth quarter. NFTs and Dapp’s have immense potential and are following suit of altcoins. We can expect the aforementioned investments to create fortunes for investors.                            

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